Ziskind Family
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#zis-01:Katz Family:The Ziskind family and relatives from the Pesach, Alperovitz, Katz, Zimerman, Stoler family; bottom- right to left- Hilka and Mirka Shachna Stolers' children. Riva, Yankele and Dverka Pesach. second row from right; Alter Zimerman, Alter Zimermans wife. The wife of Shzcna Stoler; Ester- Malka. Chaika Daughter of Leibe Ziskind. Sonia (ShoSHke) Katz Daughter of Ytzhak Ziskind. Marishka Alperovitz Daughter of Yitzhak Ziskind, holding her son Yakov.Nechama Dudel. Malka Pesach daughter of Yitzhak Ziskind. standing;Gina and Mirka the daughters of Alter Zimerman ( the man in the back?). Sachna Stoler. Yakov son of Akiva Katz. Chaim son of Haves Alperovitz. unknown woman. a guest from the U.S.A.


Rabbi Avrohom Ziskind (1904-1967) | CrownHeights.info – Chabad


Rabbi Yitzchak Ziskind

Yitzchok Ziskind was formerly a professional architect and town planner. He was a pioneer of outreach in South Africa for 40 years before being invited to join the staff in Ohr Somayach in Jerusalem. After teaching for three years Reb Yitzchok joined the JLE team in London in 2001 and now divides his time between teaching at the JLE in London, and at Ohr Somayach in Jerusalem.


Rabbi Shalom Ziskind, 55
Principal of Jewish day school, radio-show host

The son of two Holocaust survivors, Rabbi Shalom Ziskind felt a special calling to teach following generations of Jewish children the importance of embracing and maintaining their religious heritage.
Rabbi Ziskind, 55, of West Rogers Park, principal of Yeshiva Shearis Yisroel, a day school in Chicago, died of colon cancer Wednesday, Aug. 27, in Evanston Hospital.

"He was very dedicated to his students and his school," said his son-in-law, Chaim Schwartz. "He saw it as his singular obligation to re-educate this new generation of American children in their Jewish heritage."
Rabbi Ziskind was born in a displaced persons camp in Hamburg, Germany, where his parents, originally of Poland, had met and married. His family moved to the U.S. and settled in Detroit when he was 8.
Rabbi Ziskind graduated from Mesifta Beth Shraga, a high school in Monsey, N.Y., in 1965. He received degrees from Beth Medrash Govoha in Lakewood, N.J., and was ordained a rabbi in 1977.
He was inspired by his teachers in Detroit to become a rabbi, his son-in-law said.
Rabbi Ziskind was a founder of the Shalom Torah Centers in New Jersey and was dean and founder of the Shalom Torah Academy in East Windsor, N.J.
In 1979 he became the principal of Lakewood Cheder School in New Jersey. He taught at several other schools in Lakewood and Cleveland and became educational director of the Hebrew Academy of Cleveland in 1989.
Rabbi Ziskind married Rivkah Abramowitz on Valentine's Day 1971. He moved to Chicago in 1996 to become the principal of Yeshiva Shearis Yisroel.
He often counseled parents and former students, said Rabbi Moshe Unger, dean of the school.
"He was an outstanding educator and very dedicated," he said.
He had a gift for relating to children, especially troubled ones, his son-in-law said.
"He didn't give up on any kid. It was one of his hallmarks," he said. "He used to say he was once a teacher and once a student."
Rabbi Ziskind hosted "The Torah World in the 21st Century" on the Torah Radio Network. He also taught classes through the Chicago Community Kollel in which he discussed world events and their relationship to Jewish teachings.
Other survivors include his wife; a daughter, Shifra Schwartz; four sons, Eliyahu, Tzvi, Shraga and Avrohom; his parents, Ben and Paula; a sister, Rachael Prosky; a brother, Tzvi; a niece, Annette Friedman; a nephew, Avrohom Prosky; and many grandchildren.
Services have been held.



Dec 5, 2012
Rabbi Yechiel Ziskind, 80, OBM

Rabbi Yechiel Ziskind, son of a known Chabad chossid and a Kashrus figure in Vaad Harabonim of Queens, passed away.
By COLlive reporter

Rabbi Yechiel Ziskind, a long-time resident of Boro Park and key figure in the kashrus of Vaad Harabonim of Queens, has passed away Wednesday, 21 Kislev 5773.

