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Lvov, Lviv
Lvov, Lviv


Gustava Keh (Laufer) 


Helena Goldberg ( nee Laufer) 

Lvov, Lviv
Lvov, Lviv


Amaliya Malka Warsztacki (Laufer) 


Shmuel  Warsztacki 

Lviv, Lvov


Lila Keh was born in Krakow, Poland in 1933 to Maximilian and Gustava. She was a pupil and single. Prior to WWII she lived in Krakow, Poland. During the war she was in Lwow, Poland.

Lila was murdered in the Shoah. 

This information is based on a Page of Testimony (submitted by her cousin mariano goldberg, a Shoah survivor.


The Adler family

Lviv, Lvov
Lviv, Lvov


Hannah Dvora Altman

Chana Dvora Altman


Altchuler family

Lviv, Lvov
Lviv, Lvov


Menachem Ovadia Apter
1892 - 1926


Abraham Auerbach
1858 - 1938

Lviv, Lvov
Lviv, Lvov


The twins with mother; Sarah BABKIN

Birth 1887 in Lemberg Poland (L'viv Ukraine)
Death 19 February 1923 in Whitechapel, London, England



The Bier family

Lviv, Lvov
Lviv, Lvov


Miriam Bedford
1918 - 2008


Charlotte Langberg

Birth 22 JUL 1894 in Lemberg, L'viv, Ukraine
Death 16 APR 1951 in New York, New York, New York, USA


Lviv, Lvov
Lviv, Lvov


Engagement of Julius Bensak and Rose Laschover


Tsipa Berdichevskaya perished in the holocaust

Lviv, Lvov
Lviv, Lvov


Laura Chaje-Lea Wolder Walder Fhul

Birth 1849 in Lwow
Death 1935 in Przemysl


Oswald& Rosa Bethauer

Lviv, Lvov
Lviv, Lvov


Hinda H
Hinda Rachel Lviv, Ukraine
Death 1967 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Salomon Buber

Lviv, Lvov
Lviv, Lvov


Mollie Berger Marries Morris Teichman


Morris, Feiga, Rebecca Brooks

Lviv, Lvov
Lviv, Lvov


Ber Kleiner


Samuel Cohen and Betty (Bella) Tannenbaum Family

Lviv, Lvov
Lviv, Lvov


Busia Einhorn


Henrietta Leskow

Lviv, Lvov
Lviv, Lvov


Chana Adler born in Lviv in 1848


Miriam Ballon Kurtz

Lviv, Lvov
Lviv, Lvov


Moritz Wächter 
Birth: January 1, 1867 
Lviv, Lviv Oblast, Ukraine
Death: 1943
?ód?, ?ód? Voivodeship, Poland (Holocaust, murdered)
Immediate Family:
Son of Hermann Hersch Zwi Wächter and Jetti Jente Scheindel Wächter
Husband of Nelly Cornelia Wächter
Father of Dr. Otto Wächter and Alice Lizzy Wächter
Brother of Bertha Neubauer; Salomon Wechter; Josef Wächter;Bernhard Wächter; Rosa Hirsch; Dr. Isidor Israel Chone Wächterand Alfred Wächter 


Anna and Hirsh Karp

Lviv, Lvov
Lviv, Lvov


Hirsh Karp


Charlotte (Lotte) Frank (Silberfeld)
Gender: Female
Birth: January 2, 1911 
L'viv, L'vivs'ka oblast, Ukraine
Death: August 28, 1942 (31) 
Oswiecim, Lesser Poland, Poland (Holocaust)
Immediate Family:
Daughter of Benedict Baruch Silberfeld and Ester Beila Silberfeld 
Wife of David Frank 
Sister of Elsa (Else) Lesegeld; Maria (Mizzi) Silberfeld; Teresa (Resl) Boekelaar and Alfred Silberfeld 

Lviv, Lvov
Lvov, Lviv


Ester Beila Silberfeld (Fränkel)
Gender: Female
Birth: January 22, 1878 
L'viv, L'vivs'ka oblast, Ukraine
Death: May 18, 1938 (60) 
Amsterdam, North Holland, The Netherlands
Immediate Family:
Daughter of Abraham Fränkel and Jochewet Fränkel 
Wife of Benedict Baruch Silberfeld 
Mother of Elsa (Else) Lesegeld; Maria (Mizzi) Silberfeld; Teresa (Resl) Boekelaar; Charlotte (Lotte) Frank and Alfred Silberfeld 


Adolf Aron Adolf Reiss born in the Lviv region in 1886

Lvov, Lviv


Abraham Birenbaum (Biernbaum) 
Gender: Male
Birth: November 10, 1898
Lviv, Lviv Oblast, Ukraine
Death: January 11, 1976 (77)
Hahnemann Hospital, Philadelphia