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Pomerantz, Avraham

Pomerantz, Avraham (Avremele)





Son of Tova and Moshe was born on January 16, 1926, in Pinsk, Poland, and immigrated to Israel with his parents who settled in Rehovot in 1934. Avraham graduated with honors from the elementary school and one class in Givat Brenner High School with the help of a scholarship he received from the school He continued his studies in the Gymnasium until the seventh grade, despite the family’s financial distress, which required his help. When they learned that he was in danger and tried to dissuade him, they succumbed to his firmness and devotion to the matter. Valentino British army camps, but departed from this work because he could not put up with racial discrimination used in the British Army for non-Britons. In 1947, he served Hahish and participated in numerous and dangerous struggle. Immediately after the UN General Assembly resolution on November 29, 1947 and the outbreak of the War of Independence, he enlisted in the Givati Brigade and took part in a punitive action in the village of Keretia and later accompanied the convoys between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. When his friend was seriously injured and his transport to Hulda, the medical service center for the environment, was fraught with danger, he volunteered for this mission and fell on the 28th of Tevet 5708 (10.1.1948).