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Jewish Survivor Lucyna Goldberg Testimony

Jewish Survivor Lucyna Goldberg Testimony


Lucyna was born in Warsaw in 1925 to Avraham who was born in 1896 and Cecil  Zipora Goldberg. She was the oldest of 3. Jacob was born in 1928 and Victor in 1938.

The father of her father  ( Moshe Goldberg) was a rabbi by profession. In 1885 he was taken to the Russian army and when he returned after 7 years he was not religious any more. He was a very charitable person. all together the grandparents ( her grandmother was Sara) had six sons and they supported them by opening textile stores. All the six sons were sent to higher education. Two of them immigrated to Palestina before the war. The rest took over the business. The father also founded a school for young children with a friend who later went to Canada.

Her mother had two married sisters. One was a dentist and the other a teacher. Together with one of the sisters they owned a villa outside of Warsaw and the families would go there during the summer months.

They owned their apartment in Warsaw which was in the Jewish area near the old town.

Lucyna talks of the Jewish  refugees who come the Warsaw from the surrounding area after the Nazis arrive in September of 1939. Their house is part of the ghetto and all together they have 20 people living in their apartment. each family gets one room.

The refugees are starving in the ghetto and dying in the street.

The first to die from the family is her fathers brother who is a soldier in the Polish army.

In 1942 they take her parents and her brothers to Trablinka and they are killed in the gas chambers. Her grandparents are taken and killed a short time later. Her aunt the dentist commits suicide with her family has the Nazis come to get them.

She an her father's brother (Shimon, born in 1908) fall in love. He joins the underground in the ghetto. She escapes the ghetto with false papers as Polish. She is helped by Polish people from German background. For a while she is homeless and raped.

She later tskes part in the Warsaw uprising.

After the war she reunites with her uncle. They go to Germany and get married. They come to Canada and they have a son.
USC Shoah Foundation Institute testimony of Lucyna Goldberg


Lucyna Goldberg




Apr 7/ 1925

Birth City

Warsaw (Poland)

Birth Country


Prewar Religious Identity


Postwar Religious Identity



Warsaw (Poland : Ghetto)

Hiding or False Identity Location

Warsaw (Poland)
Warsaw (Poland : Ghetto)

Type of Hiding Place


Location of Liberation

Grójec (Grójec/ Warsaw/ Poland)

Liberated By

armed forces/ Soviet

Other Experiences

displaced persons camps
escapes from the ghettos
escapes during deportations
concealment of Jewish identity

Interview Date


Interview Location

QC / Canada

Interview Length


VHA Interview Code