Soloveichik Family
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My great-great grandfather was Solomon (Zalman Tzvi) Soloveichik. His
daughter, my great-grandmother, was Goldie (Golda Bas Zalman Tzvi)
Soloveichik Epstein. Her mother was Esther (surname unknown). She was
born about October 1841 - possibly in Minsk or in Bobruisk.


Her husband, my great-grandfather, was Solomon (Shlomo Simcha Bar
Moshe Chaim ha Levi) Epstein. His father was Hyman (Moshe Chaim)
Epstein. His mother was Annie (Chana) Epstein. He was born about 1833
- also possibly in Minsk or Bobruisk.


They were married about 1860.


Their older children emigrated in the 1880s to New York City. My great
grand parents arrived in 1891 with their younger children (including
my grandfather Shmuel). They were residents of Bobruisk at the time of
their emigration. Family anecdotes say my great Epstein grandfather
was a shames or Yeshiva teacher. His ship manifest said he was a
tailor. Unfortunately this is all I know for certain.


I am unsure if my Soloveichik family were Leviim or Yisroelim. If
Leviim, I might be related to the Briskers. My grand children attend
Rav Joseph Soloveitchik's Yeshiva here in Brookline.





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