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#ttz-10: I went to the Cemetery in Melrose, Massachusetts as I told you. Unfortunately, as expected, the surnames are not written in Hebrew. I have attached a photo of my relative's tombstone. The entire cemeteryis people of Vilkimir, Lithuania.
-Ron Cutler


David and Minnie (Daughter of Isadore Norman of Kurenitz) Deutsch (Daitch? Taitch), who emigrated to Chicago from Dunilovichi. David's place of birth was listed as Buda on the ship's manifest. On his death certificate
(filled in by his son), his father's name is listed as Jacob Deutsch.
The same son filled out Minnie's death certificate. Her birthplace is listed as Kurinitz and her father's name as Isadore Norman.
marla also writes;
My great grandfather David was born around 1848 and died at the age of 83 in Chicago in 1931.
According to my father's first cousin, he may have had another wife (but I don't know if this was before or after Minke). Minke came to the US in 1907 with her youngest children, my grandfather Moische (Melvin) and his sister Ueche (Edna eldest son, Abe, came over first and settled in the Spokane area. His name in America became TAITCH. The next son, Morris, settled in the Akron, OH areaand his name became DAITCH in the U.S. Samuel, Herman, Rose and Ed became DEUTSCHes and settled in Chicago. Herman, Samuel and my grandfather, Melvin, became dentists and all had practices in the Chicagoarea. I also know that David raised his children in a very strict, Orthodox environment.
Here is a picture of David and Minnie Deutsch (Daitch? Taitch), who emigrated to Chicago from Dunilovichi. David's place of birth was listed as Buda on the ship's manifest. On his death certificate
(filled in by his son), his father's name is listed as Jacob Deutsch.
The same son filled out Minnie's death certificate. Her birthplace is
listed as Kurinitz and her father's name as Isadore Norman.My best for a happy, healthy and prosperous new year. May 2004 bring
peace and harmony to all!Regards,Marla Deutsch





#ttz-12a and #ttz-12b:

I saw your website about the Teitz Family. Do you know my dad Jimmy Galinsky? My great Grandfather was Jacob Duitch. His name was changed on Ellis Island from Teitz to Duitch.
Jacob Duitch married a woman from Chicago named Jessica Monpiel (Mansfield) and they had four children . He is not in the picture from Poland attached because he was in America when this was taken  ….
Victoria Galinsky


Marla's family is from Dunilovichi , about 30 miles from Dolhinov. there were some family relation between people in the Dolhinov area with Dunilovichi

Dunilovichi, Vileika uezd, Vilna gubernia, Latitude: 55º04' Longitude: 27º14'

Dolginovo, Vileika uezd, Vilna gubernia, Latitude: 54º39' Longitude: 27º29'


marla writes;


My great grandfather David was born around 1848  and died at the age of 83 in Chicago in 1931

According to my father's first  cousin, he may have had another wife (but I don't  know if this was  before or after Minke).   Minke came to the US in

1907 with her  youngest children, my grandfather Moische (Melvin)

and his sister Ueche (Edna).   The ship's manifest says they came from

Danilowicze (or at  least that's what it looks like to me).  My  grandfather's petition for citizenship, filed in 1943, says he came from  Vilna, but I'm guessing

that was the region and not necessarily the city.

   My father's cousin  remembers her father saying they cam from a shtetl

that sounded like Danilovitz, and she thought it was in Poland!

Oral family history says the eldest son, Abe, came over first and

settled in the Spokane area.  His name in America  became TAITCH.  The

next son, Morris, settled in the Akron, OH areaand his name became

DAITCH in the U.S.  Samuel, Herman, Rose and Ed  became DEUTSCHes and settled in Chicago.  Herman, Samuel and my > grandfather, Melvin, became  dentists and all had practices in the Chicago

area.  I also know that David raised his children in a very strict,  Orthodox environment.




Family oral history says that Abraham, who settled in Spokane, came out first and then Morris, who settled in Akron. It's interesting that the patriarch, David, ended up in Chicago. According to the city directories, it appears at least one of his sons (I think it may have been Samuel or Herman- I don't recall which) was there before he was.


David  TAITSCH,  became  DEUTSCH in America he came from Danilovitz. David was born around 1848 and died at the age of  83 in Chicago in 1931.

the eldest son, Abe, came  over first and

> > settled in the Spokane area.  His name in America> became TAITCH. ;

Deutsch, David   View Image Online


  Age: 72 Year: 1920   Birthplace: Russia Roll: T625_322   Race: White Page: 2B   State: Illinois ED: 785   County: Cook Image:

0856   Township: Chicago came to the u.s in 1897

wife; minnie 66 in 1920 Birthplace: Russia came to the u. s in 1897

son in law; zimmer Harry 21 came to the u.s in 1906 from Austria

artist, lithography

daughter Edna zimmer; 20 Birthplace: Russia came to the u.s in 1906

niece; Shirley was born in Illinois.

first son; Taitch, Abraham   Age: 53 Year:1930   Birthplace: Russia Roll: T626_2516   Race:White Page: 5B   State: Washington ED:

44   County: Spokane Image: 0596   Township: Spokane 

  Relationship: Head Date of Death: 30 Jan 1953


Sarah was second wife ;


Taitch, Sarah   Age: 40 Year: 1930   Birthplace:  New York her parents were from France Roll: T626_2516   Race:   Page: 5B   State: Washington ED:

