Rosen Family
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please, add on the name of my  grandfather Eliezer Rosen(Rosin) who had 8 children: four sons -
1. Ben Zion Rosen/Rosin perished with his family of 4 children in Ilia)
2. Aaron Rosen died in USA in 1975
3. Fives Rosen/Rosin died in 1940 in Dolhinov and his sons; Binyamin and Shlomo and daughters Rochke and Belke were all murdered during the Holocaust
4.  Menachem Rosen/Rosin died in Russia in 1979
 and four daughters -
5. Bashe nee Rosen/Rosin Holland died in USA in the seventies
6.  Chyenke died in USA.
7. Hinde Kaplan died in USA
8.  Rashe Rubin (my mother- died, after escaping from the Dolhinov Ghetto, in Russia in 1943)
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