He was 80.

He was the son of the late Chabad chossid, Rabbi Avrohom Ziskind OBM, Rosh Kollel of Crown Heights, which operated under the Rebbe's secretariat.

He studied in his youth in the Central Yeshiva Tomchei Tmimim Lubavitch. The Rosh Yeshiva was his uncle Rabbi Mordechai Mentlick. Another uncle was R' Moshe Pinchos Katz, the gabbai of the 770.

Rabbi Ziskind worked at the kashrus department of the Vaad Harabonim of Queens. He was also the rav hamachshir at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in Manhattan's Upper East Side.

He and his late wife Leah (Lillian) Ziskind were close family friends of R' Mendel and Sarah Shemtov and R' Shimshon and Martha Stock, all of blessed memory.

He is survived by his children Mrs. Shterna Sarah Werner of Boro Park, Mrs. Rivka Rausman of Monsey, NY and R' Yosef Yitzchok Ziskind of Boro Park; grandchildren and great grandchildren.

he is also survived by his siblings Rabbi Sholom Ber Ziskind of Boro Park, Mrs. Esther Fishman of Boro Park and Mrs. Leah Goldberg, wife of Rabbi Yaakov Goldberg, Rosh Yeshiva of Hadar Hatorah in Crown Heights.

The funeral will take place Thursday, 22 Kislev, leaving from Shomrei Hadas Chapels at 10:00 am passing by 770 Eastern Parkway at approximately 10:45 am. He will be buried in the Chabad section of the Old Montefoire Cemetery in Cambria Heights, Queens.

Shiva information
The family is sitting shiva at 1675 50th st in Brooklyn, NY until Wed.
Mrs. Leah Goldberg will be sitting in Crown Heights on Friday from 10-1 at 1396 Carroll St.

