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#riga-os-7: Zionist Youth
#riga-os-8: A Jewish Boxing team ( Hachalutz)
#riga-os-31: Riga' " Maskilim"
#riga-os-41: Riga Ghetto


Sasha Gordin with his parents and grandmother Riga c 1958


Ezra School


Ezra School


Red COMMISSARS Brigade Group , Riga 1919





Riga, 1920.
credit: Asaf Lurie





















Riga, Latvia, Group photograph of the children during gymnastics
training in the summer camp of the Jewish Health organization OZE
during a trip in the forest, 1926.
Courtesy Latvia State Archive of Film, Photo and Audio documents
(Latvijas Valsts Kinofotonodokumentu Arhivs) Yad Vashem Photo Archives 9192/28


Riga, Latvia, A group photograph of "Mechina" (preparatory) Class B at
a physical education class, 1933.
Appearing in the photograph (right to left):
Bottom row: Rivka Bulko (Sitting first on the right) (perished in the
Holocaust); Rivka Gleser; unknown; Lea Grinman; Mirjam (Musja) Jazkan;
three unknown girls.
Second row: Shulamit (Mausi) Bielinky; Taiba Mawrer; Betti Rosenstein;
Eugenia Gurewitsc
h; Yevgenia Barkan; Fira Ben-Nun; Rachel Hovscha (later exiled to
Siberia where she died); Gita Kahn (died in Israel); unknown (probably
perished in the Holocaust); Asija Moiseev.
Top row: Westermann; Aba Remigolski (perished in the Holocaust);
unknown; Davia (Dodik) Golfman (served in the Red Army. Died in
1950);Roma Minsker (perished in the Holocaust); unknown; Aisik
(Alexander) Levin (a survivor that later immigrated to Israel);
Westerman (perished in the Holocaust); Liberman; Ruwa Schomer (later
exiled to Siberia. Immigrated to Germany); Siama Levenson (perished in
the Holocaust); Boja Jankelowitsch (later exiled to Siberia); unknown
(probably perished in the Holocaust); Aron Schlomowitsch (a survivor
that later immigrated to Zurich); Ulman (probably perished in the
Holocaust); Ruwen Bark (served in the Red Army, disabled veteran,
stayed in Riga); unknown (probably perished in the Holocaust).
Standing at the back: Mr. Markus Hari, the gymnastics teacher, and
Mrs. Pliner, class teacher. Both perished.
Shulamit Bielinky was born in Riga, Latvia in 1926 to Gedaliahu and
Dina. She was single. She lived and was murdered in Riga, Latvia. This
information is based on a Page of Testimony submitted by her niece.
Yevgenia Barkan was born in Riga, Latvia to Moshe and Roza. She lived
in Riga, Latvia. During the war she was in Riga, Latvia and was
murdered in 1941 at the age of 14. This information is based on a Page
of Testimony submitted by her cousin.
Aba Remigolski was born in Riga, Latvia in 1925 to Peilet and Beti née
Khaiat. He lived in Riga, Latvia. This information is based on a Page
of Testimony.
Yad Vashem Photo Archives 8449/1




1939,Riga: Dora Sandler, Asia Altermann, Gita Altermann, Shlomo
Glickmann, Shlomit Altermann, Miryam Altermann.
Origin: Betty Ragolsky



Jewish students from the Berz school.


a family



Latvia, Riga, Prewar, A class photograph in the ninth local Hebrew school.
From the music class. Included in the picture are: Josef Dov Taitz,
the music teacher, wearing a tie; the bottom row, first from left:
Shaja Taitz, who submitted the photograph; at his right, Yitzhak Taitz
holds a cello.
Origin:Shaja Taitz


Riga, Latvia, "Hakoach" Soccer team, the thirties.



Bella and Sergey Bogdanov’s wedding photo in Riga, Latvia in 1948.
Read  her story on our website at http://www.centropa.org/biography/bella-bogdanova


A family seated around the Passover Seder table, Riga, Latvia, prewar.
From right to left: The Hayat couple (perished in the Holocaust), Dora Popock (born around 1901) and her brother Melech Magarram (survived and immigrated to the United States), Masha Magarram (perished in Riga, Latvia in 1941) and Zara Magarram (born in 1905, perished in Riga, Latvia, in 1941), Wolf Magarram (survived, died in Leipzig, Germany), Harry Magarram (survived and submitted the photograph to Yad Vashem), Raja and her brother Mendel, who also perished in Riga, Latvia, in 1941.
Yad Vashem Archives 7397/1



Itamar, Sonia and their older brother Rafael Meitlin


Sonia Meitin. Sonia perished in Riga in 1941 at age 22.



Riga in the early 1960s, shows Uncle Leova standing with his wife Rivka. son Ganyia in the middle looking down.  Uncle Louis Meitin in the front with the two girls. Ganyia Hanania Meitin (was born in Riga in 1924 to Leova) married Dahlia.  They lived in Kfar Saba when they moved to Israel.  They had two daughters who changed their names to Anat Meitin and Ronit Meitin. 


Riga, Latvia, Fifth grade students at a school ball in the town's Jewish club, 1938.


From right to left:
Bottom row (sitting on the floor):
Fruma Berlin (exiled to Siberia and lived in Moscow); Shulamit (Mausi) Beilinki (perished); Fira Ben-Nun (perished); The submitter Shulamit (Mea) Fuhr; Gita Kahn (died in Israel); Josef Gushinski (died in Germany); Chaim Shapira (immigrated to United States).
Second row (sitting):
Asia Gurwitsch (perished); Mrs Livshina (teacher, died in Riga in 1968); Principal Zwi Grischa Garfinkel (died in a Gulag in Siberia); Mrs Siemelis (taught Latvian, escaped when the Nazis invaded); Eugenija Gurewitsch (perished).
Third row (standing):
Max Gutkin (immigrated to Israel); Meitin (perished); David (Dodik) Golfman (served in the Red Army. Died in 1950); Harri Wolfson (perished); Siama Levenson (perished); Mr Gerber (teacher, perished); Miriam Maja Berlin (a refugee from Germany, perished); Eugenija Barkan (perished, see Yad Vashem Names Database); unknown; Chatzke Lange (perished); Aisik (Alexander) Levin (a survivor that later immigrated to Israel); Elijahu Eli Nurok (perished. Son of Rabbi Mordechai Nurok); Mrs. Levin (mother of Aisik Levin, perished); Shotin-Karklin (son of Mrs. Siemelis). Subjects



The Gordin family was murdered by the Nazis