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Vilna Portraits, Part 3 (Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 4 | Part 5)
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#vil_p3-1:A group of Yiddish writers: (standing, l-r) Gershteyn, Zalman Reisen, Maks Erik, Eliohu-Yankev Goldshmit, Isaac Fridkin; (seated, l-r) Arn Yitzkhok Grodzenski, Sore Reisen, Moshe (Moses) Kulbak, Boris Kletzkin, Berl Horovitz, Heilprin. 1928.
#vil_p3-2:Playwright David Pinsky at a gathering of Yiddish writers. 1936.
#vil_p3-3:Board of the Vilna Yiddish Writers and Journalists Association at a farewell to S. Ansky on his departure to Warsaw: (seated, l-r) A. Shneider, Leyb Yafe, Zemach Shabad (Szabad), Ansky, L. Citron, A. Virshubsky, J. Wigodsky; (2nd row, 2nd from l) M. Weinreich. 1919.
#vil_p3-4:Studio portrait of Yudel Pressman, Hebrew poet. 1922.
#vil_p3-5:Vignetted studio portrait of Motke Khabad (1820-1880), a story teller, posing with a bottle of wine. 1880.
#vil_p3-6:Studio portrait of actors: (r-l) Chaim Schneur (Hamerow), Eliosha Stein, Aleksander Azro, Mordecai Mazo, Noach Nachbush and Leib Kadison. 1918.
#vil_p3-7:Studio portrait of actor Chaim Schneur ( Hamerow) (standing, right), later a member of the Vilna Troupe, with a group of friends, members of the Jewish Socialist Bund.pre-WWI.
#vil_p3-8:M. Kovalsky as Ezrielke Mirapoler in "The Dybbuk," a play by S. Ansky. 1925.
#vil_p3-9:Ida Kaminska's Theater Ensemble: Adam Dab, Ida Kaminska, David Helfman, Ida Natan, Bergman, Sonia Altbojm, Gurwicz, Baradow, S. Blachev, L. Herbst, Busia Kurc, Josef (Osja) Kamen, M. Melman, Jakub Ginzburg, Khaim Goldzader and Noah Majzler. 1936.
#vil_p3-10:Sara Herman at the tombstone of her husband, theater figure David Herman (1874-1937). 1937-39
#vil_p3-11:Studio portrait of Yosef Vinogradov [Winogradoff], opera singer and cantor, founder of the Jewish Opera Theater.
#vil_p3-12:Studio portrait of Yitskhok Pirazhnikow (1859-1933), musician, conductor and composer. before 1933.
#vil_p3-13:3 generations of the family of shopkeeper Pesa, daughter of Rabbi Pyeshin, and Yosef Szabad, a merchant (both seated, center). Their son Zemach Shabad (Cemach Szabad) (standing, back row, center) was a doctor, a leader of the Folkist party and a founder of YIVO. 1937.
#vil_p3-14:Outdoor portrait of Dr. Zemach Shabad (Szabad), his wife Stefania-Shifra and two other couples. 1900.
#vil_p3-15:Studio portrait Dr. Zemach Shabad (Szabad) with his children Regina, Yasha and Zhomie. Shabad was a physician, a leader of the Folkist party, and a founder of YIVO. His daughter Regina married scholar Max Weinreich, another founder of YIVO.1915.
#vil_p3-16:Studio portrait of Dr. Zemach Shabad (Szabad) with his sons Yasha and Zhomie. (One son is in a soldier's uniform.) Shabad was a physician, a leader of the Folkist party and a founder of YIVO. post WWI.
#vil_p3-17:Dr. Zemach Shabad (Szabad) reading to his grandsons Uriel and Gabriel Weinreich.1931.
#vil_p3-18:Jacob Lestschinsky, historian Simon Dubnow (3rd from l), Meir Halevi from Bucharest, and other delegates to the YIVO Conference pose at the grave of the recently deceased Dr. Zemach Shabad (Szabad), a physician, leader of the Folkist party and founder of YIVO. 1935.
#vil_p3-19:Jacob Shatzky at the grave of Dr. Zemach Shabad.
#vil_p3-20:Studio portrait of engineer Izydor Shabad with his son Michal.1890s.
#vil_p3-21:Studio portrait of Michal Shabad in a school uniform. 1908
#vil_p3-22:Studio portrait of Jozef and Suzanna Szabad, with Jozef's sisters, Paulina and Anna Wygodska, founder of the Montessori school.
#vil_p3-23:Outdoor portrait of Dr. Elias Sedlis, a medical doctor in the Russian army during World War I, and director of the Jewish hospital.
#vil_p3-24:Studio portrait of Anna Sedlis (nee Pruzan), wife of Dr. Elias Sedlis. During World War I, she served as a nurse in the Russian army.
#vil_p3-25:Studio portrait David and Henrietta Zeldowicz and their daughter Emilia. 1925.
#vil_p3-26:Studio portrait of Emilia Sedlis (nee Zeldowicz). 1925.
#vil_p3-27:Studio portrait of Emilia Sedlis (nee Zeldowicz). 1930.
#vil_p3-28:Studio portrait of Meir Goldsztajn.
#vil_p3-29:Studio portrait of Alik Abramowicz, as a young boy. 1928.
#vil_p3-30:Studio portrait of Jacob Benjacob, Hebrew scholar, with his wife Rachela. 1905.
#vil_p3-31:Portrait Jacob Benjacob, Hebrew scholar, with his wife Rachela in a study. 1925.
#vil_p3-32:Studio portrait of the children of Rachela and Jacob Benjacob, a Hebrew scholar: Nina, Tonia, Tamara, Izaak.1889.
#vil_p3-33:Studio portrait of Dovid and Sylvia Garber Nurko with their sons and daughters-in-law. turn of the century.
#vil_p3-34:Studio portrait of Liza Kowarski. 1923.
#vil_p3-35:Studio portrait of Lieutenant Ferdynand Beigel. 1925.
#vil_p3-36:Engagement portrait of Lieutenant Ferdynand Beigel and Liza Kowarski. 1925.
#vil_p3-37:Wilhelm Beigel, son of Ferdynand Beigel and Liza Kowarski, walking along a street.1933.
#vil_p3-38:Studio portrait of Wilhelm Beigel, son of Wilhelm Beigel and Liza Kowarski. 1936.
#vil_p3-39:Khone Kagan, Liza and Wilhelm Beigel's half brother.1930.
#vil_p3-40:Studio portrait of Marysia, Ferdinand Beigel's sister. 1930.
#vil_p3-41:Zelig Kowarski, the father of Liza Kowarski Beigel. 1920s.
#vil_p3-42:Studio portrait of Musia Kowarski, mother of Liza Kowarski Beigel. 1920s.
#vil_p3-43:Studio portrait of Chaim Kowarski with a violin. 1918.
#vil_p3-44:Sonia and Lew Badylkies posing near a tree. 1920s-30s.
#vil_p3-45:Salik Kagan, Khone's son, a toddler in a crib. 1936.
#vil_p3-46:Masza, Izio and Szura Kessler on Pilsudski Street with a friend. 1930.
#vil_p3-47:Studio portrait of Masza Kessler. 1937.
#vil_p3-48:Studio portrait of Zelman Kessler. 1933.
#vil_p3-49: Studio portrait of cantor Khayim Shimon Spiewak, with his daughter Golda. 1919.
#vil_p3-50: Studio portrait of Reyzel Spiewak, daughter of cantor Khayim Shimon Spiewak. 1926.


