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Rachel Shenker Family Album
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photos from Nathanya Basil - Darren & Jaqueline Kumin, Asher Bohbot with Beverly and Leatt.


photos from Nathanya Basil - Darren & Jaqueline Kumin, Basil with Beverly and Leatt.


Jania Shenker about 1948 Johannesburg


Janie Reuben Lucille Morris


Morris Shenker About 1948


Morrris and Gedalya Shenker


Rachel Gedalya with Brother Back


Rachel Shenker Immigration Document


Rachel Shenker Immigration Document


Rachel Shenker Registration Certificate


Yehuda and Asna and family 1930s


Rachel nee Chait with husband Gedalya Shenker

 Asher Bohbot is the son in law of Morris Shenker, Rachels' oldest son;

Asher Bohbot , 53 - Chief Executive Officer

B.SC. Industrial Engineering, MAP

Asher Bohbot moved to South Africa in 1980 where he joined AECI as a senior engineer. In 1981 he joined Laminate Industries (later to be part of the PG Group) as an industrial engineering manager. In 1990 he was appointed as a logistics director. He was subsequently promoted to the position of general manager of this entity. In 1993 he was appointed to the main board of PG Bison as Executive Director of Distribution with responsibility for 30 branches around the country. In 1995, he took responsibility for Group Logistics and IT at PG Bison. Throughout his career, Asher was exposed to general business leadership, business systems and supply chain logistics, leading four major system implementations. The group was listed as a 'top 300' company in South Africa for 2004 by the Department of Trade and Industry.

Fran Shenker, daughter of Marcus and granddaughter of Rachel and Grisha Shenker - is a Costume Designer. movie credits; Forgiveness and Groomsmen (2001).

Her brother; Gavin Shenker;
(Los Angeles, CA US)
Gavin Shenker, Visa International. Device Committee