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Story of Rabbi Landau in Hebrew with pictures

Rabbi Yaakov, Son of Rabbi Moshe Landau, was born in Kurenets in 1893.
He became the Rabbi of Kurenets after his father passed away in 1913.
During the First world war he traveled deep into Russia ( to Rostov,
the Chabad center was there during those years). In 1935 he left the
area to live in Palestine. Many see the efforts of Rabbi Yaakov
Landau, who served as the chief rabbi of Bnei Brak for 40 years
(1936-1986), as instrumental in the fact that Bnei Brak developed into
an important religious city. His son; Reb Moshe Leib landau seceded
him as head of the Beth Din of Bnei Brak after he passed away on
February 5th, 1986 .
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