Boruch Dayan Haemes


May 1858 Golshany, Oshmiany, Vilnius
ZYSKIND Aron Chaim 25
ZYSKIND Fayva Chaim son of Gershon Head of Household
ZYSKIND Kusel Pinkhas Head of Household 33
ZYSKIND Wulfer Hatskel David Head of Household 41 ZYSKIND Chana Wife
ZYSKIND Fayva Gershon Head of Household 25 ZYSKIND Rivka Berko Wife 22
ZYSKIND Iuda Chaim Gershen Shmuylo Head of Household 24 ZYSKIND Fruma
ZYSKAND Leyzer Hatskel Head of Household 60 Petit Bourgeois ZYSKAND
Wife 49
ZYSKAND Hatskel Leyzer Son 29
ZYSKAND Genia Leyzer Daughter 21
ZYSKAND Dvora Leyzer Daughter 18
ZYSKAND Shmuylo Fayba Nephew
VAKS / ZYSKOND Rafal Samson Head of Household 24 Bourgeois; surname
Vaks-Zyskond in 1866VAKS / ZYSKOND Leah Basia Wife 24 VAKS ZYSKOND
Chaya Rafal Daughter 5
VAKS / ZYSKOND Berko Shoskhor Samson Brother 18
ZYSKAND Ayzik Lipman Head of Household ZYSKAND Sora Wife 41
ZYSKAND Fruma Ayzik Daughter 12
-ZYSKAND Gilda Ayzik Daughter 6
ZYSKAND Meyer Lipman Brother 22
ZYSKAND Rochel Brother 18
ZYSKAND Maska Lipman Sister 32
ZYSKAND Genia Lipman Sister 26
ZYSKAND Rochel Lipman Sister 20
ZYSKAND Wulf Iosel Head of Household 42 ZYSKAND Basia Wife 26
--ZYSKAND Fayba Wulf Head of Household 34 ZYSKAND Pania Wife 23
ZYSKAND Notel Leyzer Cousin 16
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Surname Given Name Father Mother Maiden
Name Business / Profession
Other Info Address Telephone Age
Year Born Town Uyezd Guberniya Record / Publication Year Serial # Page
# ID #
ZISKIND Mordechai Ruben Yitzhak Panevezys Panevezys Kaunas
ve-Heter ha-Arokh (Prenumeranten List) 1891
ZISKIND Eli Zalman Yosef Keidainiai Raseiniai Kaunas Emek
(Prenumeranten List) 1845
ZISKIND Saul Found in Italy Kelme Raseiniai Kaunas
Holocaust Survivers Lists 1946
ZISKIND Alexander Siaulenai Siauliai Kaunas Neum David
(Prenumeranten List) 1875
ZISKIND Chaim Siaulenai Siauliai Kaunas Neum David
(Prenumeranten List) 1875
ZISKIND Ella Found in Russia Siauliai Siauliai Kaunas
Holocaust Survivers Lists 1943
DEMBOVSKIENE Nachama SISKIND Dental Surgeon Degree from Warsaw -
1894 Kudirkos Naumiestis Sakiai Sakiai Lithuanian Doctors, Pharmacists,
Veterinarians (published Kaunas) 1923 109 62 156
DEMBOVSKIENE Nachama SISKIND Dental Surgeon / Permanent Certificate
Degree from Warsaw - 1915 1894 Alytus Kalvarija Suwalki Lithuanian
Doctors, Pharmacists, & Veterinarians (published Kaunas) 1925 108 64 27
SESKIND Itzka (unsure of last name) Shinpiskaya Street
Kalvarija Suwalki Street Directory - Home Owners 1908
ZYUSKIND Khaim Iser Third lane (off of Ryunkovaya Street)
Kalvarija Kalvarija Suwalki Street Directory - Home Owners 1908
ZYUSKIND Shokhom (unknown) heir Twelfth lane (off of Ryunkovaya
Kalvarija Kalvarija Suwalki Street Directory - Home Owners 1908
SZYSKIND Berel Found in Germany Vilnius Vilnius Vilnius
Lithuanian Holocaust Survivers Lists 1946
My Village and My Street
Zelda Ziskind (Ra'Anana)
As a matter of fact, this was not a street. I lived in a
called Water Street because of its proximity to the river. I can't
the beauty of the landscape and nature at this place. It was at the end
the Jewish dwellings, and for this reason we tasted antisemitism. If we
had a
booth on Sucoth the Gentiles destroyed it, drunkards sang us
"Serenades" and
we were afraid.
In the vicinity of the house there was a garden which extended
on an
area of dozens of dunams with lawns, a large number of paths and
flowers, and
beautiful trees which delicate blossoming scent in the early hours of
morning I remember to this day, and benches where "Romance" took place.
In this garden, which was called the 3rd of May, national
folk dances and sportive events were held. The garden was located on a
and we dwelt at its slopes. The neighbours were mostly Gentiles who
lived in
small houses. Near every house there was a garden with flowers of
The landscape was adorned by the Strogatz yeast and brandy
with two chimneys stretching high unto the sky.
The factory was working day and night, and a special
machine ticking could be heard. A stranger to this vicinity would have
astonished and would have wondered how men could live surrounded by
noise. On Sunday, which was the Christians' rest day, when the factory
work, we missed the noise.
The portrait was completed by the river, which banks were
with wild herbs and trees, in which we were all swimming in summer. The
flowed quietly. In winter it was frozen and we would skate on it.
Passover, when the snow thawed, the river flooded its banks, more than
I could not get home from school. There were also instances when I
overnight with my friend who lived beyond the river, because the bridge
flooded.......o read the rest go to
Rabbi Shalom Ziskind
Lee Meyerhoff Hendler, author and philanthropist, will be the
scholar-in-residence for this year's Rabbi Bernard H. and Minna Ziskind
Shabbaton Weekend scheduled today and tomorrow at Tifereth Israel
in New Bedford.
The annual event is sponsored by Shulamith and Sheldon Friedland of
Dartmouth in memory of Mrs. Friedland's parents, Rabbi and Mrs. Ziskind
Rabbi Ziskind came to New Bedford with his newlywed wife in 1929 to
begin a
38-year association with Tifereth Israel, then a four-year-old
Jewish congregation. Minna Ziskind was a beloved teacher in the Hebrew
Rabbi Ziskind, who retired in 1966 after seeing the completion of the
present Tifereth Israel Synagogue in the West End, died in November
Minna Ziskind died in July 1967
Reb Ivan Ziskind ZISKIND Rechil bas Pinchos Wengrow 1900 Vilnius, Lith. Hamelitz #27
died Erev
Yom Kippur TRN"T in Vilna
36 343 ZISKYND Mere Reuven 24 22 December 1942 14 Teves 5703
15 33
Kaunas Kaunas Kaunas Kovno Jewish Cemetery List Gimbut
Ellis Island data;

