Reznik Family
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#rzk-1: REZNIK, Eljash son of Berk 1908 Vilna
#rzk-2: REZNIK, Aron son of Berk 1910 Vilna
#rzk-3: Dr. Vladimir Reznik
#rzk-7:Members of the Resnik family Top: Chana. Center: the parents (Ida and Avraham, Freida. Front row: Alexander, his son and daughter, David. (Note: center, top, may be Alexander's wife)" (written on back in English). Date 1928 City Kaunas
#rzk-8:"three of the Resnik sisters of Oran. Chana, Freida and Esther" (written on back in English): Date ca. 1925
City Kaunas
Hymen (Yehoshua-Chayim) DAVIDSON (b. 1880; d. 1/11/47; bur. AUBURN,MAINE)wife: Fannie (Fruma Daughter ofs Yehuda-Leyb) RESNICK (d. 11/28/70)


Reznik from Radiszkowitz;
From the list of the perished;
Reznik, Golda (daughter of Reb Pesach Haim)
Resnick, Israel, his wife Rivka
     their sons: Feivel and Edel
Ellis Island;
5 Reznik,Frejda Radoszkowice, Poland 1921 18y
6 Reznik,Gerszon Radoszkowice, Poland 1921 12y
7 Reznik,Leja Radoszkowice, Poland 1921 20y
8 Reznik,Riwka Radoszkowice, Poland 1921 15y
9 Reznik,Riwke Radiszkowitz, Poland 1921 16y
I looked at the original manifests:
June 13, 1921
Manifest for Finland
Sailing from Antwerp & Southampton;
Reznik, Frejda F 18 years old Single Polish, Hebrew Radoszkowice, Poland
Reznik, Leja F 20 years old Single Polish, Hebrew Radoszkowice, Poland
Reznik, Riwka F 15 years old Single Polish, Hebrew Radoszkowice, Poland
Reznik, Gerszon M 12 years old Single Polish, Hebrew Radoszkowice
Rubin, Aron M 23 years old Single Polish, Hebrew Radoszkowice
all going to father; Benjamin Resbick (must be Resnick) 1419 Market Ave. South, Canton, Ohio


Manifest for Kroonland
Sailing from Antwerp June 24, 1921;
Reznik, Riwke Female 16 years old Single Polish, Hebrew Radishkovitz
She was also going to father; Benjamin Resnik 1419 Market Ave. South, Canton, Ohio

26S%3D%2E5&pID=100207150326&name=Riwke%26nbsp%3BReznik&doa=June++++++24%2C+1921&port=Antwerp&line=0012Polish Aliyah Passports to go to Eretz Israel in the 1930s;
Surname    Givenname    Townborn    Born    Status    Occupation    Living   
REZNIK    Rachmiel    Radoszkowicze    1906    zonaty    krawiec   Radoszkowicze    Revision list of 1816, October, Jewish community of Kurenets.
Omitted person’s List ;
Male ------------------------- Age now # female age now
Gershan Ehi†Reznik 26 50 His wife Rivka 25
Movsha Berko Reznik 4
forestry operation/ Exploitations forestires in Krasne; Reznik A.
Marriages in Minsk in 1912, registered by Rabbi Khanelis (Khaneles;
Nokhem Itska-mordukh Radoshkovichi 105a 31 Reznik Khatskel 10 June
Reznik:  Batia perished in Vishnevo
Rubin Srol Khaim-Movsha Radoshkovichi 403 106 21