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Searching Barnet (Ben) BLUMENTHAL, aka Ben BLUM, my paternal grandfather, b. ca. 1865, Siauliai, Kovno, Russian Lithuania, a tailor by profession. Married Sarah (KAGAN/KAHAN/COHEN) and left for England, where they lived at least 10 years. Had 7 British-born children, Harry, Annie, Judah (Julius), Abraham, Rebecca, Michael, and Philip. Arrived Chicago 1902. He divorced Sarah and married Bessie (WAGNER) from Zitomar, Russia, and had two more children, Benjamin and Samuel.

Sandi Root roadruner2 at usa.net

According to notes left by Yasha KAMBER, his cousin Abraham "Abrusha " KAMBER born 1897 was a doctor in Shavel in the 1930s and later in the ghetto there .

Yasha tells that Abrusha was married to a non-Jewish woman and the wife and son survived WW2 and the Holocaust. Abrusha perished in Muhldorf Concentration Camp on 6 December 1944

I will be grateful for any information about Dr. KAMBER and any suggestion about how to trace his son. I suspect that the wife went back to her family and her maiden name.

Jules Feldman
Yizreel, Israel

Kartun, Cartoon

A picture of the Kartun/Cartoon family from Shavli, Lithuania Taken at their Dacha in 1929. It was probably sent to my great grandmother Masha Golda Kartun Robbins who was living in Philadelphia ( some relatives moved to South Africa) . The older man in the photo might be her brother Ber Kartun who ended up in the Shavli ghetto ( he had 2 sons born c 1920).

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you
John Waldman