Rakov Portraits
#r_port-1: Portrait of the committee for care of orphans with the children of a summer camp. 1938.
#r_port-2: Group portrait on the beach: children at a summer camp for orphans and needy children. July 15, 1938.
#r_port-3:Around a table set with milk and rolls: children and members of the Orphans' Committee. June 12, 1939


Roshka- Rosa daughter of Sholom and Zvia Finkel of Rakov and her
husband; writer Chaim  Rozenshtein ( nee Rabinovitz) who was born in
Radishkovichi. After their wedding they lived in Minsk. Their sons
were the writers; Shlomo and Avraham Even Shoshan


Zvia Even Shoshan was born in Kurenets to Raphael Kagan and Ester
Gitel nee Finkel of Rakov. She married Avraham Even Shoshan who was
born in Minsk. In the picture c. 1939 she is with her children, Dafna
and Yuval


Rosa, the daughter of Sholem and Zvia Finkel of Rakov, with her
grandchildren; Yuval and Dafna Even Shoshan. Rosa married writer Chaim
Rosenstein /Rabinovitz
who was born in Radishkovich. Chaim and Rosha lived in Minsk with sons
(writers) Shlomo and Avraham Even Shoshan ( they both came to
Palestine in 1925) . Zvia, The mother of Dafna and Yuval Even Shoshan,
was born in Kurenets in 1910.

submitted by Dafna.


David Rakovchick of Minsk