44   County: Spokane Image: 0596   Township: Spokane   Relationship: Wife


Taitch, Ruth   Age: 18 Year: 1930   Birthplace:   Roll:

T626_2516   Race:   Page: 5B   State: Washington ED:

44   County: Spokane Image: 0596


  Township: Spokane   Relationship: Daughter


Taitch, Rosella   Age: 16 Year: 1930   Birthplace: Washington  Roll:

T626_2516   Race:   Page: 5B   State: Washington ED:

44   County: Spokane Image: 0596   Township: Spokane

  Relationship: Daughter

Taitch, Eudell   Age: 14 Year: 1930   Birthplace: Washington  Roll:

T626_2516   Race:   Page: 5B   State: Washington ED:

44   County: Spokane Image: 0596   Township: Spokane

  Relationship: Son CLICK FOR PICTURES; Taitch.com-->: diamonds: jewelry: rings: wedding band: necklaces: certified diamonds: bracelets: diamond: engagement rings: w..

Taitch, Marvin  CLICK FOR PICTURES; Taitch.com-->: diamonds: jewelry: rings: wedding band: necklaces: certified diamonds: bracelets: diamond: engagement rings: w..  Age: 12 Year: 1930   Birthplace:  Washington Roll:

T626_2516   Race:   Page: 5B   State: Washington ED:

44   County: Spokane Image: 0596

  Township: Spokane

  Relationship: Son  Born 24 Dec 1917 Washington Died 15 Dec 2000 Raisin, Fresno, CA married GLENNA H TAITCH Born 16 Nov 1916 Died Dec 1993

99203  Spokane, Spokane, WA Name: Glenna H Taitch

SSN: 533-14-0298 Place of Death: Spokane City Residence: Spokane City

Age: 77 years Gender: F Date of Death: 05 Dec 1993 Certificate: 038618



second son;

Daitch, Morris   Age: 38 Year: 1920   Birthplace: Russia Roll:

T625_1439   Race: White Page: 12B

  State: Ohio ED: 166   County: Summit Image:

0871   Township: Akron was a real estate salesman in 1920


Daitch, Morris   View Image Online


  Age: is only 46 Year: 1930 Birthplace: Poland the area of dolhinov and danilovichi in vileyka, Vilna became part of Poland from the end of 1920 to 1939it want back to the Soviet Union after the war and now it is in Belaru. she was 25 she 23 when they first got married Roll:

T626_1875   Race: White Page: 8A   State: Ohio ED:

52   County: Summit Image: 1000   Township: Akron

  Relationship: Head here he is a produce dealer

he has the same wife and three children from 1920 bur now he has another daughter.

Daitch, Lena   Age: 43 Year: 1930   Birthplace:  Poland in 1920 it was Russia Roll: T626_1875   Race:   Page: 8A   State: Ohio ED: 52   County: Summit Image: 1000

  Township: Akron   Relationship: Wife

Daitch, Harry J   Age: 20 Year: 1930   Birthplace:   Roll:

T626_1875   Race:   Page: 8A


Daitch, Julia   Age: 17 Year: 1930   Birthplace:   Roll:

T626_1875   Race:   Page: 8A   State: Ohio ED: 52

  County: Summit Image: 1000   Township: Akron Relationship: Daughter

Daitch, Edward   Age: 12 Year: 1930   Birthplace:   Roll:

T626_1875   Race:   Page:   State: Ohio ED: 52   County: Summit Image: 1000   Township: Akron   Relationship: Son

Daitch, Shirley   Age: 7 Year: 1930   Birthplace:   Roll:

T626_1875   Race:   Page: 8A   State: Ohio ED: 52

  County: Summit Image: 1000   Township: Akron Relationship: Daughter

here he came in 1906 with his wife they have a house for $5000 and he is a dealer he is hebrew here

Daitch, Robert S   Age: 32 Year: 1930   Birthplace: Russia Roll: T626_1876

  Race: White Page: 19A   State: Ohio ED: 61   County: Summit Image: 0341

  Township: Akron   Relationship: Head came from Russia in 1914? Yiddish speaking Tobacco salesmanDeutsch, Herman   View Image Online



  Age: 32 Year: 1920   Birthplace: Russia Jewish came to the country in 1906 papers in 1912  was a dentistRoll: T625_322   Race: White Page: 4B   State: Illinois ED: 773

  County: Cook Image: 0574   Township: Chicago

Wife; Ruthi 27 born in Illinois to Russian Jewish parents daughter Eloise 2.5 years old in 1920 they had a live-in maid; Anna Kic? from Austria 21 years old



Deutsch, David in 1930 is it him;

Deutsch, David Age: 80 Year: 1930   Birthplace: Russia Roll: T626_454   Race: White Page: 8A   State: Illinois ED: 871   County: Cook Image: 0468

  Township: Chicago   Relationship: Head

niece; Shirley was born in Illinois

in 1930 his wife is ida 67 also from russia they live in 8000 dollar house he first married at age 26 ida at age 21

