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Lova Chait's Family Album
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Sylvan and Tamar , their children; Alan, Ira and Ariel and the sister of Sylvans' father; Lola nee Chait Gordin Moher with her dog.



Top; Rachel, Irit, Tommy ( Itamar) and Amit on his fathers' shoulders. dancing girl; Irit Chayut. Tommy and his mother. Sylvan with first wife; Tamar


To left: my daughter Arielle on getting her M.D. Diploma w/ newly born Zachary, some 8 years ago. Top right; Arielle w/ her husband Michael. Arielle and me (in White suit) - after her Graduation. My Son Ira & his bride on their Wedding day. Bottom - Arielle and Michael.



Irit nee Chayut

#vasfalc-9: Melissa, Kelsey, Ira (grandson of Lova Chayut) and Spencer Hart.


Ariella granddaughter of Lova Chait with husband Michael Cohen and their three children



the children of Ariella granddaughter of Lova Chait and husband Michael Cohen


Luva Chayut/ CHAIT's grandchildren. Israel, 1973. From left bottom; Ira, Alan and Ariel Hart, Amit Chayut, Irit Chayut (on top)



Sylvan Lee Hart