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Tova (Tosia) Altman (1918-1943)

Tova (Tosia) Altman (1918-1943) worked with Mordechai Anielewicz as a member of the ZOB during the Warsaw ghetto uprising.

She initially worked as a courier, making contact with Jewish resistance groups outside of the ghetto and providing them with updates on resistance clashes, as well as providing educational material that was banned by the occupying Nazi forces. Later, she was critical in helping to smuggle weapons and explosives into the Warsaw ghetto.

She escaped a capture attempt on January 18, 1943 and moved to the ZOB bunker at 18 Mi³a Street, she was one of the few to survive the battle on May 8 that saw the bunker abandoned and Mordechai Anielewicz killed. Despite suffering wounds to the leg and head, Altman was able to join a group of approximately seventy-five resistance fighters who left the ghetto on May 10 in a daring sewer escape. She was captured again on May 24 when the celluloid factory she was sheltering in accidentally caught fire and she suffered severe burns. She was taken into custody by the Gestapo and died shortly afterward, receiving no medical treatment.

She was portrayed by American actress Leelee Sobieski in the 2001 television movie, Uprising.
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