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Holocaust survivor Scheina Nisselson


Holocaust survivor Scheina Nisselson
‎Asi Nisselson Lurje‎ to Latvian Jews
May 1 at 12:44 AM · 

My grandmother the Holocaust survivor.
Scheina Nisselson was born in Riga in 1915, sixth child to her parents Josiph Elias and Gittel Nisselson.
The family lived in Gogola Iela.
When she was eight years old her father died and her brother Mane became a second father to her.
Aged 18 she married Peisach Armerman, had a daughter Ella and later divorced him but remained close friends.
She later married Simon Leiser and had two daughters with him: Frida and Riva.
When the the war started the Jews were taken to the ghetto. With great help from her Latvian friends  someway she was able to escape with Frida.
Having blond hair she made people think she was not Jewish.
She was at Kirov region during most of the war. After the war ended she returned to Riga. She was not able to find her family..
She later married my grandfather and they had two children together.