Warsaw - Do You Recognize?
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Category: Do you recognize?
posted: 5/15/2005

Description: Do you recognize any of these men? My grandfather Meschilem Hirsch Reich from Krakow, second from the left, is in it, but who are his friends?
Anneroos Reich a.e.reich@home.nl



Warsaw RR station 1927. My grandfather Harris Silverstone in the middle. Who are the man and woman?








I believe some of the persons in the photo are from the Blanshaft family. Probably taken in Warsaw in the 1920s. Please respond privately.
Brad Gordon waterwav@hotmail


Photo from Warsaw, possibly my uncle
Harold Nudelman hncan@rogers.com

#wrsw_r-13: and wrsw_r-14:

Category: Do you recognize?
posted: 3/13/2005

Description: Jewish nursing school (and hospital?) in Warsaw, where my mother was a student between 1930-32 The hospital was demolished in the war. I need translation for the text. If you can provide information about the school and hospital, I will appreciate that. Thanks!
Yehoshua Gorodetzky joshgoro@gmail.com


Category: Do you recognize?
posted: 4/30/2006

Description: Helen Frajman of Kosow Lacki with unknown young man (taken in Warsaw, c. 1935


Category: Photo Identification
posted: 5/28/2006

Description: photo of 2 soldiers in Warsaw
Janet Furba j.furba@web.de


Description: unknown peoples, emigrated to Palestine in 1925, related with one of the following familys, from Warsaw: SMIETAN, GRINCAJG, AGATSZATAJN, LIMONAD, FAJNWURCEL
Daniel Vangheluwe vangheluwe.smietan@laposte.net




Beila (or Ceila?) Gitel Szymkiewicz from Towarowa St Warsaw.Does anyone know who she is and what happened to her?