Molodetchno, summer 1915..........And late that night, when everyone was asleep, we locked the doors and closed the shutters...with a small knife, my uncle cut open his breast-pocket, and with a trembling hand, pulled out the false passport, which bore the name of one "Itzko Moiseyevitch Taytsh", ( Ytzhak son of Moshe Taytsh or Daytsh)
whose parents had at one time lived in the poor, muddy village of Boyd, and now...had long since gone off to America. And after giving me the passport, my uncle took from his pocket a folded-up piece of paper. And with a quiet, secretive voice, whispered to me:
Falik, this is your new family....you must memorize them to the last detail. Because, if the police, God forbid, should stop you and ask who you are, you must know what to answer; you must know your new "family tree".
I started in right away to memorize to the last detail this new "Book of Names"; the names of my new "family, with whom my fate was now inter-twined.
"And this is the name of my grandfather, of my grandmother, of my new father, my new mother, my new brothers and sisters; one brother, who is married, is so old; the second one is so old, and the third one so; and I, the youngest, am called by the name: Itzko Moiseyevitch Taytsh! Itzko Moiseyevitch Taytsh! Taytsh! Taytsh!"
I couldn't close my eyes all night. I tossed and turned, as though suffering from a high fever. Whatever I looked at wasn't mine anymore. The bed - not mine; the pillow, which my "real" mother had given me - also not mine. And no matter how hard I tried to learn the names of my new family, I still couldn’t get them to stick in my head. It was as though my true name, which had been part of me since my birth, would under no circumstances permit that this new, strange person should come inside me like a dybbuk to take his place.
And there arose between myself and "the dybbuk" a struggle...I was overcome by a hatred towards this new, strange person who had taken up residence within me, so that from this point onwards, I would not be able to get rid of him; I would have to carry him around in my breast, with his name on my lips....this though gave me no peace...
To drive away these painful thoughts, which tormented me like swarms of flies, I began to think about that very object under discussion, my "alter ego" whose name I now bore. What, for example, could he have looked like, this 16-17 year-old boy, who was called by the true name of Itzko Moiseyevitch Taytsh? Was he also as tall and slim as I? Did he also have such dark-blue eyes like mine? And does he also have such a black, wavy head of hair like mine? And most important: what kind of character, what kind of soul does he possess?
What could he be doing there, in that free, Golden America? Are his parents - "my" parents - still alive? Without a doubt, I thought, he is better off than me. He must certainly be in the University by now...preparing himself to be a doctor, a lawyer, and architect, or even a judge. Over there, what do they know from false passports and phony names? Over there, they are "at home" while over here we are strangers, sojourners, unwanted.
For sure, I thought further, if I am ever fortunate enough to find myself in that happy land, I will first of all go to search him out, that Itzko Taytsh. I'll tell him that I had once borne his name. I had once been not myself, but instead....him! Now my name was Itzko Moiseyevitch Taytsh....
Yes, Taytsh, Taytsh is my name. Never mind that my own parents, in Zastavia, have already given me a name: I bid you now, former name of mine, "Falik Zolf", depart from me at once! Get out of me! .........Yaroslavl, January 1917.
Apparently, it was not ordained that I should be able to sit back and enjoy the bit of peace that I hand found in the Harkavey Leather Works, where I had made friends with so many of the workers. I was suddenly faced with new troubles which were altogether unexpected.The story (or more accurately, the tragi-comedy) went as follows:One morning, the supervisor of our section brought in a young man of about thirty, with a pale, worried face, and according to his usual procedure, shouted out loud:"Hey, fellows, I’ve brought you a fresh "nerd", a new "Daytsh/Taytsh"!"On hearing this news, a tremendous commotion broke out on our floor. There was an outburst of shouting and laughter that could be heard in every corner of the great workshop. Each one strove to outd- the next in makeing jokes and wisecracks at the expense of the new Taytsh which in any case applied to me as well:"More Taytshes? An ill wind on their fathers!""A plague of Taytshes on us!""We don’t want to work with any Germans!""Put him upstairs with the "aristocrats"!"By the term "aristocrats", they were referring to the bootmakers, of whome the greater portion were intellectuals, the "samo-oborontses", as they were called, who had become workers in order to avoid being sent off to war.And so that the spectacle should be even more festive, the supervisor along with Hennekh ran up to me and grabbed me by the arms, shouting:"Come, Taytsh!"....and with great ceremony, dragged me before the newly-arrived "Taytsh", and stood the two of us side by side.They took both our hands, making us shake hands with each other, and then, turning towards us with mock sincerity like real intellectuals, said with mock seriousness:"We have the great honor of presenting you with our own, well-known Mr. Yitzkhak Taytsh".The newly-arrived young man stood there in shock, his whole body trembling in confusion so you could hardly bear to look at him.Who knows, I thought to myself, where he comes from? Who knows if he hadn't perhaps come to bear the name Taytsh in the same way as I?After the raucous crowd finally got tired of entertaining themselves to their heart's desire at our expense, the supervisor ordered them back to work. He tossed to the newcomer a dirty old leather apron, and set him to work right beside me. This meant that I, Yitzkhak Taytsh, should keep an eye on this second, new "Taytsh", as though there were some intimate connection between the two of us.When the whistle blew, announcing that the time had come to eat lunch, I invited may new acquaintance to eat with me in the nearby tea-house, where the workers in our factory used to go for a quick meal.My intention was, that while we were eating together, I might be able to draw out from him the information as to whether he was a "real" Taytsh, or merely a Taytsh like I was.I sat down with him in a quiet corner, and ordered for both of us. But my guest barely touched his food. And to my question:"Why don’t you eat?", he simply answered:"Thanks, I’m not hungry."As an experienced "imposter" who had long carried with him a false name, I thought I recognized that something was weighing on his heart. Something was bothering him, as though his conscience was not clear. I could se it in the frightened look in his eyes, and his nervous movements. I felt that he wanted to tell me something, but he didn't have the courage; and perhaps, he didn’t trust me.Indeed, the desire to know whether he was a real Taytsh from his father’s father, or merely such a Taytsh as I was, was driving me crazy...but I tried to keep an air of equanimity. I calmly cut a slice of black rye bread, dipped it in my tea, and kept quiet.Seeing my apparent lack of concern, my guest became even more uneasy. Finally he cleared his through and spoke in a quiet voice:"Are you a refugee?""Yes," I answered."What province do you come from?""What difference does it make? I'm a refugee!", I snapped back.After a moment's silence, he cleared his throat again and continued:"I come from the Province of Vilna.""So do I," I answered, hardly daring to reveal any more. But to give him more conficence, I admitted as an aside:"I come from the County of Vileyka."As soon as the young stranger heard that I was from County of Vileyka, he turned white as a sheet. He started squirming uncomfortably, as though he had suddenly gotten a terrible stomach-ache.By now it was clear to me that he was also, so to speak, "a Taytsh from my school"; a deserter just like I was. He had surely purchased his identity from the same old dealer in Budeslav where my uncle, the Cantor of Molodetchno, had bought my false papers......yet he still seemed to believe, that I was a real Taytsh!To break the thick, heavy silence that had suddenly descended upon us, I asked him:"What county do you come from?""I...I...I also come from the County of Vileyka," he barely managed to stammer, looking at me with such pleading eyes, as though seeking from me a way out of his dilemma."What a coincidence!" I said with mock enthusiasm, "two Jews with the