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#min-p41: Formal outdoor family portrait: Dr. Dovid Medem, G. Medem's father, and his children: the child in the blouse [lower r] is the little Vladimir Medem [later a Bund leader].
#min-p42: Group portrait of members of the Shoafey Tsion (Yearners of Zion) group: boys in gymnasium uniform stand or sit around a sign on a table. On sign: (written in Hebrew) "Shoafey Tsion" and (lower right) a portrait of Theodor Herzl.
#min-p43: Group portrait of the Presidium of a Zionist Conference: (l to r) Goldberg (of Vilna), Yasinovsky (Warsaw), Inash. Tiomkin, A.M.M. Ussishkin, "Lawyer" Rozenbaum (Minsk), Dr. Tshlenov, Dr. Prukh (Vitebsk), Rabinovitch (Sopotkin), Belkovsky (St. Petersburg). 1902.
#min-p44: Studio portrait of three men, members of Poalei Zion: (l to r) Greenhoyz (formally dressed, seated on balustrade), Rubentshik (in three-piece suit and watch-chain), and Lapidus (in worker's blouse).
#min-p45: Portrait of Dr. Alexander Goldstein, a member of the staff of the Russian Zionist newspaper "Rasvet" and head of the Keren Hayesod
#min-p46: Portrait of Yehudah Ze'ev Nofekh, a Zionist activist, in spectacles, resting his cheek on his hand.
#min-p47: Portrait of Avraham Kaplan, a wealthy merchant, Zionist activist and communal figure.
#min-p48: Portrait of Menakhem Halevi-Itkowitz, teacher and Zionist activist.
#min-p49: Portrait of Mikhail Halperin, an elderly man with a beard, known as "The Dreamer and Fighter." After struggling against Baron Rothschild's influence in Palestine, he became disillusioned and returned to Minsk to organize future immigrants.
#min-p50: Studio portrait of Yosef Bosel, one of the founders of Degania, the first kibbutz, with a friend before his departure to Palestine. 1907.
#min-p51: Portrait of Pinkhas Dashevski, born in Kiev, a member of Poalei Zion "famous for his attempt on the life of Khrushevan, organizer of the pogroms in Kishinev..." He was deported to Minsk following his trial.
#min-p52: Portrait of Dr. Yitshak Nofekh, who became one of the first Jewish judges in Palestine during the British Mandate.
#min-p53: Portrait of Dr. Khayim Khorgin, a Jewish cultural activist. Originally a Socialist Revolutionary, he later became a prominent Zionist.
#min-p54: Portrait of Shlomo-Zalman Tsukerman, a member of the Zionist pioneering organization Bilu, who was sent to Palestine by "Agudat Ha-Elef," a Zionist body in Minsk.
#min-p55: Portrait of Shmuel Plavnik, also known as "Zimitrok Biadola," a Hebrew and Belorussian writer (1886-1941).
#min-p56: Portrait of Khayim Dov Horovits, a well-known economist.
#min-p57: Portrait of Rabbi Eliezer Rabinowitz (1859-1924), the Chief Rabbi of Minsk
#min-p58: Portrait of Rabbi Benjamin Shukbitzki (1865-1937), a 'magid' (preacher)
#min-p59: Portrait of Nadia Shabadt (b. 1889), a young woman killed in the October pogrom. 1905
#min-p60: Portrait of Roza Shabadt (b.1885), a young woman killed in the October pogrom. 1905.
#min-p61: Portrait of Zhenia Horowitz, a prominent member of the Jewish Socialist Bund.
#min-p62: Portrait of members of the Jewish Socialist Bund wounded in the October pogrom. 1905
#min-p63: Portrait of Rabbi Yoshue Tsimbelist of the "Shoyavey Mayim" (Water Carriers) synagogue, and an organizer of religious resistance against the Soviets.
#min-p64: Portrait of a Zionist Socialist youth group: (l) unidentified, (2) Matlia Teyf-Yufen, (3) Khane Gurvits, (4) Emma Kats-Yavne, (5) Tsvi Botvinik, (6) Yitskhok (Mendl) Zvirin, (7) unidentified, (8) Barishinsky, (9) Tchartov, (10) Yokhe, (11) unidentified. 1924
#min-p65: Studio portrait of Henrietta and Dawid Zeldowicz: a young couple; he in uniform, she wearing earrings.
#min-p66: Portrait of Yiddish poet Izi Kharik (1898-1937).
#min-p67: Studio portrait of Poalei Zion founders: (l to r) "Shmuel the Pinsker student; Nosen Berenshteyn, metalturner; Sholem Radanes, ironworker, shot by Cossacks in 1905; Hershl Horevits, brushmaker, first Poale Zion member, Mikhl Levin, Leybl Kaplan"
#min-p68: Portrait of Yiddish poet Avrom Reyzen (1875-1953).
#min-p69: Yoshue Abelson, "the oldest 'moyre-hoyre' [rabbinical authority] in Minsk. 1924
#min-p70: studio portrait of Khaye Rivke
#min-p71: "Five generations in one family: the Bronitski family of Minsk 1924
#min-p72: The famous cantor Yisrolke of Minsk who was known throughout Russia 1924
#min-p73: Berl Rabinowicz. 1935.
#min-p74: Studio portrait of Y. Eberil, a well-known figure in the Bundist movement
#min-p75: Shmuel David Grinstein perished in Minsk on October 17th, 1941
#min-p76: Members of the Minsk ghetto resistance
#min-p77: Ysay Pavlovich Kaziniets- a member of the resistance in the Misk ghetto
#min-p78: Rosa Grinstein perished in the Minsk ghetto in 1942


