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Vidzy Old Scenes
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My grandfather, Abraham Swirsky, on his farm in England in about 1940.  He is standing between the horses, and one son, George (Gershon), is closer to him, the other, Max is holding the bucket.Yehoshua Sivan <>



Max Swirsky died of wounds in the Greek campaign, 1941, and is buried in the British Military Cemetery in Athens (photo of gravestone). Yehoshua Sivan <>


My father was George's twin.  Photo taken either in Vidz or in Kirsanov (Russia) before they left for England in 1913, when they were 2.5 years old (by the style, I can't imagine that they were dressed like that in England). My father, Isaac (anglicized to Oscar) is on the left. Yehoshua Sivan <>



My grandparents walking along the sea front in Brighton or Hove in about 1950-60.Yehoshua Sivan <>
My grandmother, Yudis (Yehudit), was a the daughter of Ber Sholem Dov Okun and Haya Sragowitz - do you recognize these family names as being from Vidz?  

Yehoshua Sivan <>


The man sitting in the chair and reading is my Grandmother's father, when he was living in England.  As far as I know, my grandparents were second cousins, but I've never managed to trace the connection.
Yehoshua Sivan <>