Taibel Family
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Taibel Leib (Arie)-right in first row
Soldier of the First Infantry Regiment of Lithuanian Army, 1929
Submitted by son Reuven Taibel


Chana and Leib (Arie) Taibel with their children
(Hirsh-Ber(1), Zelig-Osher(2) and Reuven(3
Ukmerge (Vilkomir),1938
Submitted by son Reuven Taibel



Reyzl Broide/Tubiash (1866-1941) with daughters - from right to left:
Chana Broide (1910-1941)- after marriage,Taibel.
Gita Broide (1904-1992)
Freydl Broide (1897-1979)
Ukmerge (Vilkomir) ~ 1925

Submitted by grandson Reuven Taibel



Leib (Arie) Taibel-Red Army Soldier,1944
Submitted by son Reuven Taibel


Esther Taibel (Katz)-Red Army soldier,1945
Second wife of Leib Taibel.
Submitted by daughter Bella Gal / Taibel



Hirshale Ber Taibel with his brother Zelig Osher Taibel in 1935. They perished during the Shoah with their mother and youngest sister; Rachel. Their father and their brother Reuven survived and came to Israel.
submitted by their brother Reuven.


Tsipa-Chava Taibel (nee Kulman) with her son and hist family.
Kaunas, 1936.
Submitted by her grandson; Reuven Taibel


Vilkomir (Ukmerge) Jewish kindergarten year 1935. Hirshale Ber Taibel with his brother Zelig Osher Taibel are pictured. Submitted by their brother ; Reuven


Jewish community of Kaunas .
until the second world war- fragment from exhibition.
Kaunas, Fort IX, (2002)


Mere (Mirjam) Naftalovich ( in middle)
with son Hirshale, mother-Tsipa-Chava Taibel
and sister-in-law Sora-Chase Snayder(Naftalovich).
Kaunas 1937


Taibel, Romm, Naftalovitz and Kulman Family from Kovno

Names of People in Photo to the right

submitted by;

Reuven Taibel of Bat Yam.


Names of People in the photo to the left



Taibel Leib (Arie) – soldier Lithuanian Army with his friend
Kaunas 1929



Pictured; My grandfather; Hirsh, born to Leib Taibel of Glubokie, in
1881 with son Don/ Daniel

My father and I were natives of Kovno, Llithuania. I was sure that
the Taibel last name originate in Lithuania and the ancestry of my
lived in Lithuania for many generation. Until a few years ago, when I
received the marriege certificate of my grandparents, from the
arcives. It said that the groom; Hirsh Taibel, was born in Glubokie.
I found a Glubokie list of natives on the net connecting my family to
the town of Glubokie ( Belarus). I am guessing that I am a descendant
of a "Don Taibel". Uncommon first name which repeated itself with my
fathers brother. I knew him as Daniel. I knew my grandfathers' sister
very well; Maria/ Martha Rom was born in 1892 and passed away in 1975.
My great grandfather: Taibel Leib- grandfather: Taibel Hirsh -
He married in 1906 in Kovno. Its children were born there .
He died in 1918, when my father was only 10 years old.

From: reuven taibel ruva11@gmail.com


Postcard sent by Hirsh- .Hirsh - Yoseph Taibel - a soldier in the Russian army

Submitted by grandson Reuven Taibel


Postcard sent by Hirsh- Yoseph Taibel from Minsk in March 1916 his wife Tsipa-Chava in Kovno

Submitted by grandson Reuven Taibel


Children of Taibel family from Kovno - refugees in the first world war in South Russia ~ 1916.

From left to right: Libbe-Esther, Leib (Arie), Mere (Mirjam), Don (Daniel),and Ida

Submitted by Leib's son - Reuven Taibel



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