Wolfowich Family
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The Wolfowich Family, Slonim
Dvorah-Leah and Yuda
On far left & far right twin sisters Yaffa & Rachel
In the middle, Lyota (Elliot), & on either side of him, Hadassah & Mina
On the table, a photo of Jack (Yankel) & Bettina Dintzer, which had been sent from America

Yuda Wolfowich, a farmer, was born circa 1865
in Deretchin. He was married to my great-aunt Dvora Leah Mereminsky born
circa 1870 in Slonim. They lived & died in Deretchin not too long before
the Nazis came. Family stories tell us that Yuda's father (or grandfather?)
both names unknown had been the only physician in Deretchin. For some
unknown reason he was forced to give up his practice, & became a farmer.
Their eldest child Hadassah (Odel) was hiding in a cellar with her two
children when the Nazis came, & they were murdered. Her husband name
unknown went to the woods at his wife's urging, survived, & moved to Afula,
Israel. A mass murder took place in Deretchin 24 July 1942.
Daughter Rachel born in 1917 was murdered by the Nazis.
Daughter Mina, married to name unknown, with two children, was murdered by
the Nazis. Mina is the woman called "name unknown" in the photograph.
Son Lyota 1914-1984 immigrated and became Elliott Wolf in Los Angeles.
Son Yankel 1902-1990 immigrated to Buenos Aires, where he met Bettina
Dintzer, & took on her surname in order to facilitate immigration to
America, & eventually to Los Angeles.
Daughter Yaffa 1917-1989 imm. to Palestine in 1935 & married Ze'ev Hendler.

Steve Orlen
Tucson, AZ