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Elaine Biblin Spiegel El529@aol.com wrote....towns; Slonim/Motele/Khomsk/Drochiczyn/Osha ( Molodechno and Kosovo) Families; Kosovsky/Shkolnik/Chemerinsky/Goldman....
Not just becasue I am a tay-sachs carrier, a trait from pale families that intermarry, but I think my Kosovsky family had alot of cousin intermarriages back and forth no matter what towns the cousins lived in--many persons I contact seem to have a Goldman/ Kosovsky /Chemerinsky connection
growing up in chicago, my mom, born in 1906, thought her surname of Kosovsky [our grandfather changed it to Kosovske, his brother spelled it Kosovski] to be an odd name, but I have found out that in Europe it was as common as "Johnson" and can be spelled over 30 phonetic ways--
actually a New York researcher named Bob Kosovsky has about 22 different phonetic spellings on his data base and he has contacted many different Kosovsky families with the varient spellings-- have you ever contacted him?
....then in addition to translators at entry ports, different countires have diffferent spellings for it--even with ska endings for a girl and sko endings for a boy and j next to a y and i next to a y; I once found a Russian professor whose surname had a kiy ending for the name kossovskiy--
I have a Maysha Itzock and a Moishavella* Kosovsky on my tree as well as a Yomi but I do not think these translate to Teddy--tho Meishavela* might it means Moshe wolf and it has lots of phonetic spellings* these guys are from a group of 4-5 brothers whom I have no information about
i don't have a teddy kosovsky on my tree but i might have such a relative--there are 4-5 branches of kosovsky /kosofsky on my tree that were never completed as rabbi Y.D goldman who was my main source of information for my tree never gave me all the information I needed--there were 4-5 brothers who went to New York in the late 1880's--Teddy could be from one of those 4 families
I think I once saw a Teddy Kosofsky on SSI social security death index
my great great great grandfather was Yeudel Dovid [Yehuda Dovid] Kosovsky was born before 1800 and was a rabbi dayann [jewish judge] in the town of Drochitchen/ Drohiczyn/ Drachichyn/ Drogichin/r Drochichyn--the town was originally called Davechyonovichi or Dovecherovichny until 1655
he had at least 9 kids
my great great grandfather Eliezer Sholo'mo was one of rabbi YD Kosovsky's sons, the other were: the oldest daughter Esther, rabbi Ahron, Yisroel Kosofsky, 2nd born child Matshi Itzock, and the 4-5 brothers for whom I have no tree are: the 8th born child Alec/Elijah, the 6th born child Yomi who took the surname of "Kay" in america, Hirsch Leib Kosofsky, Meisha Velvel kosofsky, I do not know why some were Kosovsky and others Kosofsky, and I don't know if there was a sister Pesil
Eliezer Sholo'mo was the father of rabbi Aaron Kosovsky who was my great grandfather.
Aaron and his son [ my great uncle] Sam, came to America around 1903? tho other records give later date , so Sam would not get drafted into the czar's army--they left my great grandmother Rachel Leah Peshkowsky Kosovsky behind with daughter Pesil- because -they were really on the run from the czar's army
Aaron had other children but Meyer age 17 drowned while swiming in the bug river, and two twin sisters had died in infancy; his other son, my grandfather Yehuda Laeb "Leon" Kosovsky lived in odessa where he worked in a factory as there were no jobs in his town--Leon was named after his mom's dad Yehuda leib Peshkowsky--in 1906, Leon, his mother Racquel Leah, his wife Manya and their baby Sema left Odessa for America--Sema/Simone was my mother, Celia Kosovske Biblin
my great grandfather Aaron/Ahron Kosovsky had an uncle also named Aaron/Ahron Kosovsky [they were both rabbis] he was one of the nine mentioned above
the great great uncle Aaron Kosovsky and his wife Kayle/Kalith had a daughter named Chaia or Chavay who was born on the Zasihnov estate in Bereyu which is in Osha a town outside of Minsk and Pinsk
Chavay Kosovsky married rabbi MeishaVella/Mosche Zev/Morris Wolf Shkolnik,1860-1941 [son of rabbi Chaim (yeshiva?) shkolnik from the town of Slonim/ Kossova
after Chavay died in 1931, this rabbi Shkolnik remarried and his 2nd wife was named Dora
one of chavay's sons was Sam Shkolnik [1909-1996] he and his wife Muirel 'Bess' [Goldstein] were the parents of 2 children--one of these children was Selwyn/Sel
and on eilat's website [her e-mail address is listed in the address posting of this e-mail] Chavay's decendant's posted pictures and information about their tree--this genealogy was done mostly by Dee/Delores who is still alive and is the wife of the late dentist dr Selwyn/Sel shkolnik--bob kosovsky might have an e-mail for Dee as she contacted him concerning his kosovsky research
esther kosovsky married rabbi Yossel/Yosef goldman [son of rabbi tzmach and his wife nisha chana from the town of khomsk/chomsk--but they also lived in brest] one of their sons Mushe Zev is Steve's great great grandfather who lived in New York, another son was rabbi Elijah/Eliyahu who married Chia Lipshif [from Brisk] and one of their sons was rabbi Yeduel Dovid Goldman who married [his own 1st cousin] Sarah Esther daughter of rabbi Mordechi Zindel/Zundel Rubenstein from the town of Molodechno near Vilna --the Goldman tree is confusing because they have alot of cousin intermarriages
apparently Sarah Esther's mother was a Goldman and her father a Rubenstein--her mom must have been a sister to rabbi Tzmach Goldman or a sister to his wife Nisha Chana
I was told that my great great grandfather Eliezer Sholomo's wife Razael was also from the Goldman family and that her mom Chi Cyril may have been a Goldman as well
plus i know nothing about the wife and mother of rabbi YD Kosovsky--perhaps they were Goldmans too
rabbi Y.D. Goldman had 3 sons, and 1 daughter named Eileen
Eileen is the mother of Kinereth,Donnie, Miriam, and Naomi

