Leibmann Family
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Avigdor Leibmann (doctor in Vishnevo) and his wife Chaya
Riva Leibmann ( submitted by Yuri Kissin)


Progeny of Leibmanns.
Left to right: Harry Abrahams - grandson (son of his daughter Dvora)
and his young wife Fanny; Abraham Leib Shalkovitz (son, thus his
penname Ben Avigdor), Rebecca and Solomon Goldman (son) and young
Nahum Goldman (grandson of Avigdor and son of Solomon Goldman). (submitted by Yuri Kissin)


Harry Abrahams, with his cousin, Nahum
Goldman.( submitted by Yuri Kissin)


Dvora Leibmann, one of three daughters of Avigdor. She was
was a woman of a horrible fate. Her husband, Abram Pelovsky, died when
she was pregnant. She remarried but died three years later. Her son,
a complete orphan, moved to England when he was ~21, changed his name
from Herschel Pelovsky to Harry Abrahams, married there, had three
children, and now a large family of his descendents lives there. (submitted by Yuri Kissin)