same name, coming from the same county. Maybe we’re even slightly related somehow?" With these words, I fixed a steady gaze in his eyes, to see what he would say next.He dropped his eyes to the floor. Then, realizing that his own fear might well betray him, he marshalled his strength, put on a smile and spoke softly:"I’m really from Borisov, in the Province of Minsk. I'm only registered over there....""I’m also only from there "on paper", I assured him.He asked me no more questions of my lineage, nor did I as him. And so ended our first conversation.In the course of the next few days, he became quite attached to me. Although he was a good ten years older than me, he always showed me a good deal of respect. He greeted me with a warm "good morning", and was quick to offer me a cigarette. He treated me as though I were an old friend. Perhaps he felt a deference towards me, because he thought I was a real Taytsh, in whose name he was saved from having to go to war.I no longer had any doubt that the two of us, with the name of Taytsh, were, according to our passports, brothers from the same father! I resolved, however, to continue to play the role of a real Taytsh as long as possible.Little by litte, the other workers in our section ceased to find it a source of amusement that the two of us had the same name, "Taytsh". It now appeared to them as nothing more that a very ordinary circumstance, that two such unrelated individuals should happen to have the same name. But so as not to confuse us, they called me "Taytsh Number One", and him: "Taytsh Number Two".A month or two went by. Then one cold, frosty day, early in the month of February, the supervisor showed up in our department clutching his sides with and shaking with laughter. He was accompanied by a Jew of middle years wearing a fur coat, a tall, broad-shouldered man with a round black beard.At first, the workers stared in puzzlement at the gasping supervisor, who seemed to be going through convulsions of mirth...they couldn't figure out, what could be the reason for his crazy laughter. Not until he managed, with a hand-gesture, to make a signal to me and the second Taytsh, who was standing beside me, that we should come forward, was he able to blurt out, half in Russian and half in Yiddish, pointing at the newcomer:"Fellows, ha-ha-ha....it’s another Taytsh! The new "geek" is also a Taytsh! What do you say to that!?"If a bomb had suddenly exploded in the middle of the factory, it could not have created a greater uproar than the unexpeced sensation of the "Three Taytshes". Everyone was instantly overcome by such mirth and laughter, just as though all the comedies in the world were being played out at once.Taytsh Number Two was trembling like a willow branch. I, Taytsh Number One, didn’t know what to do, whether I should laugh or be terrified? The whole situation appeared to me so fantastic and unbelievable, like a game from the Devil himself. The new Taytsh, Number Three, stood there in confusion, not understanding what was going on.The shouting and laughter were already spreading to the neighoring sections, to the shoemakers, to the bootmakers, and all the other departments. From everywhere, people came running to gawk at the bizzare sight of the "Invasion of the Taytshes" in the Harkavey Leather Factory.That same, day, all three of us were "invited" to the boss’s office. Around the office there had already gathered a crowd of curious on-lookers in their leather aprons. Excitement filled the air. Everyone was dying to find out, what would happen to the "Three Taytshes". Most of all, Hennekh the joker was in his glory:"Soon our righteous owner will have himself a prayer quorum of nothing but Taytshes", he wisecracked.Finally we were brought before the old boss Harkavey. He sat there fuming, surrounded by his sons, son-in-laws, secretaries, book-keepers, helpers, and helper’ helpers. He was determined to get to the bottom of this. No sooner had we entered the office, than he rose to his feet, fixed his sharp, bespectacled eyes on us, and shouted with rage:" Who are you!?"We, the "Three Taytshes", looked at each other. Each one of us was waiting for the next one to find his tongue. The boss screamed louder:"Why don’t you speak? Have you lost your tongues? Answer!!""Bring me their passports!" he ordered one of his secretaries.The secretary soon appeared with a large portfolio, containing the passports of all the workers in the factory. He quickly extracted three documents from the file folder, and began to read:"Itzko Moiseyevitch Taytsh!""Here," I answered, my heart pounding."Shmuel Moiseyevitch Taytsh!""Here," answered Taytsh Number Two with a trembling voice."Avram Yosselevitch Taytsh!""That is I!" announced the new Taytsh in a confident voice."Are all three of you from the same family?" asked the boss, like a judge, barely able to control his anger."God forbid! According to their names, the are my brother’s sons....but my brother and his family are long since gone off to America. I do not know these men! I see them now for the first time!" said Taytsh Number Three, glaring angrily at us."How do you come to be here?" asked the elder Harkavey."We are refugees, have mercy on us, Mr. Harkavey, Sir," pleaded Taytsh Number Two."This is no hiding place for refugees!" shouted the boss, stamping his foot on the floor. "On account of you phony Taytshes, should they close my factory? Send me to prison? Ha!?""Where do you come from?" asked the bosses older son, addressing me"I c-c-come from the Province of Vilna, County of Vileyka," I barely managed to answer."And you?" he asked, turning to face Taytsh Number Two."I come from the village of B-boyd," replied Taytsh Number Two, skirting my answer."From what county?""From the County of Vileyka," he admitted, casting a sideways glance in my direction."And where do you come from, Sir?" The younger Harkavey had addressed the third Taytsh with a certain deference, as though he were impressed by the older man’s beard."I come from Minsk. I am a long time resident. I am registered in the County of Vileyka, Province of Vilan. I am a real Taytsh. I come here with a letter of recommendation from our Rabbi, may he live long. I am a father of children, a red ticket. Have mercy and allow me to work here," he concluded in a single breath."I have a wife and two children. I am a refugee," pleaded Taytsh Number Two, "Have mercey on them. Do not bring down misfortune on our heads.""Which of you is a real Taytsh and which is a phony? Speak up, confess!" demanded the boss's son-in-law, the strict general manager of the factory."Idiot!" screamed the elder Harkavey, "you still have to ask? Can't you see for yourself which one is a real Taytsh and which are phonies!?""I am a real Taytsh! From my father’s fathers a Taytsh! I can swear for you on my prayer shawl and phylacteries. You can ask the Rabbi in my home twon, and even the police!" asserted Taytsh Number Three, with great vehemence."According to their passports, they are all three brothers, or at least cousins, if you can believe it!" interjected the balebus's second son."I swear, I don’t know them. I’ve never seen them before!" the real Taytsh, Number Three, continued to insist.The atmosphere in the room was dripping with fear. Everyone was terrifed of the "Three Taytshes. And the "Three Taytshes" themselves were shaking in their boots from fear.The owner, Harkavey, in a state of agitation, was pacing back and forth in the office. Suddenly he stopped next to me and said:"Are you married?""No," I answered, "I’m just a young refugee. My parents have been captured by the Germans (Daytshen)"."Captured by the Germans?....Daytshen, Taytshen!" sneered the boss, spittitng my last words back at me through his teeth. "How long have you worked here?""Eight months," answered one of the clerks on my behalf.Of the three Taytshes, it fell upon me, the youngest, to be the sacrificial hen for all of us. Their status as married men and providers stood in their favor...They handed me my passport, and counted out my final wages, that were still owing to me for the few days work of that week. Without so much as a "Have a nice day", I left the office, as though I were running through a gauntlet.That night, I didn't go back to my room. I was sure that by now, di Yaroslavl police and gendarmes were watching for me. One night I slept with a friend, the next night in the Jewish Folk-School, a third night with the Kotik family. But no matter where I went, I found no peace. With every knock on the door, I felt they were coming to take me away.Just as in my yeshiva-boy days, I ate meals with strangers and slept on strange beds....End of Volume I

