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My father, Rabbi Samuel Maslow (originally Maslowaty) recently passed
away.  He was born on Horodok.  He was related to Moshe Baran.
Yaakov Gross.
Brooklyn, NY
Dear Mr. Gross

i would like to write something about your father and his family.
from yad vashem;
Maslovati Sara
Sara Maslovati was born in Horodok in 1906. Prior to WWII she lived
in Horodok, Poland. During the war she was in Horodok, Poland. Sara
perished in Horodok, Poland. This information is based on a Page of
Testimony  submitted on 20-May-1999 by her community member,yaakov
eidelman, a Shoah survivor

-- Thank you.  We saw that ( Yad Vashem) entry.  If that is my
Schwer's mother, the date of birth cannot be correct, since he was
born in 1914 and his sister Chaya was two years older than he. .
Yaakov Gross.
Brooklyn, NY

Information about another Horodok, north of the Horodok of this site:
I have obtained a large number of photographs of the cemetery for the
town of Gorodok north of Vitebsk and have placed them on a webpage
http://www.n122mg.com/1344.htm. Thanks to help from David Rosen I have added
translations of the texts for some of the gravestones. Unfortunately
most of the gravestones are in poor condition, but it may be that
someone can glean some more information than I have so far. There is
also a button on this web page to another one showing some details of
Gorodok today. The head of the small remaining Jewish community there is
Mark Krivichkin and can be seen in a couple of the photographs. I am
hoping in due course that we shall find a way to make the writings on
the gravestones clearer.
Mike Glazer
(researching BEDEROV from Gorodok)

Gorodok (Vitebsk Oblast)

(55°28' 30°00')

This Gorodok is a small town north of Vitebsk in Belarus . The photographs taken by Zlata Krivichkina from Gorodok of tombstones in the old Jewish cemetery. Her father Mark is head of the remaining Jewish community there. These phtographs were taken in August 2008. Many of the tombstones are in a poor state but some can still be read. Click on each one in order to obtain a magnified view.


From: Garry Stein <gstein888@yahoo.com>

To: egl.comments@gmail.com

Dear Eilat,
I have been using your site for some time now and wanted to write and thank you.  It has been a true blessing to me in my work with Horodok and my Adelman/Edelman relatives.
I wondered if you could help me.  I tried writing an email to Yaniv Ejdelman, grandson of Yaacov at rozyaniv@012.net.il and the email bounced.  I wonder if you have any up to date information on him or his family.
I have been tracking several Adelman/Edelman lines linked to families in Canton, Ohio, USA.  The all came around the same time and many lived next to each other in Canton.  I am certain that there is a common relative and this can be tracked by using DNA testing.  I am trying to locate direct mail descendants of each line and have such testing done (fairly inexpensive on ancestry).  I will also contact Scott Edelman, who is mentioned on your site and whom I have communicated with periodically, and a few others that I am reaching out to.
Thanks so much for your site and appreciate any help you can give.
All the best,
Garry R. Stein (Hong Kong)

R. Abraham BERGER of Haradok (born about 1843) was a descendant of Reb
Itzaleh, son of R. Chaim Volozhiner, according to an acrostic on his
tombstone. Abraham parents were Yitzkhak Levi SOLOVEICHIK and Esther.
He was not a kohen so his descent from Reb Itzaleh would have been on
his maternal side.

Could Abraham's mother, Esther, have been the daughter of R. Shmuel
LANDAU and Reb Itzaleh's daughter? One of Abraham's sons, my
grandfather, was named Shmuel as am I.

Charles Nydorf
New York

My name is Bruce Sadler <bsadler2047@att.net> and I live in the
United States. I have attached some pictures both front and back that
have the town name Gorodok and the date on the back, the rest I can
not read. Any information you can give me about these pictures would
be wonderfull.
Thank you for your help
Bruce Sadler

Dear friends,
The year 2010 has been eventful and memorable year for me and my
family on past Chanukah the fifth candle that came out December fifth
2010 I turned 90. In August of the same year I took a trip accompanied
with my daughter and two grand children ages 23 & 20. We visited the
place of my birth Horodok. The the place of my mothers birth
wolozyn.We lived in Rakov temporarily before the town of Krasne from
were I escaped in 1942. Our base was the Capitol of Belarus Minsk we
also visited Vilna and Berlyn upon my return I described our trip in
the local jewish weekly the same year I was interviewed by The
Carnigie museum quarterly magazine. As part of a article describing
the immigration to western Pennsylvania after the war and what
memorabilia each immigrant brought from there own country. As
mentioned before I turned 90 on Chanukah but because of logistics and
time restraints the party was held on January 22, 2011. Over 200 guest
attended. The same day an interview with me appeared in the local
daily newspaper. My only regret is that my family in Israel could not
participate in this festive event. I hope to be in Israel from April
11 to May 11 with my sister MIna. To spend Passover with my family. I
fowarding you the links some of the links which i would like to share
with you.







