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Additional revision lists for the towns of Golshany, Oshmiany, Soly and
Traby were distributed in March. Oshmiany District, which was in Vilnius
Guberniya during the Russian Empire period, is today in Belarus.

Additional revision lists for nine other towns in the Oshmiany District
remain to be translated. Needed is a coordinator for the Oshmiany District
Research Group. If you are interested in filling the post, or can recommend
someone who may be willing to serve, please contact Howard Margol:
I shall be happy to work with a new coordinator until he/she is comfortable
in the role.

If you wish information about the Oshmiany District Research Group
and the data it has generated, please contact me.

I am trying to locate the following five members of the Oshmiany District Group whose email addresses are no longer valid: Jerry Caplan, Edward M. Kaplan, Allyson Levin, Ronna Newburger, Donald Stone. Any help with contact information will be much appreciated.

Olga Zabludoff
Temporary coordinator, Oshmiany District
Washington, DC

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Day Month Year Address Town Uyezd Name
(Maiden Name) Marital Status Father Relationship to
Head of Household Age Place of Birth Left Reason Left Passport # Occupation Comments Record Type Archive/Fond/Inventory/File
21 May 1921 Kaunas Kaunas Kaunas ABRAMAVICIUS / [ABRAMOVICH], Benjamin
51 in 1921 Soly, Oshmiany uyezd 24912/505837 teacher Passport Card KRA/66/1/24912
9 Nov 1926 Kaunas Kaunas Kaunas DANISEVSKIS / [DANISHEVSKIS], Moisey
born in 1867 Soly, Oshmiany uyezd 48056/1279416 merchant Passport Card KRA/66/1/48056

Sent from my iPadMy ..father came from a town between Vilnius and Minsk near Soly
His father was Gish Friedson or Friedsam his wife was Teige Chodosh. they had three children that I know Louis Friedson Abraham Fritzson and Sasha Freelander (Friedson) there maybe more. Louis came to the US about 1902 Abraham 1905. Sasha had a son
I thing my grandfather and grandmother my have died before WW2

Thank you
Israel Fritzson

From: Caroline Hirschfeld <krantz601@.....com>
The Gordon family of Soly

Just found your web page, and would love to get in touch.I am the great-grandaughter of Abbé
Gordon . I plan to visit Soly this June, and would love to go with as much information as possible.
Hope we can be in touch...


From: Caroline Hirschfeld <krantz601@

Hello Elliot,
     Thanks for your wonderful Soly web site. I am the great great-grand daughter of Abe and Rosa Gordon.I s their any opportunity to connect?
      I am leaving June 13 th to visit this area.


Sent from my iPad

           Just returned from an exciting visit to Sol, Belarus, and am hoping to find new information about Abba and Rosa Gordon, my great grand parents.Can you suggest ways to explore this family. They left in1998,and settled in Rochester, New York.