Exact Matches (42)
Name of Passenger Residence Arrived Age on Arrival
1. Beckie Ziskind Warsaw, Russia 1907 4
2. Beile Ziskind Luczki, Cz.Slov. 1920 20
3. Berke Ziskind Lodz, Russia 1906 16
4. Chaim Ziskind Minsk, Russia 1909 8
5. Dwojre Ziskind Minsk, Russia 1909 47
6. Dzisza Ziskind 1892 38
7. Etel Ziskind Luczki, Cz.Slov. 1920 10
8. Freide Ziskind Gromnik, Austria 1912 17
9. Ginne Ziskind Oszumany, Russia 1911 18
10. Gite Ziskind Sjady, Russia 1914 22
11. Hannah Ziskind 1916 36
12. Harry Ziskind Brooklyn, N.Y. 1923 44
13. Harry T. Ziskind Greenburg, PA 1922 46
14. Ida Ziskind 1916 7
15. Israel Ziskind London 1906 20
16. Jattue Ziskind Huajna, Czecho-sl 1921 37
17. Jiol Ziskind Luczki, Cz.Slov. 1920 9
18. Josef Ziskind NY 1909 36
19. Joseph Ziskind London 1902 28
20. Leib Ziskind Luczki, Cz.Slov. 1920 14
21. Lozer Ziskind Rusan, Russia 1907 27
22. Manuel Ziskind 1916 12
23. Mary Ziskind Minsk, Russia 1909 17
24. Mendel Ziskind Smolowitze, Russia 1909 47
25. Menosche Ziskind Oshmmini, Russia 1912 17
26. Minnie Ziskind Warsaw, Russia 1907 3
27. Morris Ziskind Warsaw, Russia 1907 0
28. Nathan Ziskind 1916 10
29. Rezi Ziskind Lucki, Cz.Slov. 1920 48
30. Riwe Ziskind Nowoielyik, Russia 1914 18
31. Rosa Ziskind Brooklyn, N.Y. 1923 44
32. Sara Ziskind NY 1909 36
33. Sarah Ziskind Vyzonai, Lith. 1921 27
34. Sarah Ziskind Belmont, New York 1923 47
35. Sarah Ziskind London 1902 29
36. Schimen Ziskind Kowno 1904 25
37. Sheine Rochel Ziskind Wishky, Russia 1910 20
38. Sidney Ziskind N.Y.C. 1923 24
39. Sure Ziskind Ruzan, Russia 1911 18
40. Welwel Ziskind Minsk, Russia 1909 6
41. Zelig Ziskind London 1905 21
42. Zlate Ziskind Warsaw, Russia 1907 24
. Chashel ...iskind Plotzk, Russia 1913 15 97%
2. Chiel M. ...iskind Plotzk, Russia 1913 17 97%
3. Jozne ...iskind Plotzk, Russia 1913 14 97%
4. Ruben M. ...iskind Ptotzk, Russia 1913 20 97%
5. Heinrich Zisskind Lucska 1906 18 97%
6. Vechame Zisskind Krema, Russia 1913 17


From: Roselyne Sultan-Gromb <gmsgro@gmail.com>
Date: 2013/12/25


  Monsieur Ziskind Serge
  3 Impasse Bonnardel
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                   Je suis à la recherche de ma ligné familiale ,par le biais du Web ,j'ai glané des informations sur des cites famille jwish .Par votre développement  de recherche
j'ai trouvé une photo avec une maison ayant appartenu au Ziskind de KREVO .Pouvez -vous m'en dire plus .Voici aussi quelques informations sur moi-même .Mon arriére -Gd Pére Davis Ziskind né 1879 . DCD , ou ? et de Débbé FIERSTEIN née ? DCD  ,ou ? .Ayant un fils Hyman (Henri ) né à Londres le 08 Aout 1903 à Mile End Vielle Ville DCD actuellement le 18 Mai 1973 à Toulouse.ainsi qu' un frère (Morris Ziskiend )et d'une soeur :Esther Anie Ziskiend  née 1907 Morris avait 3 filles Claudine et Jenny Ziskiend et Myriam Ziskiend que j'ai retrouvé en ISRAEL .Voici donc mes recherches,
                   Dans l'attente de vous lire .Veuillez,agréé ma reconnaissance la plus dévouée
                       Monsieur   ZISKIND   Serge