Eli Siegel was my father. He was born in Horodok, Minsk Gubernia, in 1901 and died in 1960.

George Rosov and George Randall are the same person. He was my uncle (Bessie Siegel's husband).

I hope you find this information useful and can make the appropriate changes. Many thanks for the wonderful services you provide in keeping our history alive.

JULES SIEGEL http://www.moronia.us/
"If it ain't fixed, don't broke it."

Newsroom-l, news and issues for journalists

From: broustine@aol.com <broustine@aol.com>

On website horodok (eilatgordinlevitan.com), there is a page about BRONSTEIN family
There is a boy middle of the photo, who is perhaps my grand father! (photo of bronstein family)
Have you others details about this family?
Have you the phone number of the person living in New York who's name is SORKE (photo on right of the page)
She said that she can help too.

Thank you if you can answer this mail

bernard broustine

Horodok movie in English: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jvu0bj5GadU


From: Anne Kenison <nosinekenna@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, Oct 23, 2012 at 8:26 AM
Subject: [belarus] Herman, Shepsenwohl and Oguroff families from Gorodok (Vileika, Vilna, near Minsk)
To: Belarus SIG <belarus@lyris.jewishgen.org>


I have just learned from her gravestone inscription and death certificate
that my great-grandfather Morris Oguroff's second wife Bessie (Basche), who died
in New York at about age 52 in 1921, was the daughter of one Isaac Herman.
Her gravestone refers to him as Yitzchak Yaakov (Isaac Jacob).

Morris Oguroff came from Gorodok and arrived in New York 18 July 1903 with an
11-year old girl named Basche (b abt 1892), who disappeared from records
after that. However, through Jewish Gen, I have met a descendent of Gorodok
Shepsenwohls who told me her whole family took the surname Herman when they
arrived in the US. Since she and I appear to have other families in common,
I have been assuming that Basche became a Herman, too, maybe a Bessie or Beckie.
as other Basches did.

Now, with the discovery that my step-great-grandmother was the daughter of a
Herman, I think I was probably on the right track, but I need to find more

Bessie was born in Russia around 1870, so her father Isaac would have been
born a generation earlier. If he used the surname Herman, I am guessing that
he came to the US, and may have been a Shepsenwohl in Russia. The ancestry of
little Basche, supposedly (but not likely) a step-daughter of Morris Oguroff,
is still a mystery. Maybe she was the daughter of a brother of Bessie's.

I hope one of the many Shepsenwohl or other researchers may know something
about Isaac and his family that can help clarify the family relationships.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Anne Kenison

From: jorge cortes <georgy.setroc( number nine)@gmail.com>

My GrandFather Abraham Schechtman, was born in Horodok. He left for Argentina in the ship called "Weser" that arrived to Buenos Aires in August of 1889. In Argentina he married Clara Issacson, and they were sent with the 139 families that arrived in the same boat to the north of Argentina, 1st to a little town called Palacios, then due to the bad quality of the land they went south  and founded the city of Moisesville, that today is a National Historic city in honour of the first jews that came to Argentina , Today exist the first Sinagogue that is considered National monument.
He had 4 sons, Catalina, Natalio, Uris (my father) and Edward, all passed away . Three of the brothers are burried in the Jewish cementery of Buenos Aires, called Liniers, and the fourth brother died in Chicago. My father was born in August 23 1900. and died April 30 1991. My grandfather Abraham died in 1935 and my grandmother in 1946, and they are burried with 3 of the sons. I would like to know if you can contact me with some other people that came to argentina from Horodok, and their family names. Any other information you need my Name is George and was born in 1947 in Buenos Aires.
Jorge Cortes
My father family was afraid of the Nazis, that were very popular in Argentina. It was an antisemitic country and they changed the family name in 1938 from Schechtman to Cortés, but we are all Jewish and colaborate with local Jewish organizations.

From: Rochelle Cooke <rochellecooke@hotmail.com>
Date: Wed, Feb 5, 2014 at 7:48 AM
Subject: Zendle or Zendel or ....

