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The Torov family
By David Katz

In Yehuda Cheres’s book "Veha-ayra Boeret" there is a story by David Katz, a neighbor of the Torov family in Kurenets. The story is about the Torov family, here is some of it...Leib Yakov Torov the glass maker (in town he was known as Leib Yankov dar glazer) lived on the very last house on Myadel Street with his very large family. Leib Yakov Torov and his wife Chaya Fruma were devout Jews and deeply observant. They had six daughters and three sons in Kurenets.... Seven of the children were married and had their own children and they all lived on the same street... Every Shabbat after the prayer Yakov Leib would visit each of his children to taste some of their "Chamin".
First he would visit the eldest son Nachum who lived next to the prayer house. Nachum had five boys and one girl each one of them was both Smart and talented, I especially remember Levi Yitzhak who was the best student in third grade and was beloved by all. The entire family perished in the Holocaust, not one left.
Next he would visit his son Chelvina with his two children, the Germans killed the wife and the children in 9-9-1942. Chelvina was at that point in the Vileyka camp and a few months later He and his brothers’ son were able to escape and reach the partisans. He was later killed during a German blockade in forest. The Third was his daughter, Chana and her husband Yosef Fridman from Dolhinov and their three daughters the entire family was able to escape to the forest and live there in hiding but Chana was shot and killed during a blockade. After the war Yosef Fridman and his daughters moved to Israel and Yosef married Chana’s sister, Pesia whose husband was killed. They have a great big family in Israel now. Next to Chana Fridman lived her sister, Rivka with her husband Pesach the Baker and two children. the entire family perished.
half way on Myadel Street lived the daughter Sheina Liba with her husband Shalom Cheres and their four children; Dvushka, Yitka, Genesya and Yehuda..... the family escaped to the forest in 1942 and hid there for more then two years... one winter night Sheina Liba and Chaya- Lea Alperovitz went back to Kurenets to get clothes and food for the children. they were caught by German collaborators and tortured but refused to tell where the Jews were hiding. So they were killed on the spot, the rest of the family survived....They live in Israel and the U.S.A.
.. The last to be visited was the oldest daughter, Chyena, her husband Ruven Alperovitz and their six children. Their son Arka attacked a police man while taken to be killed, he managed to run but later was shot and killed. Only one son survived, Efraim, he was studing in Russia when the war started. Later he moved to Israel.....,
The last son, Moshe, lived at home.... most of the family including Lieb Yakov and Chaya Fuma Torov were killed on 9-9-1942 with most of the kurenets Jews.... out of family of 41 people, 27 perished.....
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