Magid Family
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From: Norman Jacobs <normanjacobs@hotmail.com>

Dear All

Great website. Really interesting and moving.

I am just wondering if anyone knows the names of the Magid Family shown on Vilna os-91. I believe, though I am not certain, that the young man sitting low down at the table to the right of the photo could be my aunt's father, Barnett (Barney). Also, does anyone know the date of the photograph? If it is Barnett, I am also interested in tracking down when he came to the UK. He was born about 1895 in Vilna and naturalized British in 1920, but I don't know when he left for the UK.

Any help would be much appreciated.

I am attaching a later photograph of Barnett and his brother Abraham.

Best Wishes

Norman Jacobs


Pictured are Genia and Boris Magid with their daughter, Katia. 1930



Pictured are Genya (Settel) Magid) and her five sister-in-laws. In the back row, from left to right are: Rachel Ass, Genya (Settel) Magid, Tzvia Rudashevsky, Esther Eppel, Rivka Garber and Fanya Mikalavefskaya


Pictured is Abram (Dov Ber) Magid (bottom row, right) with his sisters Tzivia, Rivka, Rachel and Esther, and other relatives 1910

Credit: USHMM, courtesy of Genya Markon


The Magid family


The Magid family


The Magid family


Partisans from the Vilnius (Vilna) ghetto at an assembly of former partisans, photographed beside a memorial tablet at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem. In the photo: Leib Szapirstein (on the right), Nisan Reznik (second from the right), Yitzhak Kowalski (third from the right), Elchanan Telerant (third from the left), Elchanan - Chanan Magid (second from the left) and Nisan Reidbord (on the left).


Jewish partisans in the area on the day of the liberation of Vilnius (Vilna). In the photo:
Elchanan Magid (standing, on the left), Jacob Prener (standing, second from the left), Bluma Markowicz (standing, third from the left), Abba Kovner (standing, fourth from the left), Ruzka Korczak (standing, third from the right), Leib Szapirstein (standing, second from the right), Vitka Kempner (standing, on the right), Pesach Mizerecz (kneeling, center), Motl Szames (kneeling, on the right).
Kowalski Isaac: "A Secret Press in Nazi Europe", New York, 1960, p. 383



Pesach Magid
Country Of Birth Poland
City Of Birth Vilnius
Gender Male
Before The Holocaust
Movement/ Organization Not Indicated Holocaust Period
Framework of Combat Underground and Partisans Country of Combat Lithuania
Area of Combat Rudniki Forest Rank Private
Unit The Second Fihgter`s Group Resistance Organization The Second Fighter Group
Job Fighter
Rachel Margolis’s memoir, which has been published in Lithuania, contains a description of how a group of partisans, including Fania Branstovsky, attacked a Nazi garrison in the village of “Kanyuki”. She writes: “The partisans had surrounded the garrison, but the Nazis were exceptionally well armed and beat off all attacks. They broke the flanks of the Jewish detachments, and the partisans withdrew precipitously. Then Magid jumped up on a rock and yelled: ‘We are Jews. We will show them what we are capable of. Forward, comrades!’ This sobered the men up; they ran back and won.” For more go to;

----------MAGID Abram. Leib. Textiles the year ;1911 399 Dvinsk Dvinsk Vitebsk MAGID Itsik Meer. ... MAGID Natal Gilelev. Stationery 1911 400 Dvinsk Dvinsk Vitebsk MAGIDSON Sam. ...
Magid Sheine BIRZAI BIRZAI LITHUANIA born in 1882 - perished in 1941 Page
of Testimony-------------------------------
Smorgon Burial Society


Hofenberg Family

Daughter; Rivka was married to Naphtali Magid and lived in Crimea. She survived the war (escaped to Soviet Asia) and some of her family immigrated to Israel ...

Magid,Alzah, Kovna, Russia, 1909, 22 ... 5888, Magid,Fenvisch, Kowno, Russia, 1914, 17 ... 5892, Magid,Movsche, Kupischky, Kovno, 1907, 27
Dvinsk Refugees in Tashkent

M/106 Magid Iosif Movshovich 1910 M LSSR Dvinsk §®§Ñ§Ô§Ú§Õ §ª§à§ã§Ú§æ §®§à§Ó§ê§à
§Ó§Ú§é ... M/101 Magid Liuba Naumovna 1915 F LSSR Dvinsk §®§Ñ§Ô§Ú§Õ §§ð§Ò§Ñ .......................................................
Yentl the Yeshiva Boy, transl. from the Yiddish by Marion Magid
The long letter was printed in "Haeir Vilna" by Hillel Noch Magid - Shteinshnieder, pages 108 to 109. Shortly after he moved to Vilna and became a dayan....