I believe My father's family came from Harodok or Radokovichi . My grandfather was Isaac Zendel and his father was Nissan or Nathan Zendel. My great grandmother had been married before to a Mr Sherman and they had a son , Myer. Myer and Isaac settled in England, another brother, Philip , went to America. Apparently they left a sister and brother behind.
I also believe that another branch of the family and another Nathan was a shoemaker. Nathan emigrated to America in early 1900s and then sent for his wife, Rachel, and children, Abraham, Eli, Ida and Morris.
I would be so grateful if anyone was able to give any information about this family or even about the name. Many thanks

From: Beatrice Paetzold <paetzold@ibb.by>
Date: Mon, Jun 27, 2016 at 10:54 PM

Dear Eilat,

On 22 June people in Gorodok organized their third Forum Friends of Gorodok. It was an impressing day with speeches, prayers of a priest and a rabbi from Minsk, a veterans choir, planting trees, watching films about places connected with the Holocaust in Belarus, about Leonid Levin, a famous Belarusian architect of famous memorials memorizing the victims of the second world war and listening to a concert with different kinds of music. We also watched a little film about Gordon of the thirties, which can be found on the Internet. I think, one of the highlights was the opening of a sign with dates and photos of historic Gorodok on the main square in front of the museum and not far from the synagogue, which was made and financed by a young man from Minsk. Please find attached a few photos from the opening of this sign.


Horodok, Gorodok

Horodok, Gorodok

Horodok, Gorodok

Horodok, Gorodok

I don't know if you are on Facebook. There are many more photos of this event.

It would be really wonderful if you could let me know where and how I can get the film with Russian subtitles. But I think this is what the people in Gorodok need.

Warmest regards from Belarus

I'm a German and I'm working at the History Workshop "Leonid Lewin" in Minsk (http://gwminsk.com), which is situated in one of the very last houses on the territory of the former Minsk ghetto. Our work is devided into 4 main segments: research, documentation and projects about the Holocaust in Belarus and their victims, educational programmes about the Holocaust in Belarus for educators and students, guided tours through the former Minsk ghetto and Trostenez and social work with former victims of the 2nd World War. 

One of our projects is to support the people living in Gorodok with the organisation of their annual International Forum of the friends of Gorodok. So it came that I attended the last year's Forum and learned a lot about this former Schtettl. In preparation of this year's Forum I searched the Internet to find more information about this place and I came across your website. There I read that Tierza Amizur-Berman made a film about Gorodok (55 min), also with Russian subtitles. First I thought, the people in Gorodok have it, but all they showed me was the little scenes to be found on the Internet in English. 

Unfortunately, I couldn't find any information where and how to get the film. It would help the people, especially the museum to be able to show every interested person what was life in Gorodok like in the past.

Last year we opened a stone in front of the former synagoge in memory of the Jews in Gorodok who lost their lives, in presence of a rabbi from Minsk who was reading a kaddish (in a place without Jews). A woman living in Gorodok who was a child at the time when it happened, told us a little about what she remembered.

Could you please let me know, how to get the film and perhaps also how to get the rights to show pictures from your website. However, I will be frank. People there have no big money, so that they cannot afford bying the rights. They live in rural Belarus and the economic situation is getting worse and worse. What I like about these people is, that they try to keep the memory of the Jewish life alive with the means they have, although there is no Jewish person living there anylonger.

I'm sorry to bother you, but I would like to help them a little further. There is nobody who knows English or Hebrew. Therefore, I think they don't know about the film, the documents you are having.

I look forward to hearing from you or anybody who reads these lines and could help.

My warmest regards from Belarus
Beatrice Paetzold

Mit freundlichen Gruessen

Tel/Fax: +375 17 2007626
Mobil: +375 29 9940326
E-Mail: paetzold@ibb.by

I can't say enough about you! Thanks to you, I got to speak to Shepsel Shpringer and his son, Itzhok, "Yitzy." I can't get over the fact that of all my grandfather, Julius Winner (or Vainer), only had ONE relative that survived The Shoah in Europe, and that was Shepsel! As a matter of fact, Julius' father, Godel came to the U.S. to take Julius back and thank the Lord, Julius didn't go! I guess this created a rift at the time, unbeknownst to me!! Bless you, Eilat!!!
Phyllis Winstead

From: Rochelle Cooke <rochellecooke@

My husband and I visited Belarus this year as my paternal grandparents, Zendle, came from there (Gorodok , Radokovichi, Belaruchi etc ) I took various photos and made notes. I wondered if this was still a ‘live ‘ site and if you would like a copy of these photos.
As a side issue I have also read part of Carp- Gordons article and he linked a family called Zendle /Zendel with his family. As it has been difficult to find any Zendles I wondered if anyone has any further knowledge of this name .
Many thanks
Rochelle Cooke nee Zendle

Gorodok, Horodok

Gorodok, Horodok

Gorodok, Horodok