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MOSHE and IDA SHERMAN TEITZ (DUITCH) had a son named Jacob that moved to Chicago and  married Jesse Monpiel from France . They had four children . Helen Teitz (Duitch) married Louis Galinsky. Isaac and Sarah Galinsky from Vilna, Lithuania arrived in the United States in 1910. Louis Galinsky was born in Baltimore, MD and married Helen Teitz (Duitch).  
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Searching for Surname TEITZ/ TAITS/ TAYTS/ DEYTS/DEYCH/TAICH in The All
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wed 22
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doctor - wed 10 Elul in Minsk
DEITZ Meir? 1896 Dobele, Latvia Hamelitz #281
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DEITZ Zalman 1872 Keidainiai, Lith Hamaggid
D"TZ Yitzchok 1872 Kelme, Lith. Hamaggid p299 Rabbi
DAITZ Shmuel ben Noson 1872 Salantai, Lith. Hamaggid #17
DAITZ Zev Moshe Yeshiahu 1872 Salantai, Lith. Hamaggid #17
TUCH Eliahu 1872 Zidikai, Lith. Hamaggid
TUCH Gershon 1872 Zidikai, Lith. Hamaggid father of Tzvi
TUCH Tzvi ben Gershon 1872 Zidikai, Lith. Hamaggid
TUCH Yakov 1872 Zidikai, Lith. Hamaggid

