Milikowsky Family
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Moshe Milikowsky perished in Slonim in 1942, father of Rabbi Yaakov
Aryeh Yeshia Milikowsky, The Amshinover Rebbe


Nathan Milikowsky Netanyahu was born to Zvi in Krevo ( Vilna area)
in 1875. a descendant of the Gaon from Vilna. He studied at the
Volozhin Yeshiva for 8 years and then became an orator preaching about
Zionism. He migrated (with his children who were born in Warsaw) to
Palestine in 1920 and served as headmaster of various Hebrew high
schools in several towns before settling in Jerusalem as an official
of the World Zionist Organization. On his arrival in Palestine,
Milikovsky changed the family name to Netanyahu ("Lord has given"). He
was from the beginning a supporter of right-wing views in the Zionist
movement, a tendency which deepened in the next generations of his
closely knit family. He passed away in 1935.

Benjamin Netanyahu

Prime Minister of Israel. Born 1949 in Tel Aviv, Israel. Grandson of
Nathan MILEIKOWSKY/ Milikowsky from Krevo, who changed his name to
Netanyahu when he arrived in Tel Aviv in 1930.

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Krevo, Milikowsky


from left; Moshe Milikowski, Chaim Milikowski (was Rosh Yeshivah of Amshinov, Jerusalem), Dov Milikowski, Akiva Milikowski, Eliyahu Milikowski, Dvora Ben Sasson ( wife of Prof. Chaim Hillel), Rivka Milikovski. Moshe, Rivka and their sons: Akiva, Dov and Eliyahu perished in the Shoah ( in Slonim).


Avraham Eliahu Millkofsky and wife
Fannie (Shayna Fruma) Millkofsky (nee Abramson)
Her Birth: 1863 
Kreva  Belarus
Death: 1927  
Rochester, NY

Krevo, Milikowsky


Ida Minnie Drexler (nee Millkofsky)
Birth: 1886 
Kreva, Belarus
Death: June 25, 1967 
Rochester, NY


Nathan Mileikowsky, Halevi 

August 15, 1879
Krevo, Today in Belarus (near Vishnevo and Volozhin), Lithuania
February 04, 1935 (55)
Jerusalem, Israel
Place of Burial:
Mount of Olives, Jerusalem, Israel, Israel
Immediate Family:
Son of Hirsch ??? Halevi Mileikovsky and Liba Gitl ????
Husband of Sarah Mileikowsky
Father of Benzion Halevi Netanyahu; Saadya Mileikowsky, Halevi; Elisha Netanyahu, Halevi; Matthew Milikowsky, Halevi; Amos Mileikowsky, Halevi; Miri Mileikowsky-Netanyahu; Zacharia Milo, Halevi; Ezra Mileikowsky and Hovav Mileikowsky, Halevi  
Brother of Zina Mileikowsky; Yehuda Mileikovsky, Halevi and Sarah Taitel



Sarah Mileikowsky (Lurie) 
August 11, 1885
Shadova / Šeduva, Savelsky Uyezd / Šiauliai district, Kovno Governorate, Lithuania / Russian Empire
December 19, 1970 (85)
Tel Aviv-Yafo, Tel Aviv District, Israel
Place of Burial:
Mount of Olives Jewish Cemetery, Jerusalem, Israel
Immediate Family:
Daughter of Bentsel Lurie
Wife of Nathan ??? Halevi Mileikovsky
Mother of Benzion Halevi Netanyahu; Saadya Mileikowsky, Halevi; Elisha Netanyahu, Halevi; Matthew Milikowsky, Halevi; Amos Mileikowsky, Halevi; Miri Mileikowsky-Netanyahu; Zacharia Milo, Halevi; <private> Mileikowsky and Hovav Mileikowsky, Halevi

