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Druya Portraits
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Survivors at the Druya killing field (grave) after the war Amongst
them; Chaim Peltin, Korin Leib, Kissin Arje - Lejb Rybak Jakow - Lejb.


Barbakow Sima, Berkman Rasia and Luisa and Lurie Feiga of Druia


Boris Barkman, a relative of the Berkman family of Druya during
World War II


Sonia and Sima Barbakov, Zusia and Zelda Berkman, Zeidlin, Feiga Lurie and Pliskin.


Betar - Youth Movement amongst the pictured;
Baranow - Bornstein Baruch and Lichtenstein Z.


The Andreyev family of Druya, who rescued teenager Zusia Barkman, posing beside the pile of hay in which he was hidden


Survivors at the Druya killing field (grave)
after the war; Budownic Hirszl,Chaim Peltin, Korin Leib, Kissin Arje
- Lejb Rybak Jakow - Lejb.


Rasia Barkman from Druya.

Barbakow Sima, Barkman Zusia, Barkman Yitzhak,
Lurie Feiga, Druya pre 1939


Put in Druya portraits and barbakov family; Barbakov Fania, Yelin
Bluma and Zimer ?


barbakov and Druya portraitz; Zisle Barbakov and ?


Zusia Barkman, a Jewish boy from Druya.


Zusia Berkman after the war in Italy.


Joffe family members Riga

Moshe Joffe was born in Druja in 1897 to Srol and Chasa nee Movshe. He was a tanner and married to Nina. Prior to WWII he lived in Paris, France. During the war he was in Paris, France. Moshe perished in 1942 in Auschwitz, Camp at the age of 45. This information is based on a Page by his niece and nephew; Rosa and Charles Joffe.



Phillip William Dunn
Birth: June 2, 1893
Glubokoye, Hlybokaje, Vitebsk province, Belarus
Death: March 31, 1991 (97)
Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA, Akron, Summit, Ohio, United States
Immediate Family:
Son of Elazar (Louis) Leizer Itche Druyer and Frume Leah
Husband of Rebecca Dunn and Anna Reich
Father of Frances Gordon; Ruth Sabgir and Evelyn Olschewski
Brother of Nathan Druyer-Suddleson; Sadie Druyer; Anna Druyer; Grace Druyer and Esther or Della Blumenstei