Segal Family
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Issac Chait with his cousin Metuka Segal in Panevezys.  Metuka perished in 1941


Metuka Zisa Segal (mother Rifka was from Kriger family) perished in Panevezys in 1941.  Here she is in 1930 with cousin Benjamin and his daughter Syd Chait


Aryeh Segal and his sister Metuka (pictures taken at different times) Aryeh immigrated to Isreal at start of war Metuka perished in 1941.  Children of Rifka nee Kriger


The Kriger sisters, Rivka Segal, Asna Chait, with their daughters and nieces. Two on right, Rivka and daughter Metuka perished in Panevezys in 1941. The rest immigrated to Israel before the war.