Shenker Family
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photos from Nathanya Basil - Darren & Jaqueline Kumin, Asher Bohbot with Beverly and Leatt.


photos from Nathanya Basil - Darren & Jaqueline Kumin, Basil with Beverly and Leatt.


Jania Shenker about 1948 Johannesburg


Janie Reuben Lucille Morris


Morris Shenker About 1948


Morrris and Gedalya Shenker


Rachel Gedalya with Brother Back


Rachel Shenker Immigration Document


Rachel Shenker Immigration Document


Rachel Shenker Registration Certificate


Yehuda and Asna and family 1930s


The family of Fran Shenker Pican


The family of Fran Shenker Pican


The family of Fran Shenker Pican


The family of Fran Shenker Pican


The family of Fran Shenker Pican


The family of Fran Shenker Pican

From the all Lithuania data;
SHINKER Sholom son of Shloma Head of Household
Birzai Volost/ Panevezys/Kaunas SHENKER David Son of Itsyk 6
Families Living Out of Towns; 4th Stan
SHENKER Leah Daughter of David 5
SHENKER Orel Son of David age 3 in 1898
SHENKER Rocha of David 2
Town-Uyezd -Guberniya -Surname -Given Name -Father- Relationship -Age
Birzai Volost-Panevezys-Kaunas SHENKER Itsyk Leyba Head of Household
Registered in Birzai, resides in the village of Jasiskiai since 1888
1898 56
Pabirze Volost-Panevezys-Kaunas SHANKER Abram Movsha Mortkhel Head of

Registered in Birzai, resides in the village of Smilgiai since 1897;
married , has 1 son
SHENKER Mortkhel Benjamin Head of Household
Registered in Birzai, resides in the farm of Aukshtoloshki since
1846; married, has a daughter
SHEYNKER Fishel Yankel Head of Household 63
age 23 in 1858
166 Family list
SHEYNKER Leyzer Leyb Son of Fishel 25
SHEYNKER Golda Wife of SHEYNKER Fishel 62
SHEYNKER Mikhlia Fishel Daughter 39
SHEYNKER Asna Fishel Daughter 37
SHEYNKER Ester Fishel Daughter 35
SHEYNKER Debora Kasriel Daughter-in-Law 22 in 1898
SHEYNKER Malka Leyzer Leyb Granddaughter
Kaunas SHEYNKER David Notel Head of Household 35
Family List
SHEYNKER Gana Reyza David Daughter 7

SHEYNKER Gita Wife 27

SHEYNKER Mikhel Zelman David Son 2

Sveksna-Raseiniai- Kaunas SHEYNKER Minel Gershon Head of Household 44
2nd Guild Merchant; registered in Veivirzenai Jewish Community 1890
Raseiniai District Merchants
SHEYNKER Tsypa Wife 29
SHEYNKER Movsha Leyb Minel Son 7
SHEYNKER Gershel Bentsel Minel Son 5

SHEYNKER Feyga Minel Daughter 9

SHEYNKER Leah Minel Daughter 2

SHEYNKER Freyda Minel Daughter 1
SHINKER Abram Mikhel Head of Household 56
3 January 1851 Revision List
SHINKER Mikhel Abram Son 35
SHINKER Chaim Abram Son 25
SHINKER Pinkhus Mikhel Grandchild 16
SHINKER Leyzer Mikhel Grandchild 8
SHINKER Ayzyk Chaim Grandchild 6
SHINKER Matla Iosel Wife 54
SHINKER Rocha Abram Daughter 16
SHINKER Ester Leyba Daughter-in-Law 35 Mikhel's wife
SHINKER Merka Abram Daughter-in-Law 21 Chaim's wife
December 1868 Kedainiai
SHEYNKER Izrael Yankel Gabriel Head of Household 30
SHEYNKER Leyzer Gabriel 32
SHINKAR Rubin Notel Head of Household 36
SHINKAR Leyba Notel Brother 28
SHINKAR David Notel Brother 30
Punia-Trakai-Vilnius 1858
SHEYNKER Itsko Mikhel Head of Household 36
SHEYNKER Ester Rivka Wife 35
SHEYNKER Iosel David Itsko Son 6
SHEYNKER Abram Mikhel Brother 34
SHEYNKER Rivka Brother's Wife 32
Vilnius 1858 Revision List
SHEYNKER Leyba Zorukh Head of Household
56 1855
SHEYNKER Perets Leyba Son 23
SHEYNKER Girsha Berko Leyba Son 10 missing
SHEYNKER Leah Tsirka Girsha Wife 54
SHEYNKER Zisla Leyba Daughter 22
SHEYNKER Malka Leyba Daughter 16
SHEYNKER Etka Leyba Daughter 7
15 May 1858 Vilnius Revision List
SHEYNKER Efroim Ovsey Head of Household 61
SHEYNKER Girsha Benjamin Efroim Son 23
SHEYNKER Abram Efroim Son 16
SHEYNKER Leah Izrael Wife 31
SHEYNKER Mina Efroim Daughter 20
Vilijampole-Kaunas-Kaunas 1834 Revision list
ASNES Gilel Abram Son 30?
ASNES Yankel Abram Son 24 8 in 1818
ASNES Mindel Daughter-in-law 25 Yankel ASNES' wife
SHEYNKER Abram Abram Head of Household 46 died 1830
SHEYNKER Asna Wife 62
SHEYNKER Izrael Abram Son 10 missing 1834
SHEYNKER Aron Abram Son 13
SHEYNKER Chaya Beyla Abram Daughter 11
SHEYNKER Dobra Abram Daughter 9
SHEYNKER Slova Abram Daughter 6
October 1850 Vilijampole Revision list
ASHNES Gilel Abram Head of Household 29
transferred to Ukmerge in 1837 20
ASHNES Yankel Abram Brother 24 died 1836
ASHNES Fishel Yankel Nephew 15
SHEYNKER Aron Abram Head of Household 29
SHEYNKER Basia Wife 28
SHEYNKER Godes Aron Daughter 10
SHEYNKER Rivka Aron Daughter 7
ASHNES Fishel Yankel Nephew 17
1852 Kaunas District Towndwellers
SHEYNKER Aron Abram Head of Household 31-----------
3 females; has a wooden house in Vilijampole; a house owner
SHEYNKER Abram Wulf Aron Son 2

