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Searching for families ZUSMANOWICZ - Oshmyany - previously in Vilna
Province, Russian Empire, now called Ashmyany - Belarus.

It is presumed that upon arrival in America
bran-<wilsonettes@hotmail.com>ches of the family changed
their surname to Zussman / Sussman.

SUSNAMOWITSCH - Aron ( born in Minsk) age 24 arrived from Oshmyany in
1902 -
I have been able to trace his descendants. He changed his surname to

SUSMANOVITZ - Socher (believed to have translated to Zuchia - but what
the Americanization have been?) arrived from Oshmyany in 1906 and went
his family LEWIN from Oshmyany who lived in Allen St. NY. I have not
able to trace this Socher.

ZUSMANOWICZ Mina Sore age 40 with her children Rochel, Chaje and Abram
arrive in 1921 to join her husband Harry SUSSMAN in Newark NJ. The 1930
census shows this family living in 18th St. Newark, NJ with names
Sara, Abraham, Rosa and Frances (age 5 born in NJ). In the Grove St.
Cem in
Newark NJ is buried Harry Sussman died 1953 age 83, but the ages do not
to add up.

This particular family came from Zhuprany - 50 k from Oshmyany - and
behind family ZUSMANOWICZ - I presume they are connected to the other
families mentioned above.

If anyone has knowledge of ZUSMANOWICZ / ZUSSMAN / SUSSMAN families who
lived in Oshmyany / Ashmyany / Zhuprany or towns in the vicinity or
have information on the descendants of Socher or Harry Sussman please
contact me

Thank you.

Patricia Wilson (Israel)