Isadore & Bernice (Wolfson) Rakoff
Picture given by Sarah Greenberg


Ben and Sam, sons of Isadore & Bernice (Wolfson) Rakoff


Roshka- Rosa daughter of Sholom and Zvia Finkel of Rakov and her
husband; writer Chaim  Rozenshtein ( nee Rabinovitz) who was born in
Radishkovichi. After their wedding they lived in Minsk. Their sons
were the writers; Shlomo and Avraham Even Shoshan


Zvia Even Shoshan was born in Kurenets to Raphael Kagan and Ester
Gitel nee Finkel of Rakov. She married Avraham Even Shoshan who was
born in Minsk. In the picture c. 1939 she is with her children, Dafna
and Yuval


Rosa, the daughter of Sholem and Zvia Finkel of Rakov, with her
grandchildren; Yuval and Dafna Even Shoshan. Rosa married writer Chaim
Rosenstein /Rabinovitz
who was born in Radishkovich. Chaim and Rosha lived in Minsk with sons
(writers) Shlomo and Avraham Even Shoshan ( they both came to
Palestine in 1925) . Zvia, The mother of Dafna and Yuval Even Shoshan,
was born in Kurenets in 1910.

submitted by Dafna.


Minerva (Minnie) Hoberman
Mar 2 1897 -- Minsk, Russia
Sep 1974 (Age: 77)


Ita Basha Melcher (daughter of Moishe Melcher of Volozhin and Mary) was born in Minsk. She married Jacob Saladucha LaSalle.


1. +Samuel (Schaml) Lasalle, b. 05 Sep 1898, Minsk, Russia, d. 02 Sep 1980, Hollywood, Pembroke Pines, Broward, Florida 33019.
2. +Rose (Rasche) Lasalle, b. 14 Jan 1899, Minsk, Russia, d. 24 Jun 1965, Springfield, Clark,Ohio.



Zionist writer Daniel Persky ( related to Chaim of Volozhin and Shimon Peres)
Born in Minsk 1887. Died in New York, March 15, 1962. Buried in Tel-Aviv





Solomon Brudner born in Minsk in 1917



Haia-Grunia Sagalovich (nee Gitliz) perished in Minsk


Zelig and Chaia Rachel Castrol



Aba Castrol


Mary Bogdanowicz