Pistonovich/Pistenowicz Family
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Mendel (Marvin Fidler who was born in Kurenets in 1931 is standing on the left. The  women pictured are sisters Chana Fidler (top middle next to her son Mendel) and
 Rachel Kaplan Kopilovich, They were born in Kurenets c1890s to Pesach and Mina Pistenowicz. Rachel is next to her husband Chullen Kaplan (nee Kopilovich)  their son Volvle back left.  Rachel and Chullen were married in Kurenets and had two children Volvale and David.  They came to the United States in approximately 1914.  Chana and Isaac Fidler survived the holocaust with their youngest son Mendel Marvin. Their childreb Mina, Isar and Sara perished in the Kurenets area.


Sisters Sara Fidler who perished by lightning in her home in Kurenets in 1940 at the age of about 14/15 and Mina Fidler who was murdered at age 21 in 1942 in Vileyka at the hands of the nazis.Their brother Isar Fidler also perished while fighting the nazis in Posravy. Picture submitted by their brother Mendel Marvin Fidler who survived with the parents Yitzhak Fidler and Chana 
    (Daughter of Pesach Pistanovich Piastunowitz)