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Harman ( nee German) family
Harry Harman always said that he was born in Poland....

...He was born there (Vilnius/ Vilna) in about 1912. The 5th of 6
children. A 6th child would be born in the United States. One brother
died of starvation. The oldest was Aaron, then there was Belle, ??

Harry was his American name. I cannot recall his original first name.
The original family name was Garman. According to one of his sisters,
the name was changed to Harman as they came into this country through
Ellis Island as they were afraid that is would be pronounced "German".

At the end of World War I, Harry's father Lewis emigrated to the
United States to earn enough money to bring his family over. He left
the rest of his family in Vilnius. The oldest son Aaron was to play
professional soccer during the time he was gone. It was left to his
wife Martha to provide for the family in his absence and it was very
difficult for her. Her youngest daughter, Lillian, who was born in
this country told me that the soldiers gave her mother a very hard
time when she was trying to get food for her family and despite the
fact that she was a small woman, she had to carry heavy sacks of flour
and potatoes home from the market.

The Harmans came to the city of Chicago in the United States where all
but Harry and his wife Rose remained for most of their lives. Harry
Harman died in Princeton New Jersey, ca.1975, Rose died in Los
Angeles, California in 1976. They had lived in Chicago, Maryland,
Pacific Palisades in California and in Princeton New Jersey.

Despite Harry's having started in the American school system at the
age of 12, he excelled in school, graduated early and went on to get a
masters' degree from the University of Chicago. He was known
world-wide as an outstanding statistian,

In 1939 (ca) he married Rose Liff. They had two sons, Lawrence and

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The Zak and Rubinstein families were from Vilnius/ Vilna. Surnames
associated with this family are Dworcan (Dwortsin, Dworkin), Kowarski
(from Svencionys), Laufer (from Moletai), Milner, Burstein and others.
Branches of this family may be found in the US, Israel and possibly
South Africa. I am attempting to locate all branches.

The use of the surname, ZAK*, arose with an Eastern European family in
the 17th century. It was first used by three sons of Rabbi Israel from
Ruzhany, near Slonim (near Warsaw), who were martyred in 1659
following a blood libel. The surname is an acronym for "Zera Qodesh",
or "holy seed", taken from Isaiah 6:13 denoting the saving remnant of
the Jewish people.

Submitted by Shirley Flaum - Seflaum@aol.com
Internet Page http://www.jewishgen.org/family/zak-rubinstein.html

Moshe Bernstein and Pesia Tauber - From Vilna to Hadera Their sons; Dan and Yoram Barnea <Dan_Barnea@bmc.com>


Nechama Krobonik and her children; Hudel is standing on the left, her brother Alek below her, Right of the mother is Asinia and Matityahu.