Raphael Blumberg (rdb1000@actcom.net.il)
Dear all,
I have just published, through Urim Publishers, a 270 page book
about Rabbi Boruch Milikowsky, son of Shmuel Milikowsky and Malke Dickenstein, who
was born and raised in Vishnevo. The Book is called, "They called him Rebbe: The
Life and Good Works of Rabbi Boruch Milikowsky."
The first sixty pages are about his life in Europe -- his childhood
in Vishnevo, his experiences in the yeshivot of Radin, Baranovitz and the
Mir, the arrival in Vishnevo of the Russians, the arrival of the Nazis, and
finally, his escape, with the Mir Yeshiva to Shanghai, China.
The remaining 200 pages are about his success as an educator of
American students over the course of a forty year career in the Talmudical
Academy of Baltimore, Maryland.
Some of my source material necessarily came from this and other
relevant Internet sites, but some of it came from long interviews with members
of Rabbi Milikowsky's family, including Mrs. Minna Podeberesky, wife of Noah and
sister of Rabbi Milikowsky.
The book is for sale already in the Pomerantz bookstore in
Jerusalem. In a few weeks it will be reaching the shores (and stores) of the United
States and other English speaking countries, wherever "Urim" books are sold.
Thank you,
Raphael Blumberg
From: Rob Milikowski <robertm@xs4all.nl>
...my grandfather was Rebbe Efraim Milikowski...
translation from the origial published in Ha'moed Magazine of The
Hague, The Netherlands on the occasion of his 70th birthday in april

As you will see there are different families mentioned in the article.
These are

The Katzenellenbogens

Gaon R. Eliezer from Saschkowitz

The Strachuns

The Vilner Rauw Sjaloumo Hakkouheim

I looked in different libraries to find more information but did not
find anything. My grandfather also wrote his name as Efraim Levie
Milikowski. He also had strong family relations to Baranovitz..

My grandfather and grandmother were murdered by the nazi's march
1943 in Sobibor.

I would appreciate it ver much if you might have some additional
infomration about the families mentioned in the Ha'amoed .

article. The information you send already is very worthful.

If you are intereseted, I can send you a copy of the original Dutch


Rob Milikowski


From Haámoed Magazine of  The Hague, The Netherlands on the occasion of his 70th birthday

Rebbe Efraim Milikowski

Rebbe Efraim Milikowski, who is a modest man has reached theage of 70 today. To mst readers he will just be known as “the soufeir”. They wil probably be interested to learn the following particulars.

Mr Milikowski was bor in Krewe (prov. Wilna). Later he has lived in Wilna. He descends from an important Talmudist family, from which the well-known family of Katzenwellenbogen also descends. He is a great grandson of thegreat Gaon R. Eliezer from Saschkowitz. Ome of the principalauthorities of the time. He is also closely related to the Strachuns, who have produced well-known commentaries on the Talmud.

He has studied at the Jeshiwous in Osmana and Wilna and he has continued his studies in Iljeh Subsequently he has trained to become a soufeir in Wilna.

Early in 193 he came to the Netherlands. On a special recommandation of the Vilner Rauw Sjaloumo Hakkouheim he was that same year appointed soufeir under  O.R. Berenstein z.g.. Im 1903 he was appointed  by dr T. Lewenstein at the Kasjroeth and pensioned of in 1930. He still works as a soufeir.

Rebbe Milikowski the author )signed as ll’ knows, would not his merits sung too loudly. Still, they have not been unnoticed., on the occasion of his 70th  birthday, the Upperrabinate has honoured him with the title of Chouweir.

