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Dr. Rothenstein, chief physician of the Grodno Red Cross Hospital

I wonder where one could find records of a 1915 doctor's death in Grodno
I have a 1915 German military report about a Dr. Rothenstein,chief physician
of the Grodno Red Cross Hospital, who resigned after one of his
Jewish German prisoner-of-war-patients was targeted and killed in
November 1914. The report says the doctor resigned his position in protest
of the incident, and also died shortly afterwards.
I have seen the name Doctor Isaak Routenstein, son of Israel, listed
through Genealogy Indexer on various Grodno Gubernia Address-Calendar lists
from 1890-1915, including Red Cross doctor lists, and a Dr. Yitzchak
Roitenstein is mentioned in the Grodno Yizkor Book as having been a leader
of the "Territorialists" in Grodno before WWI. I am trying to find out how
his doctor died. I am not related to him, but the prisoner he tried to
save was my grandfather, and I believe Dr. Routenstein may have been killed
to keep him from making further trouble for the Russian commander, whose
wife was responsible for the incident that caused my grandfather's death.
Thank you for any help,

Naomi Rosenthal
Berkeley, CA, USA