<From: Steve Herberman  <steve.herberman@gmail.com>
Has anyone ordered records from the Vilnius  Historical Archive for the
town Molodechno (Maladzyechna) now in Belarus? I  understand the civil
records before 1921 are stored in this archive and are  in Russian and
Hebrew. I'm considering hiring a researcher either in Vilnius  or
possibly even in Salt Lake City Utah as it appears that the FHL has
microfilms from the Vilnius Historical Archive (though I'm not sure if
they have any for Molodechno.) I'm just starting on this search and
would appreciate any advice in obtaining civil records from  Molodechno.>

The Vilnius Historical Archive  does not have any  Molodechno vital
records. The archive does have some revision lists for  Molodechno for the early

The Mormons have only filmed vital  records at the LVIA and Molodechno
vital records do not  exist  there.

Howard Margol
Litvak SIG Coordinator for Records Acquisition

Kopelowicz, Yehuda
Jewish Survivor
Question Answer
Name of Interviewee Yehuda Kopelowicz
Yehudah Kopilovits (release name)
Yehudah Kopilovits (current name)
Yehudah Kopilovits (name at birth)
Yuliyus Ḳoprovsḳi (false name)
Golombiyosḳi (other name)
Yehuda Kopelowicz (other name)
Gender Male
Date of Birth 1/1/1910
City of Birth Molodeczno (Poland)
Country of Birth Russia/Soviet Russia
Religious Identity (Prewar) traditional Judaism
Religious Identity (Postwar)
Religious Identity (Time Period Unknown)
Ghetto(s) Warsaw (Poland : Ghetto)
Went into Hiding Yes
Member of Underground, Resistance or Partisan Group(s) No
Hiding or living under false identity (Location) Brwinów (Poland)
Warsaw (Poland)
Type of hiding place apartments
Resistance Group(s)
Liberated by armed forces, Soviet
Location of liberation Brwinów (Poland)
Fled from Nazi controlled territory No
Forced (death) Marches No
Aid Giver, Liberator, or War Crimes Trials Participant
Other Experiences concealment of Jewish identity
escapes from the ghettos
State of Interview Tel Aviv
Country of Interview Israel
Language(s) of Interview Hebrew
Length of Interview 2:00
Interview Code 13040

I watch "Who Do You Think You Are" on NBC on 4 consecutive Fridays, and found
it interesting if not helpful, except for the Lisa Kudrow segment,.
My grandfather was born in Molodetchno Russia, now Belarus, and she
was shown visiting an archive in that city. I have thought I could
find information from Vilna (until I was told that Molodetchno is not
in the Vilna "fold"....and thought to try a Belarus archive....but now...
this is perfect if...someone could advise what address (or how to
find the address of the Mlodetchno Archive. Please????? thank you
so very very much.

Maxine Braslow
New York


SALTSBERG/ZALTSBERG Josvainaini Lithuania
KLEIN HEISLER Maramosa Sighet Romania
POCHINKA LERNER Berdechiv Ukraine


Hirsh (Harry) Levin (born in Molodechno in 1894)

A teacher at the Gymnasium in Vilna. Apparently this was quite a prestigious job. Sadly his first wife
Nechama Levin (nee Rodman) (born in Vilna in 1896)

passed away when his son Morris was only a couple of years old and he then remarried. The step mom was apparently not interested in the kids and hence they ( Morris Levin, Rebecca (Becky) Simon and Sam Lewin (Levin)) came to South Africa. (story as I recall told by Beattie and Dan)

Hirsh Levin was born in Molodechno,
A teacher at the Gymnasium in Vilna. Apparently this was quite a
prestigious job. Sadly his first wife (Nechama nee Rodman) passed away
when son Morris was only a couple of years old in 1896. Hirsh then
remarried. The step mom was apparently not kind to the step kids
(Rebecca (Becky) Simon, Sam Lewin and Morris Lewin) the kids came to
South Africa at a young age.