Benjamin Netanyahu

Prime Minister of Israel. Born 1949 in Tel Aviv, Israel. Grandson of
Nathan MILEIKOWSKY/ Milikowsky from Krevo, who changed his name to
Netanyahu when he arrived in Tel Aviv in 1930
. Mr. Netanyahhu‘s
parents immigrated to United States, where he attended high school in
Philadelphia, PA and later MIT and Harvard. A member of the
conservative Likud party, he was Prime Minister from June 1996 to July
1999 and became the first (and to date only) Prime Minister of Israel
to be born after the creation of the state. He was Finance Minister of
Israel until August 9, 2005, when he resigned in protest of the Gaza
Disengagement Plan advocated by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. Mr.
Nethanyahu is today the ninth and current Prime Minister of Israel,
serving since March 2009. Netanyahu also serves as the current
Chairman of the Likud Party, as a Knesset member, as the Health
Minister of Israel, as the Pensioner Affairs Minister of Israel and as
the Economic Strategy Minister of Israel.
-----------------------------Rabbi Yaakov Aryeh Yeshia Milikowsky was
born in the United States To Chaim who was born in Slonim. He is the
present Amshinover Rebbe in the Bayit Vegan section of Jerusalem. He
is the grandson and successor of Rabbi Yerachmiel Yehudah Meir Kalish
of Amshinov, son of Rabbi Chaim and Rebbetzin Chayah Nechamah
Milikowsky, daughter of Rabbi Yerachmiel Yehudah Meir Kalish.
He prays for hours on end, meditating on every word, as a result of
which he ends the Sabbath very late. Once an adam gadol, a very
learned man, discussed the Halachic implications of the Rebbe's zmanim
with the late Rav Shlomo Zalman Auerbach. Reb Shlomo Zalman referred
to the Rebbe as a "Pillar of Fire" and advised his questioner that one
who touches fire will be burnt. The Rebbe is also the mentor of the
famous Hasidic preacher, R. Tzvi Maier Zilberberg who considers
himself an Amshinov chassid. The renowned mekubal Rebbe Yitzchok
"Itche" Myer Morgenstern, the rosh yeshiva of Yeshivas Toras Chochom
considers the Amshinov Rebbe the "Tzadik HaDor."
The Amshinover Rebbe is widely known within the Haredi world, and is
regarded within Hassidic circles for his exceptional Ahavas Yisroel,
love of every Jew; a good example is his warmth towards Shlomo
Carlebach and his unconventional followers. The Rebbe has literally
counseled thousands of newcomers to Judaism. The Amshinov Rebbe has
been quoted as believing that Reb Shlomo was the "Pillar of Prayer."
In the present generation the Rebbe himself is considered a "pillar of
tefillah" and davens for hours on end. Of note is the Rebbe's guidance
of the Sde Tzofim Yeshiva in Beitar for Baalei Teshuva.
The Rebbe is also known for his outstanding advice in medical matters.
HaRav Meier Bransdorfer, z"l advised the Rebbeim of "A Time" to
consult with the Amshinov Rebbe - "a eish gadol meod" regarding
complicated medical shailas. His advice is sought after on very
delicate matters worldwide.
-----------Horodok Stories
The Story of Sonia Milikovski
Today I called Sonia nee Milikovski in Yavne, Israel.
Sonia was born in Markova, a tiny place next to Horodok. Her mother
was Chana nee Berman from Horodok and her father was leyzer
Milikovski. Sonia told me that as soon as the Germans invaded the
Soviet Union in the summer of 1941 her parents congregated all the
family members and announced that they are leaving the area and
becoming refugees. They took them on the long and dangers road east,.
First they went toward the old Soviet border (pre 1939), once they
were able to cross the border they went deep in to Russia were they
spent the war years. The family survived and her brother, Rachmiel
Milikovski, now lives in Borisov. After the war the family returned to
the area that is now Belarus.

In 1947 Sonia married David Leyzer Meltzer from Volozhin.
I am posting David story ; "My name is Dovid-Leyzer Meltser and I was
born in Volozhin in 1923. Shimen Itskhok Meltser son of Zvi of
Vishnevo was my father; Sore Sheyne nee Rabinovitsh was my mother.I
was studying in the Volozhin Hebrew Tarbut School and in the Polish
Primary Povshekhna until 1939. From 1939 until 1941, during the Soviet
rule, I completed my studies in the Russian School.
The Germans occupied Volozhin in June 1941. All the Jewish inhabitants
were transferred into the Ghetto a month later. 200 Jews were gathered
at the town's Sport Stadium and executed by shooting in October 1941.
It was the first mass slaughter in Volozhin. The second massacre
occurred near the ancient graveyard on May 10, 1942, where 2000 Jews
were murdered. The last mass slaughter, the third one took place in
the Volozhinka streambed in August 1942.

Our family; my parents, brother and sister and I were driven away from
the ghetto by the Germans and their assistants; local Policemen. We
were taken into the blacksmith building that was erected during the
time of the Soviet rule. The building was located on the Dubinski
Street (now Sovietskaya)

The Aktion took place during the second Pogrom, They put us in groups
of eighty people each and transferred us group by group to the killing

The killings were conducted near the Jewish Graveyard The Jews were
executed by shooting.

My father told me:

“Run, my son, perhaps you'll be the sole to survive of our family”.

I put myself on his shoulders, removed some tiles from the roof and ran away.

One other person was able to jump and run away after me, It was Ele
Mlot. I spent some days in forest, than returned to the Volozhin
Ghetto where I hid in a nook.

I found out that my parents, my sister and brother were executed on
May 10, 1942.

I ran back into forest after the third slaughter, then I was able to
transfer to the shtetl Krevo, where a ghetto still existed. From Krevo
I went to Smorgon and from there they transferred us to Lithuania and
imprisoned in the Zhensistoria concentration camp.

They brought a group of us into Vilnius in December 1942, where we
were ordered to build a commercial rail station.

