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Alter Druyanov
Tavyev (Tawjew/ Towejev?) Yisrael Chaim
Gallery of Portraits by Prof. Jesmanowicz

Shemtovs, Drizins and more...Let there be Druya! My maternal grandmother OHS was born in Druya, a town on the border of White Russia and Latvia, not far from Dvinsk. When she came to America and heard me mention the name Shemtov, she would say that she remembered Shemtovs in Dryua "they were rich and had a big house"...for the rest go to: http://www.mentalblog.com/2005/03/let-there-be-druya.html

PRYANIKOV family from Druya- by Leon Koll:
The Trials and Tribulations Confronting the Face of Death
The Druja yizkor book table of contents
Best Place to Savor the Past
The Sherman Story
This is a look at one and the same event from different angles.
PIOTR BELEVICH, RIGHTEOUS AMONG THE NATIONS and the Zimmers of Sharkovishna whom he saved
The Last Will and Testament of Fania Barbakow (1923- 1942)