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Dvora Zimer

Dvora was born in Kurenets in 1933. When Dvora was eight years old, on June 22nd of 1941, the Germans invaded the area. On September 9th of 1942 The Germans surrounded the Jewish homes in Kurenets and started gathering and killing all the Jews. Dvoras' father built a hiding place for the family ahead of time. It was in a double wall in their cow shed. The family hid there for many hours. Eventually the Germans started burning all the Jewish homes. Dvora and her family escaped and they were able to reach the forests . They hid in the forest for the next two years....

 In 1944 the Red Army liberated the area. Some times later Dvora came with her family to Israel. The art work by Dvora is shown in " Beit Edut" ( House of Testimony) . Pictured is a tribute piece to the time the Germans burned the Jewish homes in Kurenets.