Once in the evening, returning from work, I ran away into a nearby
forest. I wandered there for some days until I met with Russian
Partisans. I joined the Bagration group of the Voroshilov Brigade. I
was with the partisans until the liberation of Belarus and Lithuania.
After liberation I joined the Red Army. On Victory Day I was in
Magdenburgh, Germany.

I was released from the army and returned to Volozhin in December 1945
and went to work. I married Sofiya (Sonia) Milikovski, daughter of
Leyzer Itskhok and Hana born Berman from Horodok.

Our marriage took place in Volozhin in 1947. Our daughter Hasia was
born in 1950. She was ill and passed away at age 31 to our great
sorrow in the year 1981.

Our son Shimon was born in Volozhin on 1954. We made Aliya to Israel
in the 1990s, the entire family, my wife, my son Shimon, his wife
Polina, his children Asia and Yakov and I where we now live."

David' story is translated from Russian by M. Porat---------

Alter Shmidt - My father and my mother Bela, born in Krewo, Poland in
1890 to Shimon and Malka Milikovski.
By Malka Wisman

1. Picture of the Milikovski/ Shmidt family from 1913. Shimon and Mlka
Milikovski are the older couple.

My father Alter was born in 1890 to David Gdalyahu Shmidt and Shula of
Lebedevo. He was second to the head of the Jewish community in
Lebedevo. My father was a very involved person who cared a lot about
his community. He was active in all aspects of the public life of the
shtetl. Together with Mr. Potashnik, he established the library and
arranged the books. He was a member of the committee for interest-free
loans for the needy Gmilut Chesed. He contributed a lot to charity
work, establishing technical and financial arrangements for the people
who had fallen sick in the shtetl. He arranged for them to travel
(free of cost) to the health specialists that were only found in the
big cities like Warsaw and Vilna. He was a member of "Bikur Cholim,”
an organization in which the members took turns providing free nursing
care to townspeople.

He sent his three children Batia, Malka and Yitzhak to the Tarbut
School in Lebedevo, where almost all subjects were taught in Hebrew.
He was elected to be one of the Council Heads of the PTA at the
Tarbut School. He worked as a merchant and partnered with Shimcha Eli
and Moshe Halperin. Every summer they would send fruit and fruit
products to the town of Katovitz (near the German/ Polish border). In
the winter, Father would import porcelain goods from Prush?ov (near
Warsaw) and an entire train car filled with porcelain goods would
arrive. The goods would then be stored in a central warehouse and
later supplied to the stores in our area.

Father was a Zionist and he instilled his love for the land of Israel
in his three children. Educated with core values of commitment, we
were all members of Zionist Youth movements.

Malka Wisman,
March 2007

Yad Vashem reports by Malka

Shmit*, Alter - Yaakov
Alter Shmit was born in Lebedevo, Poland to David Gdalyahu and Shula.
He was a merchant and prior to WWII he lived in Lebedevo, Poland.
Alter perished in 1942 in Lebedevo, Poland at the age of 48. This
information is based on a Page of Testimony submitted on 03/07/1999 by
his daughter from Israel, a Shoah survivor.

Szmidt Nee Milikovski,Bela

Bela Szmidt Nee Milikovski was born in Krewo, Poland in 1890 to Shimon
and Malka Milikovski. She was married to Alter and prior to WWII she
lived in Lebedewa, Poland. During the war was in Lebedevo, Poland.
Bela perished in Lebedevo, Poland in 1942. This information is based
on a Page of Testimony submitted on 14/02/1956 by her daughter, a
Shoah survivor who was in Russia during the war.

Shmit*, Yitzkhak
Yitzkhak Shmit was born in Lebedevo, Poland in 1925 to Alter and Bela.
He was a pupil and a teenager and he lived in Lebedevo, Poland.
Yitzkhak perished in 1943 in the Ponary area at the age of 18. This
information is based on a Page of Testimony submitted by Malka, his
sister from Israel, a Shoah survivor.

Szmidt, Batia

Batia Szmidt was born in Lebedevo, Poland in 1922 to Alter and Bela.
She was an accountant and single. Prior to WWII she lived in Lebedevo,
Poland. During the war she was in Prudy and Soly, Poland (now
Belarus). Batia perished in the Ponary area. This information is based
on a Page of Testimony submitted on 18/02/1956 by her sister.

Lev, Yisrael
Yisrael Lev was born in Russia (USSR). He was a tailor and married to
Golda. Prior to WWII he lived in Lebedevo, Poland and he perished
there at the age of 48. This information is based on a Page of
Testimony submitted on 02/08/1999 by an acquaintance.

Lev, Khana
Khana Lev was born in Lebedevo, Poland to Yisrael and Golda. She was
a shop owner and single. During the war she was in Lebedevo, Poland
and she perished in 1943 in Ponary, Poland. This information is based
on a Page of Testimony submitted on 02/08/1999 by her friend, a Shoah

Lev, Golda
Golda Lev was married to Yisrael and she perished in Molodeczno,
Poland at the age of 46. This information is based on a Page of
Testimony submitted on 02/08/1999 by her
acquaintance from Israel.

Lev, Meir*
Meir Lev was born in Lebedevo, Poland in 1925 to Yisrael and Golda. He
was a student and prior to WWII he lived in Lebedevo, Poland. Meir
perished in 1943 in the Ponary area at the age of 18. This information
is based on a Page of Testimony submitted on 05/01/2000 by his
neighbor, a Shoah survivor.

Lev, Yentl

Yentl Lev was born in Lebedevo, Poland in 1928 to Yisrael and Golda.
Prior to WWII and during it, she lived in Lebedevo, Poland. Yentl
perished in 1943 at the age of 15. This information is based on a Page
of Testimony submitted on 05/01/2000 by her neighbor, a Shoah

Lev, Berl
Berl Lev was born in Lebedevo, Poland in 1923 to Yisrael and Golda. He
was a yeshiva student. Prior to WWII he lived in Lebedevo, Poland.
Berl perished in 1943 in Ponary, Poland at the age of 20. This
information is based on a Page of Testimony submitted on 05/01/2000 by
his neighbor, a Shoah survivor.

Klebanov, Fiya

Fiya Klebanov was born in Lebedevo, Poland in 1920 to Roda and ? (her
father died when she was a baby). She was a ????? ?????. Prior to WWII
and during it, she lived in Lewadowo, Poland. She perished in 1943 in
the Ponary area at the age of 23. This information is based on a Page
of Testimony submitted on 05/01/2000 by her neighbor, a Shoah

Klebanov, Khasia
Khasia Klebanov was born in Lebedevo, Poland in 1917 to Roda. She was
a nanny and single. Prior to WWII she lived in Lebedevo, Poland.
Khasia perished in the Ponary area
at the age of 26. This information is based on a Page of Testimony
submitted on 05/01/2000 by her neighbor.

Information about Malka Weissman nee Schmidt of Lebedevo

(phone conversation to Qiryat-Motskin, Israel on July 22, 2004)


Malka was born in 1920 in Lebedevo and her father's name was Alter
Schmidt. Alter had one brother who died in the war. Malka’s mother was
Bella nee Shayevitz* (or Milikovski, according to the Yad Vashem
reports) and there were six sisters in her family. They were also
originally from Lebedevo (from Yad Vashem reports, Kreve) and some
other family members lived in New York. Malka had a sister named
Batyah, known as 'Batyah the Genuis,’ born in 1922. Her brotherYitzhak
was born in 1925. Zukerman was the most common name in Levedova; half
the town had that last name.

Malka, her sister and her brother were all very involved in the
Zionist Youth movements. They were members of Hashomer Hatzair. When
the Soviets came to the area in 1939, Malka took advantage of the
opportunity and went to a teachers’ seminary in Molodechno. The school
had been established by the Russians. She met many other Jewish men
and women in the school in Molodechno, including some from Kurenetz.

In 2004, Malka visited her grandson. He showed her my site and she was
very excited. After so many years, she saw all the people she
recognized from her childhood. Her grandson lives in the Haifa area in
Israel while she lives in the Tel Aviv area (Holon). She couldn't
sleep the entire night and she had tears in her eyes seeing all the
people. She recognized all her old leaders in the youth movement:
Hashomer Hatzair,
school teachers, her entire family.

Thursday, July 22, 2004 at 14:39:37 (EDT)

Hi Eilat,

I'm sending you pictures (2 emails) from my grandmother’s hometown of
"Lebedevo." My grandmother is Malka Weissman (her maiden name was
Schmidt). The pictures include her family members and more "Lebedevo"
friends. Please send me a confirmation that the photos are OK

Thank you,

Omry Zolberg

Qiryat-Motskin Israel


In the 1929 Polish business directory for Lebedevo we find; Schmidt B.
- fabric and textile.

On December 16 2013 my mother Mina (Milikowsky) Podberesky passed away at the age of 92. She was likely the last living survivor of the Nazi liquidation of the Vishnevo ghetto in 1942.
Sam Podberesky

From: Esther Epstein <estherwasser@.com>
My name is Esther Wasser Epstein. My mother, Luba Persky née Abramson was born in Krewo in 1920 and passed away last year. She gave me the picture of the Persky family pictured on your website that my cousin Chaya Werber posted?

My mother (Libby Wasser, holding a book)   was finally able to share her story with me at length a few years before she died. Her story was heart wrenching, and even now it is hard for me to share her story. I noticed that on your Krewo website, picture 26 mentions Gershon Milikovsky and his daughter Roza ( or Raizala) and her brother Noah. My mother said that Gershon and Judah Milikovsky were uncles and business partners with her father, Chaim Yehudah, and Roza was her cousin and best friend. She described how Noah perished. Could you possibly put me in touch with the person who wrote the caption to this picture? Thank you for any help you could provide.
Esther Epstein
------------------------------I (Eilat Gordin Levitan) wrote the caption. A building owned by Ger
shn Yudl Milikowski being reconstructed with the help of the AJDC (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee). Owner Gershon Milikowski was born in Krewo c1887 He was a merchant and
married to Lea and had two children ( Roza, born c 1917 and Noach born
c 1912) Prior to WWII he lived in Krewo, Poland. During the war he was in Wilno, Poland. Gershon and his family were murdered in Wilno
I searched the yad vashem sire for the information.

Elisha Netanyahu, December 21, 1912 – April 3, 1986) was an Israeli mathematician specializing in complex analysis. Over the course of his work at the Technion he was the Dean of the Faculty of Sciences and established the separate Department of Mathematics. Historian Benzion Netanyahu was his brother and Benjamin Netanyahu, current Prime Minister of Israel was his nephew.
Netanyahu was born in Warsaw, Poland, to the writer and Zionist activist Nathan Mileikowsky. He was the third of nine children (most immigrated to the U.S and kept the last name Mileikowsky). In 1920 the family made aliyah to the Land of Israel. The family eventually settled in Jerusalem and adopted Hebrew name Netanyahu.
Netanyahu went to the Reali School in Haifa, from which he graduated in 1930. He later returned to Reali in 1935 to teach mathematics there. He studied at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, from which he received his BS, MA and PhD (1942). His advisors were Michael Fekete and Binyamin Amirà. After the graduation he joined the British Army as a volunteer, serving in Egypt and then in Italy as an officer in a unit of the Royal Engineering Corps. He specialized in preparation of maps, which he continued to do during Israel's War of Independence in 1948.
After he was demobilized in 1946, he became a lecturer at the Technion. He rose to a professor in 1958, and later became the head of the Mathematics Section, then as Dean of the Faculty of Sciences. His administrative efforts also played an important role towards establishment of the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.
He had long term visits at Stanford University (1953–54), NYU (1961), the University of New Mexico (1969), the University of Maryland, College Park (1973), and ETH Zürich (1979). In 1980, Netanyahu retired from the Technion and moved to Jerusalem, where he died of cancer in 1986.
Throughout his long career, Netanyahu collaborated with Paul Erd?s, Charles Loewner and other leading mathematicians, continuing and expanding the analytical traditions at the Technion.
Personal life[edit]
In 1949 Netanyahu married Shoshana Shenburg, his former student at the Reali, who later became the second female justice at the Israel Supreme Court. They had two children: Nathan (b. 1951), a professor of computer science at Bar-Ilan University, and Dan (b. 1954), an information systems auditor.
Elisha Netanyahu Memorial Lectures
The Elisha Netanyahu Memorial Lecture Series was established by the Netanyahu family and the Technion to honor the memory in 1987 with the first lecture by Paul Erd?s. In other years, the speakers included Lars Ahlfors, Robert Aumann, Lipman Bers, Enrico Bombieri, Charles Fefferman, Samuel Karlin, David Kazhdan, Louis Nirenberg, Terence Tao, Wendelin Werner, and Don Zagier.
• J.M. Anderson, "Obituary: Elisha Netanyahu", Bull. London Math. Soc. 20 (1988), no. 6, 613–618.
• Lawrence Zalcman, In memoriam Elisha Netanyahu 1912–1986, Journal d'Analyse Mathématique, vol. 60:1 (December 1993), pp. 1–10.
• Elisha Netanyahu Memorial Lectures