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Jewish Cemeteries
Gravestone Inscriptions from Jewish Cemeteries
                     in Former Shtetls of Lithuania & Belarus
                          recorded August-September, 1994
      Davida Sky and Dan Kirschner returned recently from travel to
various former shtetlach in Lithuania and Belarus.  With their
intrepid guide Regina Kopilevitch of Vilnius and drivers (incl.
Dina Kopilevitch), they visited the Jewish cemeteries, and recorded
names and dates from as many extant tombstones as they could find
(subject to their time constraints).  Most of the cemeteries had
been desecrated, with only a few tombstones remaining, and these
were usually extremely weathered or among dense brush or copses of
trees.  Of the cemeteries visited, that of Luoke was the best
preserved, with the flora cut down (but not removed).  Tryskiai
also had numerous stones, but with more challenging access owing to
the vegetation.
Country            Town                      Est.  Rec.
BELARUS:           RZISCHEV                    2    1
LITHUANIA:         LUOKE (LUKNIK)           ~150   13
                   PASVALYS (POSVOL)         <20    7
                   PUMPENAI (PUMPIAN)        <10    7
                   SALANTAI (SALANT)         <20   15
                   SEDA                      <10    6
                   SEREDZIUS (SEREDNIK)      <10    4
                   VASKAI                    <30   26
                   TRYSKIAI (TRYSKIE)       ~150   38
                                            ----  ---
                               Total:       ~400  117
Est., rough estimate of number of gravestones
Rec., actually recorded; there was sufficient time to
      record only a fraction of the stones standing in Luoke
      and in Tryskiai.
If you would like the detailed list of names e-mailed to you
(the file has 636 lines) please send a request to Dan Kirschner at: