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Lebedevo Portraits
#leb_port-2: Studio portrait of a member of the Levinson family. photographer: Bejnenson, N. 1930.
#leb_port-3: Studio portrait of Khaym Levinson, a cousin of the Levinson family from Lebedeve, who fought with the Allies in WWII and may later have settled in England.1920-30
#leb_port-4: Studio portrait of Leya Kutsveykh, a member of the Levinson family.1920-30
#leb_port-5: Studio portrait of Sore Levinson, holding a handbag.1920s.
#leb_port-6: Studio portrait of an (unidentified) baby from the Levinson family. 1920s.
#leb_port-7: Studio portrait of (unidentified) children, members of the Levinson family.
#leb_port-8: Outdoor portrait of Jacob Wygodski with teachers and students. 1927.
#leb_port-9: Outdoor portrait of children and teachers with banners in front of the new building of the Tarbut school, where Hebrew was the language of instruction. 1936
#leb_port-10: Children at a summer camp posing at the edge of a lake or river.1934.