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Volozhin Portraits
#volp-56: Isser Yehuda Unterman (1886 - 1976)
#volp-57: Yude Avrom Perski, the town 'shoykhet' (ritual slaughterer). "He is 92 years old and he goes to the synagogue three times a day to pray"


My maternal grandfather, Shimon Chaim Kovarsky from Vilna, who became Rabbi Herman Simon of St. Paul, MN, studied at Mir and Volozhin and was ordained at Volozhin. After he died in 1946, my grandmother was finally able to obtain the key to his safe deposit box, to which he had never allowed anyone access. My mother accompanied my grandmother to the bank--both of them filled with great anticipation as to what great treasures they might find in the carefully guarded bank box. To their surprise, the box contained only one thing: my grandfather's ordination papers.

Marjorie Rosenfeld
.....photo I have of my grandfather at my Svencionys
ShtetLinks site, along with the poem I wrote about him. The page there


Although my grandfather's male forebears--his father, grandfather, and great grandfather--were all from Svencionys (then Russian Sventsiany), his mother was from Vilna; and since my grandfather always said he was from Vilna, in this case I believe Vilna was the correct place of origin for him and not the smaller town approximately 50 miles from Vilna.

Thanks for the link to Kowarski family members at your site. Paul, the Canadian cantor whose photo you have on your page, was in our Kovarsky/Kowarski/Kovar Research Group for awhile. We have quite a large Research Group composed of people all over (Israel, the U.S., South Africa, South America, etc.) with ties to this family from Svencionys. One of my numerous Kovarsky "cousins" in this group found the photos of some Kovarsky/Kowarski family members at your Vilna site a couple of months ago; so I saw those, though I couldn't place the people in them. Some of us have a family tree book published in Libava in 1904 which notes the move in 1760 of a "Iosip" (Joseph) from Kovarsk to "Wenty." That Iosip was obviously the first member of our family to be called "Kovarsky." Supposedly, all Kovarskys from Svencionys or Vilna are related, though Kovarskys from other places may not be part of the same family.




Liba nee Perski was born in Wolozyn, Poland in 1915 to Moshe Yona. She
is here with husband Khaim. They both perished.


Aharon Yaakov Perski was born in Wolozin, Poland in 1891 to Moshe Yona and Esha. He was an actor, a cantor and singer sewing machine agent and married to Roza nee Popko. Prior to WWII he lived in Oszmiany, Aharon was murdered in 1945 in Dachau, Camp at the age of 54. This information is based on a Page of Testimony by his daughter Zila.



Chana Esha Persky was born in Volozhin in 1871. She had 6 daughters
and 1 son. Chana Esha was murdered by the Nazis in 1942


Rivka nee Perski of Wolozin with her two daughters. They all perished in Volozhin in 1942. Picture was given by Zila nee Persky, Daughter of Rivkas' brother



Moshe Yona Perski was born in Wolozyn in 1870. He was married and had 7 children. He was murdered in 1941 in Wolozyn, at the age of 70. This information is based on a Page of Testimony submitted by his granddaughter Zila nee Persky, a Shoah survivor.


Zionist writer Daniel Persky ( related to Chaim of Volozhin and Shimon Peres)
Born in Minsk 1887. Died in New York, March 15, 1962. Buried in Tel-Aviv

Schiff, Shiff


Moshe Meltzer, the great grandfather of Shimon Peres from his mother's side.



Schiff, Shiff
Schiff, Shiff


Eliezer Levine perished with daughter Leah Levine


-- perished in the holocaust
Golda Alperovitz

Schiff, Shiff
Schiff, Shiff


Avraham Moshe Schiff
1859 - 1940


Leah Schiff
1865 – 1921

Schiff, Shiff
Schiff, Shiff


Rishka Levine nee Schiff perished in the holocaust with husband Eliezer Levine

Schiff, Shiff


Lea Nachshon (???) 
April 5, 1922 
Volozhin, Minsk, Belarus
May 19, 2003 (81)
Immediate Family:
Daughter of Meir Shiff of Volozhin and Etl Shiff of Volozhin
Wife of Shlomo Nachshon (?????)
Mother of Udi Nachshon and Rachel NachshonI called Lea Nee Shiff Nachshon in Israel, Lea’s husband is from the Cherches family of Radoshkovichi. Her son is Ehud Nachshon a writer. Here is some of what she told me;
My father Meir was born in 1888. He had a brother Chaim Shiff who was born in 1895. He had two sisters; Golda and Rashka. They were also some years younger then he. My father was forced to serve in the Russian army for many years before and during the First World War. When the war started the Russians ordered his younger brother Chaim to "enroll" in the army. My grandmother panicked, she could not let another son risk his life. The family quickly arranged for him a "trip" to Toronto where he settled and had two daughters.
My father’s sister Rashka had heart problems since her early childhood. Eventually she married Eliezer Levin and had a daughter named Lea. both of us were named for our grandmother who died shortly before I was born. When the daughter was still a very young child my aunt became very sick. The family did everything to find a cure for her, but she died Shortly after. Some years later Eliezer Levin married another woman. The family perished in the Holocaust. My cousin Lea was about fifteen years old when she perished.
My grandfather died at age 81 in January 1940 shortly before we were deported by the Soviets to Kazachstan for my father being a successful businessman and owning a mill.
My father other sister Golda lived with my grandfather Avraham Moshe the first year that I lived with him in Volozhyn. I lived there because there were no schools in the village were I lived with my parents. Some times later my aunt married Mendel Alperovitz son of Shimon from Kurenets. Our family visited them and I can still remember the train ride to Vileyka and the walk via the tree-lined road from Vileyka to Kurenets. They said that Catherine the great ordered to plant the trees when she spent a night there in the 1790’s. Mendel lived next to his brother Zishka and I remember that Zishka had a son named Shimon. (He was killed as a partisan while fighting the Germans). During my school years in a Vilna high school my aunt Golda came there to receive some treatments since she was unable to conceive. She perished in Volozhin with her baby Shimon


Chaya Goldsmith nee Chayklyn 

Rogovin, Rogowin


Abraham Goldsmith
December 26, 1901 
Valozhyn District, Minsk Region, Belarus
April 28, 1997 


Zelik Rogowin 

November 11, 1923 
valozhin, Poland
July 17 
Tempe, AZ, United States

Immediate Family:
Son of Moshe Rogowin and Hinde Morduchowicz 
Husband of <private> Rogowin (Turetz) 
Brother of Nechama Rogowin; Charlotte Chertow (Rogowin); Aron Rogowin and Rifka Marks 




These are pictures after World War II of my mother Feygel Perski wife of Aron Rogowin, daughter of Yosef and Tzirl Perski, of Volozhin . The child is her son Yosef . I think the pictures were taken in a DP camp in Kassel Germany around 1948.


The picture on the bottom is of my mom Feygel Perski and her friend Rochel Golub Weinstein. They were childhood friends. The photo was taken in Volozhin probably in early 1930's.  
Mark Rogowin



These are pictures after World War II of my mother Feygel Perski wife of Aron Rogowin, daughter of Yosef and Tzirl Perski, of Volozhin . The child is her son Yosef . I think the pictures were taken in a DP camp in Kassel Germany around 1948.


Feygel Perski



These are pictures after World War II of my mother Feygel Perski wife of Aron Rogowin, daughter of Yosef and Tzirl Perski, of Volozhin . The child is her son Yosef . I think the pictures were taken in a DP camp in Kassel Germany around 1948.

The gentleman in the picture is Zelik Rogovin , brother of Aron Rogowin who was in the partisians near Minsk .