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Additional revision lists for the towns of Golshany, Oshmiany, Soly and
Traby were distributed in March. Oshmiany District, which was in Vilnius
Guberniya during the Russian Empire period, is today in Belarus.

Additional revision lists for nine other towns in the Oshmiany District
remain to be translated. Needed is a coordinator for the Oshmiany District
Research Group. If you are interested in filling the post, or can recommend
someone who may be willing to serve, please contact Howard Margol:
I shall be happy to work with a new coordinator until he/she is comfortable
in the role.

If you wish information about the Oshmiany District Research Group
and the data it has generated, please contact me.

I am trying to locate the following five members of the Oshmiany District Group whose email addresses are no longer valid: Jerry Caplan, Edward M. Kaplan, Allyson Levin, Ronna Newburger, Donald Stone. Any help with contact information will be much appreciated.

Olga Zabludoff
Temporary coordinator, Oshmiany District
Washington, DC

From: Sheldon Clare <clare15905@gmail.com>

I have come across the "Life and Holocaust of Olshan" book on the internet. Several years ago, I helped to translate the book from Yiddish to English. I believe that one of the authors, Yakov Kozlovsky was related to my mother Dora (Dina) Clare. I had met him in Israel in 1975.
My mother was born in Olshan in 1899. Her maiden name was Grodzienski( Grodziencziek?). Her parents were Shmuel and Rivka (Kaminski). The Kaminski family came from a neighboring town of Oshmiyani(Oshmana). My grandfather died about 1917 and is believed to be buried in Rakov. In 1923, my mother and grandmother came to the US. Rivka died in 1925 and is buried in Brooklyn, NY. All of my mother;s siblings arrived in the US before she came and none of the family were in the Holocaust. Mother died in 1990 and is buried in Queens, NY.
This June, I plan to travel to Lithuania on a genealogy tour which will include visiting my father's shtetl of Anysckiai and hopefully, I will also be able to go to Olshan.
I now live in Tucson, Arizona where I moved after retiring fro the University of Pittsburgh where I taught chemistry. In Tucson, there is a Jewish genealogy group which I attend and I also am involved in running a Yiddish class. I grew up in The Bronx, NY where most of my Olshan family resided.

Sheldon Clare, Ph.D
Tucson, AZ 85715


This is a picture of Shmuel Leib and Chana Sara Levin , daughter of Feiga Liba  and Avraham Coplon. Her daughter, Fruma/Fanny  Levin Topolsky and  first cousin, Slavka Ziskind ( my grandmother ) escorted Feiga Liba to America. The passenger lists and census verify this family story. My grandmother and Feiga Liba are both buried at Beth Israel Cemetary, Schenectady, N.Y..  It is unfortunate that we lost track of Fanny Levin Topolsky. Her parents and brothers perished in the Holocaust.  Perhaps someone knows where Fanny's grandchildren are.

Judy Zuravin Bickford  <judybickford50@gmail.com>