List of Holocaust victims from the yizkor book of DOLGINOV ;
TEITZ - Hirschel & family, Lipsa
List of Dokshitz Martyrs;Taitz Mordechai-Ber, Taitz Dvora, Taitz
Taitz Israel-Leib ,
Taitz Sarah, Taitz Haya.
Deitz Erke, Deitz Wichne

Taitz Itzek son of Ovsei
Taitz Girsh son of Zelick
Taitz Josel son of Movsha
Taitz Manel son of Michel
Taitz Abram son of Ovsei-Shmuel
Taitz Leiba son of Shmuel

Death in Ghetto Borisov; TAITZ-Basya

Here is a chronological list of the rabbis who occupied the rabbinical
in Gordz over 150 years;
1. R. Leib Teitz.
2.His son R. Ber Teitz.
<A HREF="http://www.jewishgen.org/yizkor/svencionys/sve1949.html">
Svencionys, Lithuania (Pages 1949, 1951, 1953)</A> Nemencine
Yosef son Moshe
Jewish Educational Center, founded in 1941 by Rabbi Pinchas M. Teitz,
DEITSH S Found in Lithuania Kaunas Lithuanian Holocaust Survivers
DEUTSCH Boris Found in Russia Kaunas Lithuanian Holocaust Survivers
DEUTSCH Ira Found in Russia Kaunas Lithuanian Holocaust Survivers
TAITZ Simon Found in Germany Kaunas Lithuanian Holocaust Survivers
DAITZ Ira Found in Lithuania Zarasai Lithuanian Holocaust Survivers
DEUTCH Mendel Found in Lithuania Zarasai Lithuanian Holocaust
Survivers Lists
DEUTSCH Hirsch Found in Germany Musninkai Vilnius Holocaust Survivers
DEICH Berl Found in Russia Nemencine Vilnius Holocaust
DEICH Sholem Found in Russia Nemencine Vilnius Holocaust
Survivers Lists
DEICH Sora Found in Russia Nemencine Vilnius Holocaust
DAITZ Child Found in Lithuania Holocaust Survivers Lists
TEIC Rashel Found in Italy Lithuania Holocaust Survivers Lists
TEITZ Rubin Seta Ukmerge Kaunas Meir l'Olam (Prenumeranten List)
EllisIsland data;
. ... Deitz ... 1906
2. Abram Deitz Libau, Russia 1911 8
3. Alexey Deitz Koytisin 1906 18
4. Annamarie Deitz Clinton, Ia 1907 33
5. Aron Deitz Zosli 1900 35
6. Auguste Deitz Geilendelde 1893 32
7. Basse Deitz 1894 25
8. Beile Deitz Gribe, Russia 1914 3
9. Bella Deitz Mexico, Mexico 1914 54
10. Benjamin Deitz 1902 35
11. Bertha Deitz Warschau, Russia 1913 19
12. Blume Deitz Bucarest 1906 8
13. Brane Deitz Koben, Russia 1914 18
14. Carl Deitz Geilendelde 1893 0
15. Carl P. Deitz 1903 45
16. Catherine Deitz New York 1914 45
17. Chaie Deitz Russia, Liban 1911 16
18. Chaim Deitz Wasischan 1906 16
19. Chaim Deitz 1906 19
20. Chane Deitz Nolodeegno 1906 20
21. Chane Deitz Bresslaw, Russia 1907 26
22. Chawa Deitz Wilna, Russia 1912 18
23. Cheinne Deitz 1906
24. Chienne Deitz Krakinowo 1906 11
25. Chone Deitz Musniki 1903 5
26. David Deitz Dubina, Russia 1914 18
27. Emelia Deitz N.Y.C., U.S.A. 1920 44
28. Erna Deitz Lautenthal, Germany 1913 23
29. Ernst Deitz Geilendelde 1893 5
30. Ester Deitz Dwinsk, Lettonia 1922 34
31. Ester Deitz Wilna 1906 28
32. Etel Deitz Nowosadny, Lithuan. 1921 11
33. Eva Deitz 1906 29
34. Eva Deitz Warschaw, Russia 1911 2
35. Feige Deitz Dwinsk, Lettonia 1922 8
36. Franses Deitz Yonkers, N.Y. 1920 11
37. Franz Deitz 1895 42
38. Friedrich Deitz Geilendelde 1893 35
39. Friedrich Deitz 1914 26
40. Fulke Deitz London, England 1910 22
41. Galette Deitz 1895 39
42. Genessie Deitz Nowosadny, Lithuan. 1921 53
43. George Deitz Saratov 1892 1
44. George A. Deitz Saratov 1892 33
45. Gitel Deitz Warschau, Russia 1913 56
46. Gitel Deitz Nowosadny, Lithuan. 1921 21
47. Golde Deitz Warschaw, Russia 1911 23
48. Gustav Deitz 1912 40
49. H. Deitz 1893 26
50. Harris Deitz London 1904 26
51. Harry Deitz Mexico, Mexico 1914 29
52. Heinrick Deitz Winepeg, Canada 1908 29
53. Henry Deitz Agra, India 1914 40
54. Henry F. Deitz 1894 59
55. Hermann Deitz 1904 52
56. Hersch Deitz 1894 5
57. Ida Deitz Geilendelde 1893 7
58. Iser Deitz Nowosadny, Lithuan. 1921 13