From: Carol Schottenstein <SchottensteinC@hac1.>

I am looking for information about my grandmother's family who lived in
Molodechno. Her father's name was Efraim Chaim GOLUB, mother, Tzira. Had a
few brothers, one named Yisroel. My grandmother's name was Chaya Basha GOLUB
and she married Yekusiel Adelman. He came to America first and she came
with two children in 1911. I would love to find out about either family.
My grandfather's father was Abba Chaim Adelman.

Carol Schottenstein


I am Paula Adelman and my grandfather Morris Meltzer (my mother was
Eunice Meltzer Brill) was born in Moledechna where his father, Yehuda
Leib Metlzer was the Rabbi in the late 1800's to early 1900's.
I have many more pictures and I would be happy to send more if you
would like. The gravestone is taken in the cemetery of Moledechna
which no longer exists (I was recently there looking for it). I have
the whole family history and discovered a lot of my long lost family
due to this website. Thank you so much for compiling this. I have
some recent photos from the museum in Moledechna too.

Take care and look forward to hearing from you.

All the best,
Paula Adelman


Family picture Morris Meltzer


Morris Meltzer dedication


Yehuda Leib Meltzer


Yehuda Leib Meltzer


This is Tombstone of Yehuda Leib Meltzer and his brother Shlomo HaCohen Meltzer


Yehuda Leib Meltzer


Yehuda Leib Meltzer


At the 1999 Jewishgen convention in NYC we formed a BOF (Birds of a
feather) group for the town of Molodetchno Belarus (also spelled as above).
Where is everyone? Haven't heard anything about this
town in years and need to tear down (2) brick walls to complete research.
I am related to JOSEPH ZARETSKY who may or may not have emigrated to
NYC and on to Philadelphia Pa.
Some think he was buried in NYC.  Would have been born in mid 1800s
and married in Russia (at that time).
to Chana?.  He is definitely related to my grandfather DAVID
Z(s)ARETSKY born in 1875 to Mordkha and Rosemary (Axelrod)
and emigrated to Brooklyn 1900 after his wife died in childbirth and
he married my grandmother.  Family moved to the Bronx
NY in early 1900s.
The other relation I cannot find is RACHAEL ZARETSKY., think birth
1858-1860.  She married Solomon Riger.  They lived in the UK after
and I lost track thereafter.  She too is related to my grandfather
David Z(S)aretsky (I do not know how but her granddaughters
trace family to Philadelphia relatives).

I am in contact with cousins from Philadelphia (great grandson of
Joseph) and Binghamton NY (where Rachael and Solomon's
children live).

Any help would be mind boggling.  I am nearing the end of my life and
if I could just find these two answers it would mean
everything to me.
Thank you
Maxine Potchnsky

From: Cindy <cindylerner@att.net>
Date: Mon, Apr 22, 2013 at 9:49 AM
Subject: Thank you
To: egl.comments@gmail.com

My son sent me the link to your site. What a treasure. My maternal grandmother was from Molodechne, and maternal grandfather from a small town nearby. I’m sure we have some photos to contribute, but we are in the process of moving, so it will take a while to get them on to the site. In the meanwhile, I just needed to say how grateful I am that you have done this, and that so many have contributed.


Yussim <yeliot@rambam.health.gov.il>
Date: Tue, Mar 25, 2014 at 10:36 AM

  Eilat Gordin Levitan
Shalom !

Your site is very interesting and full of important facts of our history
I didn't know that Shimon Peres is Persky!
May be you can help me with information about the maternal and perhaps the paternal side of my grandfather.
My name is Elliott Yussim,born in Uruguay in 1953
My grandfather was Mendel Mendelevich Z"L the son of Yacov Mendelevich and Sara Haia Persky Z'L
He was born in Molodeczno and came to Uruguay before the II WW
Sara Haia was the daughter of Abraham Itzhak Persky and Feige Z"L
I know the name of all of my grandfather brother and sisters,some of them made aliah before the war
I"d like to know more about my grandfathers'mother, Sara Haia Persky ,if she had brothers or sisters and if you have any information about Abraham Itzhak Persky
Thank you very much,again ,the site is impressive and very moving

Elliott Yussim