Sparber Family
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#spb-1:Enclosed please find a scanned picture of my Grandfather Efrime Sparber, Grandmother Mania Shapiro and my mother Stella as a child. This photo was taken in Akerman, Besarabia where they lived. I also got some copies of documents which were submitted to the University of Sarratov, Russia around 1915. Some of those documents are confirmation of birthplace - Dolginovo, and confirmation that he was belonging to the community of Dolginovo. Those are written in the Russian language. If you are interested I can scan it for you.
I will be glad to have more details about the Sparber family as you get them.
Many thanks!
Ofer Rabinovich
Kfar Vradim
IsraelIn a message dated 5/28/03 1:34:59 PM Pacific Daylight Time, oofer@netvision.net.il writes:

I read with great interest many pages of the Dolginovo site.
My grandfatehr, Efrime Sparber, was born in Dolginovo in 1895. He moved to Ufa, Russia around 1900-1905. Where could be found moer details - if it possible - about Sparber family used to live in Dolginovo around 1900? Where should I look ?
Shalom Ofer,.
Thank you so much for your email. There are lists in Vilna (revision lists) of Dolginovo/Dolhinov in the 1850s some time soon they should be available on Jewishgen, since some researchers for Dolginovo paid for them.
You could do your own research but it will costs you some money.
Some Sparber families did not live Dolhinov in 1905.in the Ellis Island site;
Spaeber,Sore from Dalginow in 1906 22 years old
Sparber,Jankel from Dolhinow, Wilna in 1909 21 years old married going to New York
Sparber, Aron male from Dolhinow, Russia in 1911 20 years old going to brother Jacob Sparber in New York 21 ? Cherry Street 5' 2 " tall with brown hair and eyes
had $25 on him.
Manifest for Campanello December 12, 1913
Sailing from Rotterdam ;. Chaim Sparber Dalvinew, Russia 1913 45 years old widower going to son Shlomo Sparber in New York 118 Manroe Street 5'6"
Manifest for Nieuw Amsterdam
Sailing from Rotterdam 1906
. Sparber, Nische F 25y M Russia, Hebrew Ilia
0002. Sparber, Chaim M 4y S Russia, Hebrew Ilia
0003. Sparber, Nochem M 3y S Russia, Hebrew Ilia
0004. Sossman, Mone M 8y S Russia, Hebrew Ilia
. Ilia next to Dolhinov 1906
going to husband and father S. Sparber in New York 142 Madison St.
46. Morduch Sparber Dalginovo, Russia 1913 11
List of Holocaust victims from the yizkor book of DOLGINOV ;
SHPERBER - Pesha Rachel & family, Pia, Zelda, David, Shmuel & family, Erka & family
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I read what I believe we're your additional comments to Oder Rabinovitch's email on the Sparber page. I am doing research on my grandfather Jacob Sparber. Unfortunately, my mother was not particularly interested in family history- so I know very little.

Here is what I do know.

I believe he came to New York on the S.S. Finland. Although I could not find a Jacob, I did find a Jankel whose home town was listed as Gluobokie – the same town he indicated on his WW1 draft card. Jankel is on the ship’s manifest as 18. It does not indicate he is married. No idea why it identifies his occupation as sailor. His nearest relative is identified as grandfather David. On his marriage certificate, Isidor is identified as his father, but on a later Social Security application he identifies his father as Isar.

Interestingly enough, Aron is on the Manifest of the S.S. Finland on the exact same date as Jankel. His mother is listed as the nearest relative and the town of origin is Dolinov not Gluobokie but it seems too much a coincidence that both arrived on the same ship, had the same last name are were also from Vilna. Aron also appears on the list of detained Aliens who arrived on that ship. Under disposition it list that he is “To brother Sam.” Sam’s address is given as 135 Monroe Street. (I assume in Manhattan not Brooklyn but there is a Monroe Street in each borough.)
I am guessing from some family photos I found that Jacob had other family in the U.S. – but my mother could not remember. I can provide the few other picture I have or provide access to the Ancestry.com tree. One picture is of Jacob receiving something (a degree?) and has text in Russian below it. I am not sure what the Russian means but am sure it is part of the story! If this makes any connections, I would be most interested in learning more.

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