59. Israel Deitz Sinevjany 1904 20
60. J. A. Deitz 1920 29
61. Jacob Deitz Russia, Liban 1911 11
62. Jankee Deitz 1895 18
63. Jente Deitz Musniki 1903 9
64. John Deitz Saratov 1892 7
65. John A. Deitz 1919 29
66. John J. Deitz Cincinnati, OH 1922 70
67. Johs. Deitz 1893 24
68. Joseph Deitz 1923 49
69. Joseph Deitz Long Island City, New York 1915 22
70. Joseph R Deitz Sheffield 1899 19
71. Jossel Deitz Wells...en 1906 20
72. Leib Deitz Dwonsk, Russia 1911 21
73. Leib Deitz Marnpila 1904 34
74. Leibe Deitz Wilna 1906 0
75. Leibe Deitz 1906
76. Leil Deitz 1895 12
77. Leiser Deitz Bresslaw, Russia 1907 35
78. Leopold Deitz 1906 34
79. Lewis Deitz U.S. 1892 26
80. Lewis Deitz U.S.A. 1907 69
81. Lewis Deitz 1892
82. Loebe Deitz Krakinowo 1906 22
83. Malke Deitz Musniki 1903 36
84. Marg Deitz Frankfort 1905 26
85. Marg Deitz New York, New York 1914 36
86. Marg. Deitz 1895 16
87. Margarethe Deitz Chemnitz, Germany 1914 20
88. Margt. Deitz 1908 60
89. Maria Deitz Also Hra Conicza 1903 33
90. Maria Deitz Saratov 1892 11
91. Maria Deitz Saratov 1892 32
92. Mary Deitz Brighton, ENG 1919 28
93. Meyer Deitz 1894 7
94. Michal Deitz Koytisin 1906 25
95. Mile Deitz Musniki 1903 3
96. Mine Deitz Gribe, Russia 1914 2
97. Mirel Deitz Wilna, Russia 1908 26
98. Mith D. Deitz Leipzig, Germany 1911 28
99. Moische Deitz Kristianis, Russia 1911 53
100. Moische Deitz Krasn... 1906 21
101. Moische Deitz Gisna, Russia 1908 18
102. Morduch Deitz Wilna 1906 4
103. Mrs. Lewis Deitz U.S. 1892 21
104. Mrs. Lewis Deitz 1892
105. Nicol Deitz 1893 23
106. Paul Deitz Kamos, Hungary 1912 24
107. Paul Deitz Geilenfelde 1893 8
108. Philip Deitz U 1893 17
109. Phoriss Deitz Pretonia Transvane 1905 19
110. Rachel Deitz 1907 49
111. Rafael Deitz Nolodeegno 1906 5
112. Raochel Deitz Bucarest 1906 18
113. Reise Deitz 1895 10
114. Riwe Deitz Gribe, Russia 1914 35
115. Riwke Deitz Wilna, Russia 1908 1
116. Rose Deitz Gribe, Russia 1914 9
117. Rure Deitz Wilna 1906 6
118. Salie Deitz Bucarest 1906 7
119. Sam Deitz London, England 1910 19
120. Saml. Deitz 1894 10
121. Samuel Deitz Kolancki 1904 20
122. Saul Deitz Wilna, Russia 1908 26
123. Scheine Deitz Musniki 1903 7
124. Schumel Deitz Doksckitz 1900 16
125. Simon Deitz Rochester, NY 1919 28
126. Slota Deitz Nolodeegno 1906 3
127. Sore Deitz Dubina, Russia 1914 20
128. Teiwel Deitz Gribe, Russia 1914 7
129. Theo Deitz 1892 24
130. Veronika Deitz Also Hra Conicza 1903 4
131. Wilhelmine Deitz Cincinnati, OH 1922 65
132. William Deitz 1920 18
133. William Deitz 1920 42
134. William Deitz 1920 18
135. William Deitz 1920 41
136. Willie Deitz 1895 11
137. Wulf Deitz Kowno, Lithuan. 1921 55
1. Anna E. ...eitz Saraton 1899 75 97%
2. Louis .eitz 1924 35 97%
3. Melkder ......eitz Husyotin 1899 18 97%
4. Abe Daitz Pskow 1907 40 97%
5. Abraham Daitz Wilkonier, Kowno, Russia 1907 6 97%
6. Abram Daitz Dwinsk, Russia 1912 36 97%
7. Abram Daitz 1893 30 97%
8. Ashel Daitz 1911 17 97%
9. Beile Daitz Staro-Sinjaew, Podol 1909 20 97%
10. Boleslaw Daitz Czechonowec, Russia 1913 28 97%
11. Boris Daitz Dokszitz, Russia 1913 18 97%
12. Chawe Daitz Kreslava, Russia 1907 19 97%
13. Chune Daitz Gaworozo, Russia 1909 19 97%
14. Cylvia Daitz Rowno, Poland 1922 62 97%
15. Czerne Daitz Brook 1904 5 97%
16. Elliot A. Daitz 1924 28 97%
17. Ethel Daitz KonDou, Russia 1905 58 97%
18. Gersz Daitz Rowno, Poland 1922 64 97%
19. Golde Daitz Wilkomir, Russia 1911 20 97%
20. Hendel Daitz S...organy, Russia 1905 14 97%
21. Iokol Daitz Ricio 1904 22 97%
22. Ita Daitz Rowno, Poland 1922 24 97%
23. Jacob Daitz London, England 1910 30 97%
24. Marite Daitz Witebsk 1905 18 97%
25. Menakhem Daitz Vitebsk, Russia 1923 23 97%
