Yakimovsky Family
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Attached is a photo  in Slonim, Poland circa 1928:   Chaia Yakimovsky Komisarczyk with the two youngest of her 6 children:  Gittel Komisarcyzk [left, my aunt],  and Minnia  Komisarczyk [on the right, my mother].   Chaia married Samuel Komisarczyk.  There other children, Rochla/Ruth, Tema, Sora/Sonia, Maurice.  Only Sonia survives. She will be 100 years old this year.  
Chaia, my grandmother, was the oldest of of 3 daughters of Minya Yakimovsky and Moshe [Mowsza] Yakimovsky who owned the Red Roof Inn, which we have now confirmed is #25 on the drawn map of  Slonim landmarks.   Minya and Mowzsa Yakimovsky  had two other daughters: The middle daugher Reizl, and youngest, Frume.
Chaia married Schaia/Szjaja Komisarczyk.  A  wedding portrat portrait of them made by an artist is attached. They lived in Slonim,  had six children-five girls and a boy.  He emigrated to the U.S. in 1922, and was able to bring her and the children in 1929.   
The Yakimovsky's youngest: Frume Yakimovsky Namiot, married Simcha Namiot.  They and 3 of their 4 children, lived in  Krasnystav, Lublin, and   were murdered in World War II.  The fourth child, Meishe, emigrated to Argentina in 1929.   
The Yakimovsky's middle daughter,  Reizl Yakimovsky Astrynski [Ostrynski] married  Shmuel Zelik [known as Zelik] Astrynski.    Shmuel owned Astrynski and Grodzienski -a forestry operation, and he owned a bus company,  amongst other business concerns, and was philanthropic.  I  have recently located a photo in which he appears, and is attached.  He is bottom row, fourth from the  left, front center.  A better photo is available on the site ww.jewishgen.org/Yizkor/Grodno/GroPh306.html.  
I do not know if the following tracing of Zelik Astrynski/Ostrynski might help anyone, but in case, I am providing it below:
1846 Itzko Ostrynski, born 1843 dies Jan. 25, 1846 in Yanova Poland, aged 3, son of Berko
Berko son’s Smuel marries Sept. 9, 1858
Smuel has son Mordchel -Ajzyk known as Ajzyk who begets:
Szmuel- Zelik or Shmuel dob 1882 Bialystok, Grodno Poland
Szmuel’s father: Ajzyk who is sometimes referred to as Mordchel-Aizik Szmujelewicz
Szmuel’s mother: Szejna Malka>father Szmuele (Polish for Samuel?[Szymuelevna=daughter of Szymuel Samuel?]
Szmuel Zelik’s siblings from Ajzyk an Szejna Malka with some birth order:
1. 1874 Jowel also Yovel [Jowel Ajyzkowicz [son of Ajzk has son Lejb 1900 mother of Lejb is Doba Ickowna]
2. In 1875, Szmuel Zelik’s sister dies [age unknown]

3 Szmuel Zelik is born in 1882
Then Ajzyk Shmuel or Szmuel has more kids with Zlata Zlata Ruwinowna [sometimes Elata Ruwinowna]>daughter of Odzer another woman who become half siblings of Szmuel Zelik :
4. Abram 1900
5. Aron 1901
6. Lejzer [Leizer] 1902
7. Josif 1903
If anyone has photos or property records regarding Minnie [Minya] and Moshe Meishe [Mowzsa/Mowzso] Yakimovsky or the Red Roof Inn/Red Bar/Red Tavern, we would be very grateful if they would send it to aleavitt@pacbell.net.
Andrea Leavitt 




1927,Slonim.  Chaia/Chasia/Chasya  Yakimovsky Komisarczyk, oldest of 3 daughters of Moises/Mowszko/Mowsza and Minnia Yakimovsky,  the owners of the Red Roof Inn or Red Tavern.  On the left is Gittel Komisarczyk Klein and on the right is the youngest, Minnia Komisarczyk Leavitt, my mother.