Warsaw Survivors
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Two Jewish children from the Meltzer and Kotliar families who were
rescued on the "Aryan" side of Warsaw with the assistance of the
courier Wladka.


Batya Lewinson, a teenaged girl hidden in Warsaw during the war by a Pole.


Jurek Blumenfeld, a Jewish boy who hid on the "Aryan" side of Warsaw
with his father.


Benjamin Kulik, a young Jew who lived in Warsaw under an assumed
identity, as a worker on the city's streetcar lines.


urvivor; Zivia Lubetkin with Marysia Sawicka, "Righteous Among the
Nations," on a street in Warsaw.


































I'm writing on behalf of Mrs Anna Szpanowska, a Child Holocaust
with lost identity.

All she knows is that she was taken out of the Warsaw
Ghetto on May 15, 1943, one day before the Uprising in the ghetto
She had a piece of paper on herself with the following information:
"ANNA, born October 13, 1942".

She was sheltered and adopted by a Polish family Albin and Stefania
Dubieniecki, living in Zoliborz district on 22 Zajaczka Str.

She also knows that a "blue policeman" took part in taking her out of

She recalls from her early childhood that once she came back to home
found her Polish parents arguing with some unknown man. When they saw
the parents asked the man to leave and never come back. Today she
that maybe that was someone from her Jewish family, or anyone connected
them somehow.

Several years ago she went Israel and was interviewed by the Israeli
TV. She
told her story there and received one phonecall from a lady from Haifa
suggested that she was her father's sister, that her father survived
ghetto and Auschwitz and lived in Poland until 1970's when he died.
Something happened and they were disconnected before she gave any
details -
names etc.. She could never find this lady again, neither the lady

Does her story seems familiar to any of you?
Please help.

Mrs Anna lives in Poland in Pulawy today, and would love to learn more
her identity.

Marianna Hoszowska
Warsaw, Poland.