26. Michina Daitz Dokciez, Russia 1922 65 97%
27. Moische Daitz Pskow 1907 15 97%
28. Mowsche Daitz Wilkonier, Kowno, Russia 1907 8 97%
29. Mushe Daitz Wilkonier, Kowno, Russia 1907 34 97%
30. Necha Daitz Wilkonir, Russia 1911 17 97%
31. Ofsey Daitz Wilkonier, Kowno, Russia 1907 3 97%
32. Perel Daitz Staro-Sinjaew, Podol 1909 18 97%
33. Rachel Daitz Swensk 1905 22 97%
34. Ranie Daitz Dwinsk, Russia 1912 56 97%
35. Rochel Daitz S...organy, Russia 1905 23 97%
36. Sade R. Daitz 1924 22 97%
37. Sam Daitz Warsaw, Russ. 1909 23 97%
38. Schloime Daitz Pskow 1907 17 97%
39. Schloime Daitz Kowel, Russia 1911 10 97%
40. Simon Daitz London 1906 21 97%
41. Sore Daitz Pskow 1907 38
42. Tile Daitz Kowel, Russia 1911 7
43. Zalmen Daitz Koreszow, Russia 1911 32
Arthur Teitz Buenos Ayres, Argentine 1915 34
2 Barnett Teitz London, England 1907 17
3 Boris Teitz Nokowpol, Russia 1910 19
Nemencine Necrology ; Teitz Yosef son Moshe
4 Chaic Jose Teitz Dweuischki 1905 50
5 Chaim Teitz Vrkepse, Russia 1910 10
6 Chaim Tiwe Teitz Kroisk 1898 17
7 Czezne Teitz Dvinsk 1902 18
8 Dine Teitz Kriwitz 1902 22
9 Elias Teitz Dvinsk 1902 9
10 Elje Teitz Vrkepse, Russia 1910 3
11 Ernesto Teitz San Francisco, USA 1913 41
12 Ettel Teitz Kletzk, Russia 1907 20
13 Fred Teitz 1921 33
14 Friedrick Teitz Mursabek 1900 20
15 Grigor Teitz Nokowpol, Russia 1910 10
16 Henne Teitz Dvinsk 1902 40
17 Henoch Teitz Dvinsk 1902 8
18 Hersch Teitz Eka...erinaslaw 1904 33
19 Isaac Teitz Nokowpol, Russia 1910 48
20 Israel Teitz Nokowpol, Russia 1910 17
21 Jdel Teitz Wilna 1907 21
22 Jeka Teitz Wilna, Russia 1910 17
23 Joseph Teitz Dvinsk 1902 5
24 Leibe Teitz Vrkepse, Russia 1910 6
25 Lisa Teitz Vrkepse, Russia 1910 8
26 Masche Teitz Smoliany 1902 15
27 Maurice Teitz London, England 1915 33
28 Merl Dwoire Teitz Vrkepse,
29 Miechka Teitz Dvinsk 1902 2
30 Mottel Teitz Wilna, Russia 1913 28
31 Muyel Teitz 1903 30
32 Paisach Teitz Kletzk, Russia 1907 3
33 Pinchos Teitz Skopischki, Russia 1911 22
34 Rode Teitz Dorbian, Russia 1912 20
35 Rode Teitz 1912
36 Rosa Teitz Vrkepse, Russia 1910 15
37 Ruben Teitz Dvinsk 1902 15
38 Sarah Teitz Dvinsk 1902 4
39 Schaboe Teitz Wilkonue, Russia 1902 9
40 Schepsel Teitz Bois 1905 32
41 Schie Teitz Kletzk, Russia 1907 2
42 Sonder Teitz Wilkonue, Russia 1902 8
43 Zola Teitz Wilna, Russia 1910 27
44 Zuvie Teitz Wilkonue, Russia 1902 50
1 Anna E. ...eitz Saraton 1899 75
2 Louis .eitz 1924 35
3 Melkder ......eitz Husyotin 1899 18
4 Annie Taitz Johannesburg, S Africa 1921 47
5 Annie Taitz Johannesburgh. S. Africa 1911 36
The JewishGen Yizkor Book Necrology Database - Lithuania;
DEITZ Israel, wife: Clara (Markelevitz), son: David MARKELEVITZ
DEITZ Shlumit, son: Yeshehu
DOITCH Leib and family
TAYTZ Channah
TAYTZ Eliezer
TAYTZ Zalman
TEITZ Aharon (Rav Heir) and family
TEIZ Alter, wife: Chaya, children: Betslal, Pesya
TEIZ Betslal, wife: Sheyna (Karmatz), child KARMATZ Svencionys
TEIZ Sheyna and Leiba
TEIZ Shmuel, wife: Chaya Pessia, sons: Lazar, Leib, Tuvia
Vilnius Vsia Vilna (City Directory)1915 ;
DEYCH L N men's tailor and ready to wear shop Blagoveshchenskaya Street
15-14 1915 95 Vilnius
DEYCH Leyb Iosel Sirotskaya Street 10
1915 95 Vilnius
DEYCH Yank Ruvel Vilkomirskaya Street 21
1915 95 Vilnius
DEYCH Khana Ios Zavalnaya Street 7
1915 95 Vilnius
DITTS E G Orenburgskaya Street 5 1915 97
DUSHCH Yank Girsh 1915 101
TAYTS Shl Its Lidsky Lane 3
1915 272
TAYTS Meer Ayz Pogulyanka Street 10
TAYTS Meer Leyz Pogulyanka Street 16
TAYTS Ios Shlem Shopenovskaya Street
1915 272 Bylgaka House Vilnius
TAYTS Ya M Vengersky Lane 27
TISHEY St Tim 1st Vitebsky Lane 9
DAITSH Pese age; 60 died; 5 May 1942 (18 Iyyar 5702) old age homeKovno
Cemetery List