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Volozhiners in America
#vola-1: Abraham Jablons M. D. Executive Director of Woloziners in America committee
#vola-2: Irving M. Bunim (born in Volozhin in 1901) was a visionary lay leader of 20th century Judaism. He fought tirelessly for Torah education in America. a three- volume English commentary on Pirkei Avot, Irving Bunim's Ethics from Sinai, . Drawing on the great store of classical commentaries, the author ranges through the wisdom of the Talmud and Midrash, interweaving lively anecdotes and pointed illustrations from everyday life. (1,034 Pages) has helped revive and deepen study of the book among traditional Jews. Irving Bunim led the effort to save Jews from the Holocaust. "FIRE IN HIS SOUL" - the story of Irving M. Bunim Published by Feldheim Publishers. In Israel: POB 35002, Jerusalem. In the USA: 200 Airport Executive Park, Spring Valley NY 10977 http://www.feldheim.com A Fire in His Soul! Irving Bunim, 1901-1980: The Man & His Impact on American Orthodox Jewry / by Bunim, Amos http://www.innernet.org.il/archives/bunim.htm for Excerpted with permission from "FIRE IN HIS SOUL" InnerNet Magazine
#vola-5: Samuel Rudins' father lived and worked downtown on Christie Street. He bought the first piece of real estate the Rudin family would own in 1902 all the way uptown on East 54th Street. Years later when Samuel Rudin asked his father why he purchased this apartment house so far from the community they lived in he replied, "If it's good enough for the Rockefellers it's good enough for me!" And he admonished Samuel never to sell it and to try and buy all the property around it. It took the family 60 years but they did manage to secure many of the surrounding properties. To this day, that building still exists in the Rudin portfolio. Mr. Lewis Rudin related fascinating stories of how his family evolved into the major builders and real estate owners of New York. By borrowing money from his relatives, his father Samuel was able to purchase a lumber yard in Westchester and built his first building, a six-story elevator building on Benson Street. Rudin conjectured that this was probably one of the first elevator buildings of the time. The Rudin organization still owns and operates that building. Mr. Rudin's mother was unhappy in Throgs Neck (he ventured that they were probably the only Jewish family in the neighborhood) so his father built two apartment buildings on West 86th Street one of which Lewis and his brother Jack grew up in! Through the years the business acquired most of the surrounding property. After World War II and finishing college, Lewis and his brother Jack started building a number of apartment buildings in the city. In the 1950's they bought property to build their first office building on Madison Avenue. "In the course of some 30 or 40 years we built 14 or 15 office buildings and 20 some-odd apartment houses which we still own and operate," stated Mr. Rudin.
#vola-10: There is a "Rag to Riches" story about his Israel Rogozin in the Volozhin Yizkor book. When the father left for America in 1890 to collect money for the Yeshiva in Volozhin, he bought a sewing machine for his wife so she could have an income back in Volozhin. six years later the family joined the father in New York and they opened a small factory. The father wanted to be a Rabb and in 1903 he became the head of Yakov Yosef Yeshiva. sixteen years old Israel took over the factory and in 1963 had 10,000 workers. He also open factories in Israel, he gave about 30 million dollars for education in the U.S.A and Israel.
#vola-11:the Dolgow family (allan Dolgow grandmother with children)
#vola-12: the Dolgow family 1927
#vola-13: sam and rose dolgow
#vola-14:The Dolgow family