Chana Fajnsztajn nee Zusmanowicz and her husband Jakub Fajnsztajn from
Marianna Hoszowska


Raya Levin
Born in 1923 in the town of Orlov, Poland, she was arrested in 1947, together with her husband Yeshayahu, on charges of attempting to escape from the USSR for Eretz Israel through Poland. Sentenced to 5 years in the Gulag and while still in the Lukishki jail in Vilnius gave birth to her daughter. Served her sentence in Svivdlag. Released in 1952, she got to Israel with her daughter and husband in 1959.



Yeshayahu Levin
Born 1918 in Tarsikaj, Lithuania, he was an activist in the religious Zionist movement «HaShomer HaDati» from his early youth until 1939. In 1947 he tried to escape from the USSR for Eretz Israel through Poland, but was arrested and sentenced to 5 years imprisonment in labor camps. After his release, he worked as a veterinary doctor. His wife was also arrested and their daughter was born in a prison in Vilnius. They came to Israel in 1959 and he was a member of the Executive Committee of the Organization of Prisoners of Zion. He died in 1979.


Chaya Mazinter
Born on Sept. 14th 1923 in Lithuania, she became a member «HaShomer HaTzair» at an early age. Using her job position and connections, she helped Jews in Vilnius to escape to Poland en route to Eretz Israel. In 1947 she and her husband Gilel Mazinter were arrested on charges of subversive Zionist activities and connections with international Zionism. She was sentenced by "Troika" (a special non-juridical body of 3 KGB persons) to 10 years imprisonment in the Gulag. She served her sentence in Potma, Mordovia. Released in 1956, she managed to get to Israel, together with her husband, in 1966.

Vilna Portraits, Part 3 (Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 4 | Part 5)