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Above is this story in Hebrew

Rami Viniar took part in The Battle of the Chinese Farm. Together with
his commending officer Ilan Cohen and Yichye, the driver, they ran
under heavy Egyptian fire to save lives of the paratroopers of 890
who suffered heavy losses. They were able to remove many from danger
by going back and fourth with their vehicles carrying the

The Battle of the Chinese Farm took place during October 15 to October
17, 1973 between the Egyptian Army and the Israel Defense Forces
(IDF), as part of the Yom Kippur War. It was fought in the Sinai
Peninsula, north of the Great Bitter Lake (GBL) and just east of the
Suez Canal, near an Egyptian agricultural research station. The farm
featured specialised, Japanese-made machinery; Israeli soldiers
mistook Japanese characters on this equipment for Chinese, leading to
the area being labeled 'Chinese Farm' on Israeli military maps.[1][2]
The battle began when the IDF launched Operation Abiray-Lev
("Stouthearted Men"), attempting to establish a corridor to the canal
and allow bridges to be laid for a crossing. Accordingly, the Israelis
attacked Egyptian forces in and around the Chinese Farm.

Determined Egyptian resistance made progress extremely slow for the
Israelis, who suffered heavy losses. The Israelis were repeatedly
reinforced with armor but were unable to make much headway, only
managing to seize an important crossroad on the second day. Suffering
from a lack of infantry the Israelis brought up paratroopers during
the night of October 16/17, tasked with clearing anti-tank defenses
for the armor, but these became pinned down by heavy Egyptian fire.
The paratroopers drew Egyptian attention long enough for the Israelis
to move bridging equipment to the canal undetected. Armored forces
later extricated the paratroopers from battle.

The Egyptians attempted to restore their defenses to their initial
dispositions with an armored attack on October 17. It initially
succeeded but was pushed back by Israeli counterattacks, the armored
battle lasting for the entire day. Seriously depleted by the
continuous fighting the Egyptians relinquished control of the routes
to the canal, opening them up to the Israelis. The battle is
remembered as one of the most costly and brutal battles of the war.
For details go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_the_Chinese_Farm

Viniar Vinyar


Feiga Miryam Koblentz (daughter of Yaakov and Bila Viner)
Giedraiciai, Lithuania
1941 (51)
Lithuania (Murdered by the Nazis)
Immediate Family:
Wife of Yizhak Koblentz
Mother of Zalman Koblentz; Arie Leiba Koblentz; Motel mordechai Koblentz and Ben Zion Koblentz


My uncle El Viniar/ Vinyar i,  my mother Jenia nee Chait , my aunt Nechama and my father.Buzik Baruch Viniar
submitted by Nava

Viniar Vinyar


My paternal grandmother Golda Viniar/ Vinyar   my father Buzik (the little boy) and his 3 older sisters. I am not sure which sisters. He had 4 sisters. Submitted by Nava