Volansky Family
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Aron (Zelig) Volansky, born 1904 Kossovo, Belarus
died 1922 Port-Said, Egypt. Aron drowned on his way from Kossovo
to Palestine.


Gershon (Gedalya) Volansky
born 1872 Kossovo, Belarus
died 1948 Jerusalem, Israel



On the way from Kossovo to Palestine (1922), the group stayed in
Vienna and visited Dr. Theodor Herzel's grave. Herzel Volansky sits
first to the right. Miryam Volansky (later Molchadsky) sits third, on the second row.


Miryam Volansky (Molchadsky)
born 1907 Kossovo, Belarus
died 2001 Kfar Saba, Israel



Shmuel Ben-Gershon (Volansky)
born 1900 Kossovo, Belarus
died 1969 Jerusalem.


Zelman ben (son of) Yankel Volansky, 1835-1915, and Yetta Rachel, ?- c
1900. They owned a general store in Kossovo c.1875-1915



Zalman Volansky born in 1902, killed in 1929.


Shifra and Zalman Wolansky.
Robert W. Kraft wrote;
Zelman, son of Yankel Volansky, was born in Kossovo in 1835. He
married Yetta Rachel and they owned a general store in Kossovo from
about 1875 to 1915, when Zalman passed away.Yetta Rachel passed away
15 years earlier in 1900.
Their daughter, Miriam Volansky Kraft, 1869-1946, was my paternal
grandmother. In 1906, she and her four children, at that time which
included my father, Ansel, and her niece, Minnie Dovidovsky,
immigrated to Boston where my grandfather, Abraham Kraft, had settled
in 1905 having deserted the Russian Army.

Their other children, Sylvia Volansky Dovidovsky, 1866-1902, Gershel,
b.1872, a Hebrew teacher in Kossovo, and Srol, b.1874, all remained in
Kossovo and as far as we know passed away there before the WW2.

Sylvia Volansky Dovidovsky's eldest daughter, Minnie, b.1886, settled
in New York and was joined later by her brother Isaac,1887-1980 and
sisters Sore, 1895-1977 and Frume, 1896-1977

Naftali Herz Volansky/Valanski was born in 1834 in Kossovo. He was
the son of Shalom Valanski and Gisha nee Chassid
He married Esther nee Blisnojer. Their children: Ya'akov Valanski;
Mordechai Valanski; Gershon-Gedalia Valanski and Hayim Goldman
He passed away on November 6, 1903 ( age 69) in Kossove. His wife;
Esther Blisnojer, was born in 1834 in Kirenchik, Belorussia. She
passed away in 1914 (age 80) in Kossovo, Belorussia.
Naftali Herz Volansky/Valanski was the brother of Iossel Valanski;
Zimel Valanski; Hayim Valanski; Elia Valanski and Shlomo Valanski.
Naftali Herz Volansky/Valanski children;
Gershon-Gedalia Valanski was born in 1878.
Husband of Kunie Mindel Malke nee Shershevski/y, daughter of the rabbi
of Kossovo Menachem Mendel.
they were the parents of ;
1. Shmuel Ben-Gershon (nee Volansky)
born 1900 Kossovo, Belarus
died 1969 Jerusalem; He was very involved with helping those who came
to Israel from the area of Kossovo before and after the Shoah.
2. Israel Shlomo Zalman Volansky
born 1902 Kossovo, Belarus
died 1929 Hebron
Zalman was the secretary (mazkir)
of the Yeshiva in Hebron. He was murdered
by the Arabs in the riots in 1929.
Zalman Volansky married Shifra (Epstien).
Israel Shlomo Zalman Volansky
A short biography published in the book in memory of those murdered by
the Arabs in the riots of 1929. The book was published in Hebrew.
3. Aron (Zelig) Volansky
born 1904 Kossovo, Belarus, died 1922 Port-Said, Egypt
Aron drowned on his way from Kossovo to Palestine.
4. Herzl was born in Kossove c 1907
Death: September 2006 Jerusalem
5.. Miryam Volansky (married Mordechai Molchadsky)
born 1907 Kossovo, Belarus
died 2001 Kfar Saba, Israel
6. Michael Valanski;Widower of Esther Jakubobwitz
Father of Gershon Valanski and Malkiahu Valanski
7. Moshe Valanski
8. Ester, Wife of Shlomo Avrahami
Mother of Amnon Avrahami; Tamar Avrahami and Gadi Avrahami