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Vashki Portraits
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#vasp-2:This picture was taken on March 23, 1939 in Radviliskis,Lithuania. It is of Sheine Achbar and Leizer Shmuelson. They are believed to have died in a concentration camp in Kovno in June 1941.
Marilyn Cooper Hall
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Blume Krieger, nee Jossel, b. 1873 (1928).

Regarding #vasp-3 - #vap-9 Roberta Jerushalmy wrote:
Last summer I spent in Riga trying to trace my family roots. I am
pleased to enclose the archive information which conclusively shows
that Oscher Krieger came from Vashki although he belonged to the
Jewish community in Krakinov.

I hope you will find this information useful and be able to add it to
your Vashki site, and also other sites you have for other places.

Just to remind you Oscher Kruger was my grandfather and I am Roberta
Jerushalmy (nee Kruger) from Jerusalem ex Johannesburg South Africa.
Irina Veinberga <> wrote: -
Dear Mrs. Jerushalmy,

We are forwarding to you as promised all the pictures, archival
reference and genealogical table about the family Kriger-Jossel.

Jelena Polovceva
Rita Bogdanova


Hanna Jossel, nee Schapiro b. July 23, 1857 in Taurogen (picture
from 1921)Mother of Blume Krieger .


Oscher Krieger, b. 1870 (1920)


Oscher Krieger, b. 1870 (1928).


Scheine, daughter of Jossel Jossel (1921).


Zila, daughter of Oscher Krieger, b. 1899 (1927)



Zila, daughter of Oscher Krieger, b. 1899 picture from 1938.


Shimon Mer (Changed to Meiri in Israel)
Riga, Latvia( family originated in Vashki/ Pasvalys Lithuania)
circa 2005 (at age 90)
Tel Aviv, Israel
Immediate Family:
Son of Shmuel Mer and Rachel Yeti Mer
Husband of Gissela Meiri (Mer)
Father of ????? ??? and ?????? ?????
Brother of ???? ???? and ???? ?????



Betty Behr – my mother


Dov Ber Levin



Hirsche Leib Behr (my paternal grandfather)


Jack and Betty Behr (my parents)



Jack  Behr and his mother Leah Breine (nee Jacoby)


Dr. Joe Levin ( in 2015 he is 101 years old)



Mere Harris