Smorgonski Family
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Henia ( nee Segalchik) and Avraham Smorgonski with children
Top Row (left to right): My grandmother Zippora (passed away about 10 years) , Shlomo Shamgar Smorgonski (same father as my granmother, his mother was Henia, the second wife of Avraham, sister of the first wife, Ester nee Segalchik), Peshka Bottom Row: Ida/Yta, Henia nee Segalchik (mother), Joseph Haim, Avraham ( the father) and Haya. Avraham and Ester had 3 daughters ( Zippora, Peshka and Hanna) Avraham and Henia had 4 children ( Shlomo, Ida, Joseph Haim, and Haya, all but Shlomo perished.

Amir Dekel (adekel@bellsouth.n)

In Memoriam.
It is with sorrow that I announce the passing of Schlomo Schamgar ( Smorgonski )
on the twelfth of January 2005.
Schlomo was born in Dolhinov and was the only survivor of his family in the Holocaust.
He made Aliya to Israel in 1948 and since served the Country and the Community with devotion.
Schlomo was a man of great integrity, loved and respected by all who knew him,
renowned for his good deeds and friendly human relations.
He was one of the oldest and most venerated men of Dolhinov and played a central role
in preserving the Memory of the perished Dolhinov Community.
His death is a great loss to all of us.
We extend our deep sincere condolences to his bereaved family.
May his Memory be blessed.
Leon Rubin