I am writing to you because of your Vashki website in hopes of
finding the connection to my family. I am Marlene Kempner Dobrin,
daughter of Dave Po Kempner (related to the Hillman/Herzog families)
and Bess Rief Kempner granddaughter to Shalom Westerman Mirvis.

I received an email from someone and unfortunately before I could
respond it disappeared from my files. It referred to an email that was
supposedly written by Chaim Herzog (the late Israeli president). My
great grandmother Leah Brina
( nee Schenker) Marovich PoKempner was also his great grandmother. Our
grandparents were sister and brother. I believe that the last name of
Rachel and Gitel in the paragraph below was Scheinker. My family tree
has 4 children for the parents of Leah Brina Scheinker Marovich
PoKempner but very little detail.

I refer to the 11-23-01 letter in your Vashki files.

"""""Today I called Batia nee Friedman Koblanitz in Kibbutz Yagur,
Israel. Batias' mother; Asna [nee Even] Friedman was first cousin of my
Great grandmother; Asna [nee Kriger] Chait (Their mothers; Rachel and
Gitel (born c 1850) were sisters, we do not Know the last name of their
father) Batia told me that her mother was the youngest of five;
Benyamin Even who was the second youngest, lived in Linkova. He died at
a very young age, long before the war. - Batia remembers that his son
came for a visit at their home in Birz, when she was a child. the son
was much younger then her. Batia does not know if the family perished.
There was a sister; Sara nee Even Luria who also lived in Birz
(northern Lithuania) she perished with Her family.

A brother Bero (Dov) Even left for South Africa c 1900. He was only 16
years old when he left and for a long time did not keep in touch with
the family. later on relation were established and Batias' sister and
brother visited the family in South Africa. Today his son; "Mush" Even
lives in Israel.

A sister Simcha nee Even Kurman lived in Latvia with her family; the
family perished other then one of her daughters who is the mother of
Lea Giladi of Hertzlia.

Batia nee Friedman was born in 1913 in Birz to Asna nee Even and Leibe
Friedman. She was a Zionist and a member of "Hachalutz" and came to
Kibbutz Yagur in 1935. Batia has three children; Ester, Asnat and
Yizhak. Batia has Seven grandchildren and seven great grandchildren.
Her oldest great granddaughter is fifteen! some live near her in
Kibbutz Yagur. Batia had a brother; Yonatan Friedman. He came to Israel
in 1936 and lived in Haifa. He had a daughter; Asnat who now lives with
her family in London.

Batia had a brother; Israel Friedman. Israel was able to escape from
Vilna where he lived when the war arrived to Lithuania in 1941. He
lived in Siberia during the war and came to Israel in 1954. He had one
daughter; Ester nee Friedman Noter living in Tel Aviv.

Batia had a sister; Chana nee Kier. Chana married an American man who
came to visit his family in Birz some years before the war. They lived
both in the U. S and Israel with their sons; Yitzhak (Jeffry) and
Lesley (Leibe). Yitzhak Keir was a pilot in the Israeli Army and at one
time was a P.O.W in Egypt. He is a father of five and now lives in New
York State. His brother lives in Vermont. Batias' oldest sister; Sara
nee Friedman Loria perished with her family and with her parents; Asna
nee Even and Leibe Fridman in Birz."""""

The above letter from your Vashki files referred to so many names of my
family. I have a picture of Chana visiting my father in Chicago and her
husband Herman (I believe that was his name). As a child I have a vague
remembrance of them. I have not been able to contact Jeffrey or Lesley
Keir (I thought the family name was Pier) but I have tried, only to
connect with same name people not related.

Leba Friedman was my father Dave Kempner's uncle and his signature
appears on Dave Kempner's passport leaving Lithuania to go to London to
the Hillman/Herzog families. My father stayed there in 1921 and then
went to the US to the Meyerson, Shanken (variation on Scheinker,
Shenker etc.) families in Chicago.

I am curious about a Miriam Koblanitz and how the Kempner family is
related to my mother's Grandfather Sholom Westerman Mirvis. My father
was always slightly embarrassed when he told me my mother was a very,
very distant cousin of his. Both my parents have another connection on
my father's mother's side not his father's side and that connection is
the Melman family.

In my tagline are names that would give my genealogy great meaning. I
hope you can help get me into the early 1800s and maybe even into the
1700s. I had been in contact with Harold Rhodes and therefore have the
Hillman/Herzog family into the 1500s. I first started two years ago
with Jewishgen.org and am absolutely amazed at how many people are
interested in my family and how much I have uncovered through the

Thank you for any help you might be able to give to me.
Marlene Kempner Dobrin

Family names: Kempner, PoKempner, PaKempner, Mirvis, Rief, Melman,
Krechmer, Litt, Lunch, Fleischman, Meyerson, Marovich, Shanker,
Hillman, Westerman, Kier, Chait, Kriger, Zox, Sachs, Koblinitz,
Segall, Friedman, Dobrin, Schuman, Fuxman